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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated on May 16, 2024

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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated May 16, 2024

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Article Contents

Quick Facts About Auto Insurance in Ontario

  • The average annual car insurance cost in Ontario is around $1,673.
  • Comparing Ontario auto insurance quotes with My Choice can save up to $996 annually.

How Can You Get Cheap Car Insurance in Ontario?

You can get cheap Ontario car insurance by finding the best deals. Here are several tips to help you do so:

Compare Rates Between Insurers

Ontario has a highly competitive auto insurance market, so insurers are constantly vying for your business. When insurers try to give you the best deals, it’s you who wins. Compare rates and shop around to see which insurance provider fits your auto protection needs affordably.

Take Bundled Policies

One of the best ways to save money while shopping is to buy a package deal, and insurance is no different. If you bundle home and auto insurance from the same company, you’re much more likely to get lower rates.

Ask For A Higher Deductible

You must pay a deductible on insurance claims before your carrier covers the remaining expenses. A higher deductible means paying extra if something happens to your car, but it also means you’ll get lower insurance premiums.

Request Group Discounts

Many insurance companies deal in group discounts for companies and other organizations. If you’re shopping for auto insurance in Ontario for work, ask your agent about group deals and discounts.

Pay Annual Premiums

Paying annual insurance premiums might look expensive initially, but it’s generally cheaper than paying them monthly. Ask your insurers about half-year premiums if you can’t afford annual premiums.

Drive Safely

Motor vehicle offences and accidents stay on your record for years. Unfortunately, any driving violation on your record will considerably increase your insurance rates. However, this also means you’ll get lower auto insurance rates if you have no offences on record.

Consider Taking Usage-Based Insurance

Usage-based insurance (UBI) or pay-as-you-go insurance tracks your driving behaviour to determine how much you must pay for insurance. Taking UBI lets you save up to 30% on your annual premiums, so it’s a good option if you consider yourself a safe driver.

Take Driving Courses

Accredited driving lessons make you a safer driver and let you earn discounts on auto insurance in Ontario.

Choose the Coverage You Need

Naturally, more insurance protection leads to higher rates. While some auto insurance coverage is mandatory, you have optional insurance coverage like at-fault accident and theft protection. Review your policy and skip unnecessary optional coverage to save on insurance premiums.

Buy Affordable Cars

Cars that are expensive and hard to replace tend to get hit with higher premiums. If possible, buy affordable and reliable cars that are more common and easy to repair or replace if you want lower insurance rates.

Who Provides Car Insurance Quotes in Ontario?

Insurance brokers, agents, aggregators, and direct writers provide car insurance quotes in Ontario. Here’s an overview of these four insurance quote providers:

Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers are independent professionals who help you shop for the best rates by comparing deals from multiple insurers. Because they have a bird’s-eye view of the current Ontario insurance landscape, they can show you which companies offer the best insurance deals and answer any questions you may have.

Brokers take a commission from insurance companies, which could increase your rates. You might spend more money than if you had found an insurer yourself.

Direct Writers

Like insurance agents, direct writers only sell insurance products from one company. Direct writers are typically found online and are cheaper because they don’t have physical offices.

Insurance Agents

Insurance agents work for a certain insurer, so they can only offer their employer’s insurance products. However, they know their insurer like the back of their hands and might even give you discounts that brokers don’t have access to.

Additionally, insurance agents can close insurance sales independently, meaning you can purchase insurance from them right then and there. 

Insurance Aggregators

An insurance aggregator website like MyChoice compiles rates from various insurance brokers, companies, and direct writers in one place. You can browse aggregator websites to find the best deals from the top insurance companies and get quotes instantly.

Better yet, insurance aggregators are accessible online and entirely free for customers, so you can look up insurance rates without spending a single penny or leaving the house.

How Does Car Insurance Work in Ontario?

Car insurance in Ontario works by providing financial coverage in case something bad happens to you or your car, depending on the protection you choose. Auto insurance in Ontario is mandatory by local laws, which means you need car insurance to avoid fines or driver’s licence suspensions.

