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Car insurance quotes in Ontario can be somewhat overwhelming with the high prices and plentiful different insurance providers out there to choose from. To help you in your search to find the best insurance for you and make your decision easier we have put together the following list of top 12 car insurance companies from top to bottom:

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  1. Allstate
  2. Aviva
  3. Belairdirect
  4. Canadian Auto Association (CAA)
  5. Desjardins Insurance
  6. Economical
  7. Intact
  8. Jevco
  9. RBC Insurance
  10. SGI
  11. TD Insurance
  12. Travelers

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Allstate was originally founded in the state of Illinois in 1931. After its Canadian expansion in 1953, the company eventually came to be one of the first car insurance companies in Ontario, with its headquarters located in Markham, Ontario. Allstate offers numerous discount programs. Bundling car and property insurance or insuring multiple vehicles entitles policyholders to discounts. Allstate also awards discounts to those who utilize approved anti-theft devices on their vehicles or who install winter tires. Ontario-specific discounts include awards to students under 25 years old who have a good academic record or residents who have a private driveway or garage in their place of residence. Finally, long-time Allstate customers are also eligible for a discount on their policy. The company offers a program known as the Good Hands Network, which ensures that policyholders are able to contact a claims adjuster or broker 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via a variety of channels. Policyholders can communicate using the company website, in person, or over the phone.

  • Allstate Phone Number: 1-800-661-1577
  • Allstate Website




Aviva Canada provides policies to more than three million individuals throughout Canada and is one of the largest insurers in the country. The company offers multiple discounts for policyholders who install an automatic emergency brake system, those who go three years without a conviction, those who are retired, and those who purchase multiple policies with the company. Aviva Canada provides policyholders with access to multiple benefit programs such as a disappearing deductible, conviction protection, roadside assistance, a guarantee that Aviva will satisfactorily settle any claims you may have, and discounts on rental cars, hotel accommodations and services related to trip interruption. Aviva allows you to file a claim either online or via phone. The company does not offer any sort of app at this time. However, representatives are available to be reached by phone at all hours, every day of the week.

  • Aviva Phone Number: 1-866-692-8482
  • Aviva Website





Belairdirect originated in Ontario and Quebec in 1955. Eventually, the company’s reach spread to all of Canada. Belairdirect made history in 1997, when they became the first North American insurance company to offer an online quote. Since then, they have continued to seek out ways to provide innovative and high quality services to their members. Belairdirect offers some of the most affordable Canadian vehicle insurance and seeks to be one of the most inexpensive car insurance companies in Ontario. They also offer a variety of discounts to policyholders. Members are eligible for discounts when they bundle home and vehicle insurance, hold multiple vehicle insurance policies with the company or hold a safe driving record. The company also accepts group rates for those who seek insurance through a company or other type of association. Other programs offered to policyholders include the Auto-Merit program and accident forgiveness for a driver’s first at-fault accident. Belairdirect provides members with multiple methods of communicating with the company. Policyholders are able to use an Online Claim Tracking service to check on the status of their claims.

  • Belairdirect Phone Number: 1-877-228-2656
  • Belairdirect Website



Canadian Auto Association (CAA)


Canadian Auto Association (CAA) was established in 1974. CAA provides vehicle insurance to over six million Canadian citizens. The company offers multiple discount programs to members. These discounts apply to those who hold multiple vehicle policies with CAA, participate in the CAA connect program, or who install snow tires on their vehicles. The CAA connect program rewards members who drive their vehicles safely. The company monitors participants’ driving by providing them with a small device that they attach to their cars, which monitors their driving habits. CAA also offers a Forgive and Forget plan, which allows drivers to receive forgiveness for their first at-fault vehicle accident. CAA has an app that stores members’ insurance information. Members can also use the app to contact the company directly, ask for roadside assistance, find nearby gas stations and research quotes for a new vehicle battery.

  • CAA Phone Number: 1-800-222-4357
  • CAA Website



Desjardins Insurance


Desjardins was founded as a credit union in 1900 in Quebec. In addition to functioning as a banking institution, Desjardins provides a variety of products and services, including auto insurance policies. Members are eligible for a variety of discounts for things such as holding multiple vehicle insurance policies, bundling home and vehicle insurance, utilizing certified winter tires, safe driving, obtaining vehicle financing through Desjardins, and owning a vehicle that is electric or a fuel-efficient hybrid. While Desjardins does have an app, the services it offers are geared more towards financial and banking functions. The app does not offer a wide variety of services related to vehicle insurance policy usage. However, Desjardins is available for contact by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The phone number for contacting them is 1-888-776-8343

  • Desjardins Insurance Phone Number: 1-888-776-8343
  • Desjardins Insurance Website





Economical insurance is one of the leading auto and property insurance providers in Canada. The company was founded in 1871 and is currently headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. The company offers several different types of discounts for things such as insuring multiple vehicles, driving safely, installing anti-theft systems, and bundling home and vehicle insurance. Policyholders also have access to special programs and discounts. Economical offers special vehicle insurance policies to different types of customers. Group insurance is available for companies or different types of associations. Economical also provides high-risk insurance policies to customers who have bad driving records and are struggling to obtain auto insurance through other companies. In addition to standard auto insurance, Economical also provides special insurance policies for motorcycles, motorhomes, antique vehicles and recreational vehicles. While the company does not currently have an app, they can be reached by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-800-607-2424.

