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Can You Add Someone Else to Your Existing Car Insurance?

Many households in Canada have one particular car that is driven by multiple people. While you can take out a separate policy for each driver, it’s much cheaper to add a driver to an already existing policy. How to add someone to your car insurance? The only requirement for adding a driver to a car insurance policy is that they must have a valid driver’s license. If they do, the procedure for adding them is quite straightforward.

How To Add Someone Else To Your Car Insurance

The insurance company will want to conduct a risk assessment when you add a driver to an insurance policy. This helps them determine how likely that person is to be in an accident, which helps them set their premiums at the correct level.

You can expect your insurance company to ask for the follow details on the additional driver (before they add driver to insurance policy):

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Driving experience
  • Driver’s license number
  • Information on any accidents they’ve been in
  • Proof of driver’s training, if any
  • Occupation

Once you’ve provided this information, the new driver will be registered as a secondary driver on your policy. The main difference between the primary and secondary driver is the level of risk the insurance company attaches to each driver. The primary driver will have their past driving history checked thoroughly. This will have the largest impact on the monthly insurance premium. The secondary driver will have a much smaller impact.

Sometimes you may not want to permanently add a driver to your policy. If you have a guest that will be using your car, you can add them on a temporary basis. This temporary policy can last between a couple of days and a month. The longer the policy lasts, the higher the premiums will be. Temporarily adding another person to insurance is an excellent option for your guests and visitors. It allows them to be insured while borrowing your car.

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