Worse still, if you get convicted of driving without insurance, you’ll get higher premiums from carriers. This makes driving again prohibitively expensive or even nearly impossible after being caught driving without insurance. That’s why getting auto insurance is essential before buying a car or driving in Ontario.

Here’s a breakdown of the key elements of your auto insurance policy:

The mandatory car insurance requirement for Ontario drivers are:

Third-Party Liability (TPL) Coverage 

This insurance component provides financial compensation if you cause an accident that results in car damage or somebody getting hurt or killed. Per Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) regulations, you need at least $200,000 in TPL coverage.

Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage

This insurance component pays for your medical bills, rehabilitation, and possible funeral expenses if you get hurt or killed in a car accident, regardless of who’s at fault. Accident benefits coverage also offers income replacement worth 70% of your gross income, capped at $400 per week.

Uninsured Automobile Insurance 

Uninsured automobile insurance covers your medical bills and funeral expenses if you’re struck by uninsured vehicles or hit-and-run drivers. Additionally, it compensates for vehicular damage caused by uninsured drivers.

Direct Compensation – Property Damage (DC-PD) Insurance

DC-PD insurance compensates you for the damage other drivers cause in an accident. However, DC-PD only kicks in if the other person is at fault, they’re also insured, and the accident takes place in Ontario. 

Once you meet the minimum car insurance coverage requirements, you can legally drive in Ontario. However, it pays to have extra protection beyond the basics in case you get in an accident.

Since minimum car insurance only goes so far, we’ve got some extra Ontario car insurance recommendations for you:

Extra TPL Coverage

The mandatory $200,000 insurance minimum can be too small, so many drivers choose to get coverage up to $2 million if they cause property damage or hurt somebody in an accident.

Additional Statutory Accident Benefits

Many people get additional coverage for medical bills and funeral expenses in their statutory accident coverage. You can also get extra income replacement protection if 70% income capped at $400 a week seems too limited.

More Comprehensive Property Damage Protection

DC-PD coverage has very specific coverage terms like the other driver also needs to be insured, and the accident must occur in Ontario. To cover their bases, many people purchase extra insurance that still protects them even when the other driver is uninsured, and the accident happens in other provinces.

In addition to mandatory insurance coverage outlined by the FSCO, you can take optional insurance coverage like:

Specified Perils Protection

Specified perils insurance coverage protects you from loss or damage due to a specific cause. The most common perils insured are:

Many insurers also offer comprehensive auto insurance in Ontario if you want protection from all these perils.

Accident Forgiveness

Insurers usually raise your premiums if you’re at fault for causing an accident. If you’ve been a safe driver for several years, you can take extra accident forgiveness coverage so you won’t get higher premiums if you cause an accident. Note that accident forgiveness only works on your first accident, and subsequent violations will still raise your rates.

Limited Depreciation Waiver

If you take a limited waiver of depreciation, you can receive your car’s purchase price as compensation if it’s been stolen or deemed a total loss after an accident. 

How Your Car Insurance Quotes Are Calculated in Ontario

Your car insurance rates are calculated based on how risky you are to insure. Naturally, drivers more likely to get into accidents will have higher premiums than those less likely to be in an accident.

Here are seven factors that influence your Ontario car insurance quotes:

Age, Gender, and Marital Status

Your personal demographics influence auto insurance premiums in Ontario because different people have varying accident risks. 

Younger people tend to get higher premiums because insurance companies see them as more accident-prone than older people. Generally, your car insurance rates start decreasing when you hit 25 years old as long as you keep a safe driving record. However, insurance premiums increase again for people aged 65 and older because they’re more likely to be injured or killed in traffic accidents.

Women often get lower insurance rates because they’re seen as more careful drivers and don’t take as many risks as men.

Marital status also determines your rates because most insurance companies see married people as more financially stable and less-risky drivers. Married couples also tend to bundle home and auto insurance, saving more on premiums.


People who live in urban areas often see higher insurance premiums because they’re more prone to car accidents and theft. 

Car Make and Model

Expensive cars are more costly to repair or replace, so insurance premiums are usually higher than more common vehicles. You can install security features like anti-theft devices if you have an expensive car and want to save on insurance premiums.