  • Economical Phone Number:1-800-607-2424
  • Economical Website





Intact insurance was originally founded in 1809. In the 1950s, a Dutch group purchased the company. Later, in 1991, the company merged with NMB Postbank and created the ING Group. Today, Intact is one the largest vehicle, home and business insurance providers in Canada. The company insures over five million individuals and businesses. Intact offers discounts to customers who participate in their driver education program and to those who bundle their home and auto insurance. Policyholders with good driving habits are also eligible for the my Driving Discount Program. This program utilizes the company’s my Driving app. This app collects information about drivers such as the time of day of their trips and acceleration and braking rates. This app helps drivers to monitor their habits and allows the company to collect information related to a driver’s safety for discount and rate purposes. Intact also offers insurance for recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, or RVs. The policies provided for these vehicles are tailored to each customer’s specific vehicle. The company also provides coverage for identity theft and liability. Customers can reach Intact 24-7 by calling 1-866-464-2424.

  • Intact Phone Number:1-866-464-2424
  • Intact Insurance Website




Jevco was founded in 1980 in Mississauga, Ontario. The company is still headquartered in Mississauga. Jevco was acquired by the Intact Financial Corporation in 2012. The company specializes in dealing with clients who struggle to find insurance elsewhere due to issues such as filing multiple insurance claims, having multiple traffic convictions or having license suspensions. In 2016, Jevco became one of the first companies to insure Uber drivers and passengers with no additional costs. The company offers discounted rates to high-risk drivers. This means that the company does not offer other discounts. However, Jevco does provide short-term coverage policies for six month periods. They offer different payment options to policyholders, such as paying premiums in an up-front lump sum or on a monthly basis. Jevco also provides discounts to all customers who decide to become Uber drivers. Jevco does not currently offer an app for auto-insurance policyholders. The company offers personal auto insurance in Ontario only. Jevco offers 24-hour support over the phone and can be reached at 1-866-864-1112. Policyholders can also contact a representative of the company via email at

  • Jevco Phone Number: 1-866-864-1112
  • Jevco Website



RBC Insurance


The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Insurance was founded in 1864 in Halifax. RBC Insurance is available throughout most of Canada. The company offers discounts for customers who bundle their home and life insurance with their auto insurance. Customers can obtain a discount by using the RBC website to obtain an insurance quote. They offer discounts for customers who insure multiple vehicles under RBC, have no claims history, or are retired. Customers can also get discounts for installing anti-theft alarms or winter tires on their vehicles.

RBC does not provide usage-based auto insurance, but does allow clients to customize their policies. They offer a family protection endorsement that offers significant compensation in the event that a family member is injured or killed in an accident. RBC also provides forgiveness for a driver’s first at-fault accident, as well as protection for a policyholder’s vehicle if it is lost or damaged within the first two years of ownership.

RBC Insurance does not currently have an app. The company does offer phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The phone number to contact RBC Insurance is 1-800-769-2526.

  • RBC Insurance Phone Number: 1-800-769-2526
  • RBC Insurance Website





Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) operates in five provinces throughout Canada: Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario. SGI is a part of the Crown Corporation, which operates the Saskatchewan Auto Fund. SGI is headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, and employs around 2000 staff members. SGI offers numerous discounts for its clients. Customers who have maintained an insurance policy for three years or longer with any insurance provider are eligible for a discount. Like many other auto insurance providers, the company provides discounts to policyholders with good driving records, who hold multiple vehicle insurance policies and who bundle their home and auto insurance policies. SGI also offers discounts to retired persons and those who live on a farm and use farming as their primary method of earning an income. An SGI representative can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • SGI Phone Number: 1-877-844-8460
  • SGI Website



TD Insurance


TD Insurance is an auto insurance provider that is part of TD Bank group, which is based in Toronto. TD Insurance offers home, vehicle, life, health and personal insurance. The company provides group rates to businesses and other types of associations. Discounts are available to policyholders who use a TD approved anti-theft system, attend school full time, own a vehicle that is hybrid or electric, or bundle their vehicle and home insurance policies. TD offers an app via which policyholders can file claims. The app provides users with step-by-step support through the claims filing process. The app also allows policyholders to check their coverage, check the status of their claims, or update their payment plan or home address. The company can also be reached by phone 24/7 at 1-866-454-8910.

  • TD Insurance Phone Number: 1-866-454-8910
  • TD Insurance Website





Travelers insurance is a recent addition to the Canadian insurance market. The company’s Canadian introduction occurred in 2009. Traveler’s Canadian subsidiary focuses almost primarily on providing auto insurance. The company offers discounts for policyholders who hold multiple vehicle insurance policies, complete a driver education course, bundle home and insurance policies or who maintain a safe driving record. Ontario residents who are retired are also eligible for a discount.Travelers offers a highly useful app for policyholders. The app’s services stand out when compared to those offered by other auto insurance providers. The app provides assistance with things such as accessing vehicle insurance cards, making payments, enrolling in a payment plan, managing a payment plan, viewing coverage and policy information, reporting claims, requesting roadside assistance, and contacting a claims professional.

  • Travelers Phone Number: 1-800-661-5522.
  • Travelers Website


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