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Can I Get My Car Out of Impound Without Insurance?

There are many reasons why cars get impounded. Perhaps you were driving under the influence and arrested for a DUI, or your car may be part of an ongoing criminal investigation, or you may have been caught driving without insurance, or any number of things.

No matter what the reason for your car being towed or impounded, it’s in your best interest to get your car back as quickly as possible. The longer a car stays impounded, the higher the fees to get it car released. Understanding the process will help you to get your car out and back on the road as soon as possible.

In order to get your car out of impound, you need to pay the outstanding fees and bring along several documents including:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership
  • Proof of vehicle registration
  • Proof of identity, such as an ID or driver’s license

Some police stations may have additional procedures, so it’s a good idea to get in touch with them. They will provide you with the information you need and help getting car out of impound. If you have a car impounded, no insurance, you’ll need to obtain insurance before getting the car out of impound. It is impossible to get a car out of impound without insurance, so that should be your first step.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Towed Car?

Yes. They will need to have all the relevant documentation as well as proof that you’ve authorized them to take the car. They will also have to pay the outstanding impound fees. The best option, in this case, is to give the person the money, documentation, and authorization up-front if you can’t pick up the car yourself.

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