Driving History

People who drive safely are rewarded with lower premiums because they’re usually less likely to get into a traffic accident. Conversely, people who have gotten into multiple accidents get higher premiums because they’re more likely to be involved in another accident down the line.

Driving Activity

Logic dictates that people who drive frequently are more likely to get in an accident. Therefore, kilometres driven is one of the determining factors that set your Ontario auto insurance rates.

Insurance Coverage Chosen

Your coverage options influence your insurance rates because taking more coverage gives you more protection. Naturally, the more coverage you choose, the higher your rates.

Policy Discounts

Getting discounts can lower your auto insurance rates and make them more affordable. You can typically get discounts by bundling home and auto insurance or asking for a group discount for your workplace or organization.

Most Expensive Cities to Insure a Car in Ontario

Ontario has the highest average annual car insurance rates in Canada, with $1,673. However, some cities see even higher annual auto insurance premiums.

Brampton is the most expensive city for car insurance in Ontario, with an annual average of $2,922. In second place is Scarborough at $2,710, followed by Vaughan and Markham at $2,447.

Check out the most expensive Ontario cities to insure a car in the table below:

CityAverage Annual Insurance Premium
Richmond Hill$2,248

Least Expensive Cities to Insure a Car in Ontario

While Ontario’s average car insurance rate is $1,673, you can find more affordable car insurance in several parts of the province. Check out the most affordable Ontario cities to insure a car in the table below:

CityAverage Annual Insurance Premium
Port Hope$1,081

Car Insurance Cost in Ontario by Age

Younger drivers usually get higher car insurance rates because they’re more likely to get into traffic accidents. As you age, insurance companies reduce your premiums because mature people tend to be less reckless drivers.

However, your insurance premiums will rise again when you hit 65 years old because you’re much more likely to get injured or die in a traffic accident, and health issues may make you a more risky driver.

Here’s a quick overview of the average annual car insurance rates in Ontario based on your age and how much you can save with My Choice:

Age GroupAverage CostAnnual Savings With My Choice

Car Insurance Cost in Ontario by Driving History

Insurance companies look at your driving history to determine Ontario car insurance rates because they’re a great way to predict how you’ll drive in the future. It might be hard to get affordable car insurance rates if you have past violations on your record.

Since driving violations stay with you for a long time, having just one incident on your record means you need to pay a lot of extra money on premiums.

Check out the table below to see how various driving violations influence your insurance rates.

Driving violationAverage annual car insurance rate
Clean driving record$1,673
Insurance cancellation due to non-payment$2,748
Licence suspension for alcohol-related offences$2,008
One accident$3,681
Speeding ticket$2,175

Other Factors That Affect Car Insurance Prices in Ontario

We’ve covered several factors that influence car insurance rates in Ontario. Aside from those, several extra factors play a part in determining your Ontario auto insurance premiums:

Vehicle Model Accident Rates

Some cars are just more accident-prone than others. Even if you have a spotless driving record, owning a car model infamous for having high accident rates will increase your insurance premiums.

Vehicle Age

Naturally, older cars are more expensive to insure because they may not have all the safety features of newer vehicles. If you insist on driving a vintage car everywhere, make sure you can pay the insurance premiums.

Vehicle Repair Costs

The harder it is to repair a car, the more expensive it is to insure. You can expect high insurance premiums on luxury cars and foreign cars that don’t have a large dealership or service centre presence in Canada.

Vehicle Primary Usage and Annual Mileage

You may spend more or less time on the road depending on what you use the car for. Car usage influences insurance rates – generally, the more you use it, the higher your premiums. For instance, insurance premiums on a car you use as an Uber will be higher than on a car you almost exclusively take on weekend cruises.

A good way to measure how much somebody uses a car is by its annual mileage. If your car has low annual mileage, insurers may determine that this car is low-risk and thus grant you more affordable insurance rates.

Local Crime Rates

Living in high-crime areas means your car is at higher risk of being stolen or vandalized. If you live in an area where theft or vandalism often occurs, you may get higher car insurance rates.

