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Thunder Bay Car Insurance

Situated in the upper North Western parts of Ontario, Thunder Bay is a naturally beautiful city with an abundance to offer from hiking to sailing in the bay. Its geographical location makes the city a major crossroad for travelers and has earnt it the nickname of “Canada’s Gateway to the West”.

Whilst public transportation is adequately offered most locals cannot get by without a car and for those with a car comes the need for car insurance. Therefore, whether you regularly take the Thunder Bay Expressway or look to avoid this 4 lane highway the need to be insured is ever present, let us do the legwork and start comparing different rates with us at My Choice now!

Average Auto Insurance Rates in Thunder Bay

It’s no secret that the average car insurance rates within Ontario are the highest in Canada, therefore it would be normal to assume that rates would also be high in the Thunder Bay region. However, good news, the average rate for auto insurance is considerably cheaper than the province average; in 2016
the Thunder Bay average is $1195 whilst Ontario is $1,458 - a saving of roughly 20%.

If you’ve caught yourself wondering why this is, well it comes down to a couple of reasons primarily. It all starts with location, location, location, situated far enough from the GTA, Thunder Bay insurance rate premiums are not affected by the Toronto area. Finally, the other main factor is the relatively low amount of traffic on the roads, this, in turn, helps to reduce accidents and premiums for Thunder Bay.

Source: Kanetix Study

*Actual Quoting Data. Based On A Clean Driving Record.

Tips & Tricks for driving in Thunder Bay

When driving in any city it’s worth knowing what you can about the place, and that’s no difference with Thunder Bay.

  1. One of the main drawcards for annual tourists to Thunder Bay is the Fort William Historical Park, a former trade post since 1815. The park was listed as a world heritage site in the early 20th century and is accessible just off Highway 61 towards the south of Thunder Bay.
  2. Thunder Bay can be susceptible to some harsh and volatile weather, especially in the winter so it’s important to stay aware and focused when driving around this time. On a lighter note, Thunder Bay is quite sunny and on average is sunnier than any city in Canada located to the east of it.

Collision Statistics in Thunder Bay

Drivers who are looking for the safest routes to drive in Thunder Bay may want to become accustomed to the number of collisions that usually occur in the area. Not only is this good to know to help ease the commutes home but it will also come in handy when considering what car insurance to purchase.

In one of the more recent annual reports from Thunder Bay Police, they have been able to record and detail some collisions statistics for the Thunder Bay area.


  • Total number of collisions in 2016 – 3,751
  • Total number of fatal collisions in 2016 – 2

Source: Thunder Bay Collision Report, 2016

What Are The Most Dangerous Intersections in Thunder Bay?

In regards to the location of these collisions throughout Thunder Bay, these have also been disclosed by police and you may want to avoid the Harbor Expressway. The commonly used street possesses up to 3 different intersections that are considered dangerous, the most common collisions seen are usually rear-ending incidents – an insurance nightmare.

Some of the dangerous intersections are:

  • – Harbour/Memorial
  • – Central/Memorial
  • – Golf Links/Harbour

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