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Average car insurance rates in Calgary

Calgary is Canada’s fifth largest city by population size and as of March, 2017 there were 940,000 licensed drivers who live within the city, making it the largest municipality in Alberta. The amount of drivers on the road are just one factor that goes into determining the average car insurance rate, one other obvious factor is a driver’s personal record.

Taking the above into account a driver, living in Calgary can expect to pay somewhere around the average insurance rate of $1,117 per year according to a Kanetix study. However, with that average rate it based on a 35-year-old male and it still makes sense to shop around, to compare different quotes to try and get best the deal.

Source: Kanetix Study

Car Insurance in Calgary

Still sometimes referred to colloquially as Cowtown, Calgary still possesses that Wild West imagery thanks to the famous Calgary Stampede, a 10-day Rodeo in the peak of summer which attracts over one million visitors. As well as being Canada’s favorite city for cowboys, Calgary also boasts the title of the sunniest major city in Canada, on average receiving 2,600 years a year – not bad considering how cold it can get.

When it comes to transportation options in Calgary, the preferred mode of transport for many locals alike is to own a car and drive. That being said there is adequate transport options available also, but for those who do drive there is still the need for car insurance as this is a mandatory requirement across Alberta. Get started and compare a range of cheap quotes from insurance providers across Calgary, with us today!

*Actual Quoting Data. Based On A Clean Driving Record.

Driving in Calgary What You Need to Know

Armed with some tips from the locals and the best car insurance in Calgary, it’ll be a breeze getting around the busy streets of Calgary.

  1. The Calgary Stampede is a great draw card for visitors each year to Calgary which makes getting around a bit more of struggle, especially if you’re driving. The dates for the 2018 event are July 6th – 15th.
  2. During the winter, it’s expected that ample amounts of snow will fall so be prepared. Simply put, snow can only be moved aside and not transported away so you’ll have to ensure you’ve adequate car insurance cover in case of accidents.
  3. Calgary traffic estimates made in the 60’s have now been far outgrown and as a result, almost every road in/out of the downtown core will suffer traffic congestion at rush hours.
  4. If you are heading north its most likely you’ll travel on the Deerfoot trail, this has frequent traffic jams. There is a significant curve right before McKnight merges with northbound traffic, creating a wave of braking that brings traffic to a standstill every weekday starting around 3:30.

Some of the More Dangerous Intersections in Calgary

As part of the collision report, hotspots are identified where the majority of accidents occur in an effort to work on initiatives to try and make them safer for the Calgary public. Generally speaking, it makes sense to ensure areas with lots of foot traffic are safer for pedestrians and drivers alike. If these initiatives work over time, hopefully accidents will decrease we could also hope to see average auto insurance rates become more affordable.

Naturally, the highest density of foot traffic for Calgary will be within the downtown core and that’s where the largest percentage of pedestrian collisions occur. The following intersections, were highlighted as there was between 8 – 12 accidents over the course of 2014 alone:

  • 17 Ave. SW and 14 St. SW
  • 11 Ave. SW and 2 Street SE.
  • 4 Ave. SW and 1 St. SE

Source: Calgary Collision Report, 2015

Preferred Mode of Transport to Work in Calgary, 2016

As with most major cities the preferred mode of transport getting to work, is to drive alone and according to the 2016 census this is no different in Calgary, as 67% of employees do just that. Following on from that transit and walking were the second and third preferred respectively.

Source: Calgary Census Report, 2016

Collision Statistics in Calgary

Unfortunately, collisions and driving go hand in hand, it’s one of these things that is bound to happen and it’s no different in Calgary. As drivers it’s important for us to do a part and take care when on the roads, especially when conditions are tough.

One of the latest collision reports conducted in Calgary, showed the following statistics for the city:

  • Property damage collisions only, 2015 – 34,279
  • Injury collisions, 2015 – 2,504
  • – Fatal collisions, 2015 – 22

Source: Calgary Collision Report, 2015

Traffic Fatalities in Calgary, 2007 – 2015

Source: Calgary Road Safety Report, 2015

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