Past Insurance Claims

Any auto insurance claims will drive your premiums up, regardless of who’s at fault. If you make many insurance claims, the insurer will see you as a high-risk policyholder and give you higher rates.

Loyalty Bonuses

Many insurance companies reward long-term customers with discounted rates. If you’ve been a policyholder at the same insurance company for several years, ask for a rate reduction or discount when you renew your policy.

Main Mode of Commuting in Ontario

Personal vehicles are by far the most popular mode of commuting in Ontario, with over 83.6% of commuters preferring it. Public transit sits in second place at 8.6%, representing 390,140 of Ontarian commuters. Here’s a detailed look at how people commute in Ontario:

Main mode of commutingCountsRates
Total – 25% sample data4,533,390100.0
Car, truck or van3,790,54583.6%
Car, truck or van – as a driver3,451,65076.1%
Car, truck or van – as a passenger338,8957.5%
Public transit390,1408.6%
Other method106,6552.4%

Commuting Duration in Ontario

33.7% of Ontarians spend 15 to 29 minutes on their commute, while 28.3% spend less than 15 minutes. That means around 60% of Ontario’s commuters spend under half an hour on the road each day. Examine the table below for more information on the commuting duration in Ontario:

Commuting durationCountsRates
Total – 25% sample data4,533,390100.0
Less than 15 minutes1,283,18528.3%
15 to 29 minutes1,527,58033.7%
30 to 44 minutes934,23020.6%
45 to 59 minutes375,2158.3%
60 minutes and over413,1809.1%

The Most Common Questions About Car Insurance in Ontario

Can I drive my parent’s car without insurance in Ontario?

You can’t drive your parent’s car without insurance in Ontario because all drivers need to be insured. If you’re a student or an underage driver, you can ask to be included in your parents’ auto insurance so you don’t have to pay high premiums.

Is there a calculator for car insurance in Ontario?

There is a car insurance calculator for Ontario drivers provided by My Choice. Getting car insurance rates with this calculator is as easy as providing information about yourself, your car, and discount eligibility.

Who can drive my car under my insurance in Ontario?

In addition to yourself, anybody can drive your car under your insurance in Ontario. However, the driver must have your permission and a valid driver’s licence. Naturally, the driver must be using your car legally and not for illegal acts like stunt driving.

Note that if the driver gets into an accident, it’s your insurance premiums that are going to rise. So make sure you only lend your car to safe and trustworthy drivers.

Can you register a car without insurance in Ontario?

You cannot register a car without valid auto insurance in Ontario. Per FSCO regulations, every driver must have at least $200,000 of third-party liability insurance to legally register and drive a car in Ontario.

So yes, you do need insurance to register a car in Ontario.

How do I cancel my Ontario car insurance?

You can cancel your car insurance in Ontario anytime by contacting your insurance company. However, the insurer may charge cancellation fees or penalties if you cancel your policy before its term ends.

Also, remember that you need car insurance to drive in Ontario. If you cancel your insurance mid-policy, make sure you have another insurer lined up if you want to get back on the road soon.

What is the cheapest insurance for new drivers in Ontario?

The cheapest insurance for new drivers in Ontario will differ depending on your risk profile and car make. If you’re under 25, expect to pay relatively high insurance premiums because insurers can’t gauge your driving experience and accident risk.

Shop around and compare offers between insurers to find the best deal. If you’re a student, consider asking your parents to list you on their policy, so you’re covered under their insurance.

Can a modified car be insured in Ontario?

You can insure modified cars in Ontario. Safety modifications like dashcams and anti-theft devices are perfectly fine for insurers, and some of them even give you rate discounts for them. 

As long as they legally allow your car to drive on highways, common modifications like bike racks and stereo systems are okay for insurers. Tinting your car windows is also perfectly fine, as long as you maintain the legal percentage.

However, performance-enhancing modifications like engine mods and exhaust upgrades are usually reviewed on a case-by-case basis, so talk to your insurance company about them. Note that using NOS tanks to drive fast will make the police furious because they’re illegal – using them can land you in jail.

Is there a tax on car insurance in Ontario?

There are no taxes on car insurance in Ontario. Insurance premiums are considered financial services, so they’re not taxable according to Ontario tax regulations.

How much does your car insurance go up after an accident in Ontario?

How much your car insurance premiums go up after an accident in Ontario depends on your driving record and whether you opted for accident forgiveness on your insurance. On average, your premiums will rise by 15% for your first at-fault accident and 30% if you get into another at-fault accident.

How do you get car insurance after cancelling one in Ontario?

You can get new car insurance in Ontario by looking for new insurance providers after cancelling your policy. However, if your policy was cancelled due to non-payment or licence suspension, it may be tougher to find an insurance company that wants to approve your application.

Either way, if you find your policy cancelled, you can’t drive anywhere until you get a new policy.

Is there a grace period for Ontario car insurance when buying a new car?

Most insurance companies offer a grace period of 14 to 15 days after buying a new car to get insured. However, you should get everything sorted before the grace period ends because you can’t drive legally anymore if you miss the deadline.

Is there insurance for parked cars in Ontario?

There is parked car insurance in Ontario, which protects your car when it’s not being driven for a long period of time. If you’re ever worried about what happens when somebody hits your parked car or it gets damaged while you’re out of town, parked car insurance gives you extra peace of mind.

Can someone else insure my car in Ontario?

Someone else can insure your car in Ontario if you give them a signed authorization letter. The person mentioned in the letter can communicate with the insurance company, buy a policy, and pay for it on your behalf. However, the policy is still in your name and requires your signature.

Some insurance companies also allow you to add another driver to your policy, meaning your spouse or child can be protected by one insurance policy.

Can you insure a car in someone else’s name in Ontario?

You can’t insure a car in someone else’s name because only the registered owner can insure it due to financial interest. However, you can include other people as principal operators of the vehicle, like your spouse or child.

Does insurance follow the car or the driver in Ontario?

In Ontario, insurance policies follow the car. If somebody else is driving your car and gets into an accident, your insurance is the first to pay out, even if the driver has their own car insurance.

Moreover, your driving record and claims history might be influenced negatively even if somebody else was driving your car when they got into an accident.

What is third-party liability car insurance?

Third-party liability car insurance is protection that provides financial settlements if you’re responsible for damage or injury to another person or property. Ontario requires a minimum of $200,000 in third-party liability car insurance to drive legally in the province.

What happens if you’re not at fault for a car accident but don’t have insurance in Ontario?

If you’re not at fault for a car accident but don’t have insurance in Ontario, the best case is you must pay for the damage to your car and any other vehicle involved.

In worse cases, the injured people may sue you and take hundreds of thousands of dollars, often making you go bankrupt. Moreover, you’re responsible for paying all your medical bills if you get injured in a car accident without insurance.

In conclusion, getting into an accident without insurance will put you in a world of financial hurt regardless of who’s at fault.

Can you drive a car without insurance in Ontario?

You can’t drive a car without auto insurance in Ontario. While driving without insurance isn’t a criminal act, you will be fined if you’re caught doing it. These fines are no laughing matter, either. On your first offence, you can expect to pay $5,000-25,000.

In addition to fines, your licence may be suspended and your vehicle impounded. If you want to take your car out of the impound lot, you’ll need insurance first.

What happens to my Ontario car insurance after death?

Ontario car insurance policies need to be cancelled after your death. However, the process isn’t automatic because your spouse or relative must notify the insurance company of your death and request a cancellation.

In cases where you and your spouse are listed on the same policy, your spouse can request to become the main policyholder and keep the insurance active.

Is there fire and theft car insurance in Ontario?

Many insurance companies offer fire and theft car insurance in Ontario. However, it’s not part of your mandatory insurance coverage, so you may need to pay extra for fire and theft protection. 

Some insurance companies bundle fire, theft, disaster, and weather vehicle protection in comprehensive insurance packages. Instead of picking multiple options, you can take comprehensive insurance and save more money.

How long does it take to get car insurance in Ontario?

Getting car insurance in Ontario only takes 20 to 30 minutes if done through a phone call. If you need more details or want more questions answered, an in-person insurance sale with an agent can take one or two hours.

Whichever method you choose, it only takes a few hours to get auto insurance in Ontario, meaning you can drive your car as soon as you make your first auto insurance payment.

What do Ontario’s laws say about car insurance?

Ontario laws say that all drivers must have car insurance to drive legally in the province. If a person drives without valid auto insurance, they may be subject to fines, licence suspensions, and car impoundment. 

There are four mandatory insurance components every Ontario driver must have:

-Third-party liability coverage
-Uninsured automobile protection
-Accident benefits coverage
-Direct compensation – property damage protection

Recently, new Ontario auto insurance legislation says that the provincial government is working to reduce the cost of car insurance and crack down on fraud.

What are Ontario car insurance pink slips?

In Ontario car insurance, a pink slip is proof of your car insurance policy. This pink slip contains the following:

-Your name and address
-Your car’s year and make
-The effective date of your policy
-Your insurer’s name
-Your policy number

A photocopy of your car insurance pink slip isn’t valid in Ontario. You either need the original pink slip or a digital copy.

What is usage-based auto insurance in Ontario?

Usage-based auto insurance in Ontario is a model where insurers track your driving habits through an onboard device. The telematics device implanted in your car logs things like how you drive, where you go, and at what times of day you spend on the road. They can set your premiums from this data and adjust them on the fly if your driving habits change.

When you choose pay-as-you-go car insurance in Ontario, you may get a telematics discount if you’re a safe driver. However, there have been some privacy concerns about telematics-based insurance due to the device almost constantly recording your location.

Can I suspend or put my car insurance on hold in Ontario?

You can suspend or put your Ontario car insurance on hold if you think you won’t be driving for some time. To do so, you need to complete Ontario Policy Change Form (OPCF) 16. Later, when you want to reinstate your policy, you can submit an OPCF 17.

Can you get car insurance without a licence in Ontario?

You can’t get car insurance in Ontario without a valid driver’s licence because it’s one of the main prerequisites for auto insurance qualification. If you’re a recent immigrant, you may be able to trade your old licence in for a Canadian one. If you don’t have an old licence to trade in, you must complete written and practical tests to earn a new licence.

Don’t even think about driving without a valid driver’s licence. If your licence expires, you must renew it before driving again.

Can you insure a car you don’t own in Ontario?

You can’t insure a car you don’t own in Ontario because only registered owners can insure their own car. However, you can ask the owner to list you as a vehicle operator, so you’re still covered under their policy when you use the car.

Does credit score affect car insurance in Ontario?

Due to provincial regulations, your credit score doesn’t affect car insurance premiums in Ontario. In Ontario, your premiums are affected by your driving experience, age, gender, location, car make, and other considerations.

Do I have to add my child to my car insurance in Ontario?

You don’t need to add your child to your car insurance policy in Ontario if they haven’t gotten their licence or are still using a learner’s permit. Once they get a proper driver’s licence, you can add them as a secondary or occasional driver in your policy to extend your insurance protection.

How far back do car insurance companies look in Ontario?

Car insurance companies usually look at the last three to six years of your driving record and insurance claims history when determining your rates. However, some insurers go as far back as ten years to determine whether you qualify for claims-free discounts.

How do you switch car insurance in Ontario?

You can switch car insurance in Ontario anytime simply by cancelling your policy and purchasing one from another company. However, remember that you may have to pay cancellation fees if you cancel a policy before its renewal period.

You shouldn’t drive if you’ve just cancelled your policy and haven’t gotten a new one because you’ll be driving without insurance, which is illegal.

Is there car insurance for international drivers in Ontario?

There isn’t a specific car insurance product for international drivers in Ontario, but you can use your home country’s insurance policy if its protection extends to Canada. If your current insurance doesn’t cover you while in Canada, you must get Canadian car insurance.

Is there multi-car insurance in Ontario?

Multi-car insurance policies are available in Ontario. If your family owns multiple cars, this policy bundles their insurance together, so you don’t have to pay as much as individual policies.

You don’t have to worry about insuring multiple cars. Canadian law states that you can purchase as many car insurance policies as you want, so nothing’s stopping you!

Is there new car insurance in Ontario?

There are no specific insurance policies for new cars in Ontario. If you buy a new car, you can purchase normal auto insurance to give it coverage.

When will my car insurance rates go down in Ontario?

In Ontario, your car insurance rates will go down as you hit 25 years of age. Between the ages of 26 and 65, your insurance rates typically go down if you don’t have any traffic violations because you have more driving experience, making insurers see you as a safer driver.

Why is car insurance so expensive in Ontario?

Car insurance in Ontario is expensive because of things like poor weather, insurance fraud, rising repair costs, and higher accident rates. These factors make driving in the province riskier, which makes Ontario one of the most expensive places in Canada for car insurance.

Do cops know if you have car insurance in Ontario?

Cops in Ontario know whether or not you have car insurance because they can access your vehicle identification number (VIN). Your VIN lists your insurance coverage status for the police if they need to confirm whether you’re following regulations or not. 

Do I need insurance to buy a used car in Ontario?

You need insurance to buy a used car in Ontario because all vehicles must have insurance coverage, regardless of age. As with new cars, you may be fined if you’re caught driving a used car without insurance in Ontario.

Do you need insurance to rent a car in Ontario?

You need insurance to rent a car in Ontario, but you don’t have to get a car insurance policy if you don’t have a car yourself. Generally, you can get additional insurance from the rental company or use pre-existing auto insurance.

How long do claims stay on car insurance in Ontario?

Most claims stay on your Ontario car insurance policy permanently. However, insurance companies generally review the past six to ten years to determine your rates and don’t consider older claims. 

What counts as proof of car insurance in Ontario?

Physical and digital copies of your pink slip count as proof of car insurance in Ontario. If you don’t have one yet because you recently bought the policy, you can use a temporary insurance binder that shows you’re waiting for the policy to finish processing.

What are the risks of material misrepresentation on your auto insurance in Ontario?

The risk of material misrepresentation when applying for auto insurance in Ontario is either coverage denial or voided policy. Additionally, if you lie to your insurance company, they may not defend you if a lawsuit happens.

Because there are many negative consequences of material misrepresentation and lying to your insurer, we encourage you to be truthful whenever talking to an insurance agent or representative.

Does Ontario car insurance cover the USA?

Your Ontario car insurance policy covers travel all over Canada and the USA. However, you should always check with your insurance company to ensure your policy is active in the USA if you plan to drive there.

What is accident forgiveness in Ontario?

Accident forgiveness is an optional feature in your Ontario car insurance that stops your rates from increasing after your first at-fault accident. You can only apply for this if you haven’t had an at-fault or partially-at-fault accident for at least six years. 

Additionally, accident forgiveness only works for your first at-fault accident. Any subsequent accidents will still increase your rates.

Which insurance company has the best car and home insurance bundle in Ontario?

The insurance company with the “best” car and home insurance bundle in Ontario depends on what kind of protection you need and your risk profile. Know your insurance needs, shop around, and make sure you choose the right protection bundle at a reasonable price. 

You don’t have to search for the right policy bundles alone, either. Visit My Choice to shop and compare home and auto insurance quotes in Ontario to find the best deal.

Can you insure a car with no plates in Ontario?

You can’t insure a car with no plates in Ontario because driving cars without licence plates are illegal. You need a valid license plate and an active car insurance policy to drive the car legally. 

Can you pay for car insurance in Ontario in instalments?

You can pay for Ontario car insurance in monthly instalments instead of an annual payment. However, paying for insurance monthly is generally more expensive in the long run because you won’t get any bulk payment discounts. 

How has Ontario’s distracted driving law impacted car insurance rates?

Ontario’s distracted driving laws mean your car insurance rates may rise if you get a ticket for being a distracted driver. Unfortunately, statistics say that 75% of Canadian drivers have driven while distracted.

Distracted driving is especially harmful to your insurance rates because those tickets stay on your record for a long time and can influence your premiums for up to three years.

How does the Ontario graduated licensing work?

Ontario’s graduated licensing system works in a two-level system, where new drivers get a Class G1 licence and can upgrade to a full-fledged Class G2 licence.

To earn a Class G1 licence, you must be at least 16 years old and pass all relevant tests. After you gain enough driving experience, you must pass two road tests to earn a full Class G2 licence.

How do you get car insurance in Ontario?

You can get car insurance in Ontario through brokers, insurance agents, direct writers, and insurance aggregator sites. Brokers and insurance aggregators let you compare deals from multiple insurance companies, while insurance agents and direct writers usually work for one insurer.

How does your type of car affect insurance in Ontario?

The type of car you drive affects auto insurance in Ontario because replacement and repair costs vary by make and model. The more expensive a car is to replace, the higher your rates. If you want to get affordable rates, we recommend buying an affordable car that’s easy to repair and replace.

Can you be refused auto insurance in Ontario?

You can be refused auto insurance in Ontario if your driving record is especially bad or you frequently default on premium payments. However, you have law-given rights to auto insurance, which means there will be an insurer that accepts your application, no matter how bad your driving record is.

How do I report an auto insurance claim in Ontario?

You can report an auto insurance claim in Ontario by calling your insurance company, preferably immediately after the accident. The company’s representative will guide you through the steps of filing and processing your insurance claim. 

To ensure you get the financial compensation you deserve, always tell your insurance company the truth because lying on your insurance claim might cause your coverage to be denied.

Is roadside assistance required in Ontario?

There’s no legal requirement for roadside assistance in Ontario, but having the contact of a towing company can save you a lot of trouble if you get into an accident. Depending on where you buy cars, you may be entitled to a roadside assistance plan alongside your purchase.

Can you get same-day car insurance in Ontario?

You can get same-day car insurance in Ontario because processing times are generally very fast. If you buy car insurance online or by phone, your protection can kick in within one or two hours.

Almost all Ontario car insurance policies are valid for one year or six months, so there are no true temporary car insurance policies for short visits. If you need temporary insurance to drive in Ontario, you can either purchase a policy alongside your rental car or cancel an annual policy early. 

What do Statutory Accident Benefits cover?

Statutory Accident Benefits cover expenses related to injuries from a car accident. These benefits include income replacement, medical and rehabilitation bills, attendant care, and funeral expenses in case of death.

Can you get Uber and ridesharing car insurance in Ontario?

You can get Uber and ridesharing car insurance in Ontario. Check with your ridesharing app provider to learn which insurance company can provide you with a policy. You can also compare different ridesharing insurance options on My Choice by entering your postal code and choosing business as the primary use for your vehicle.

Unlike regular Ontario auto insurance that’s always active, ridesharing insurance protection activates when you turn the app on and deactivates when you turn the app off. If your app isn’t activated, your regular car insurance kicks back in.

Who sets car insurance rates in Ontario?

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) sets and regulates car insurance rates in Ontario. This means that all auto insurance companies must get their rates approved by FSCO before they can begin selling to the public.

Is it required to have winter tires in Ontario?

There’s no legal requirement to have or use winter tires in Ontario. However, winter tires can keep you safer in cold months. and insurers will give you discounts if you install them. Therefore, winter tires are still a good idea, even if you’re not legally required to use them.


Sample Size

We analyzed over 50,000 auto insurance quotes across Canada.


Average rates were calculated using a standard profile and incident profiles. All personal details pertaining to the quotes and policies have been kept confidential.

Standard Profile

Single driver, one car, currently insured, and a pristine driving record. Our base profile is a 35-year-old individual (both male and female) with a spotless driving record.

Incident Profiles

We examined how rates change by evaluating profiles with a clean record (standard), one at-fault accident, a single speeding ticket, license suspension for alcohol related offenses and insurance cancellation due to non-payment.

Vehicle Details

These individuals own a 2018 Honda Civic, commute five days a week, and cover a distance of 15,000 kilometres annually.

Vehicle Models

Costs were also analyzed for different vehicles: Mazda CX-5, Ford Escape, Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, Chevrolet Equinox, and the base 2018 Honda Civic.

Age and Homeownership

Profiles from age 18-65 (standard: 35 years) were considered. Depending on age, individuals might rent or own their homes. Age-related regulations may vary across provinces.


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