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What You Need To Know About Car Insurance In Alberta

Often regarded as one of the more picturesque provinces in Canada, Alberta offers a diverse range of landscapes making for wonderfully scenic drives. You can travel across beautiful prairies, lush forests or arduous mountains and not forgetting some of Alberta’s larger cities, which are also worth a visit. The province is the fourth most populous within Canada, with a little over 4 million inhabitants, as you’d expect the majority of these reside within the larger metropolitan areas such as the capital, Edmonton and Calgary.

When it comes to Alberta car insurance, this is a mandatory requirement for all drivers who travel on Alberta’s roads and at minimum you are required to have coverage that is adequate enough to protect on your own vehicle and a potential motor collision, property damage or another person.

*Actual Quoting Data. Based On A Clean Driving Record.

Average Auto Insurance Rates in Alberta

Generally speaking, if you live in Alberta and require car insurance you can expect to pay somewhere around the average of $1,179, which puts you in the third most expensive province within Canada. Admittedly, this isn’t as high as you might expect but it’s still a sizeable purchase decision, ultimately your average premium will come down to the geographic location and give the size of Alberta this may vary considerably.

For example, if you’re a city dweller it’s fair to assume your average car insurance should be fairly aligned to the average or a slightly higher, however if you live and spend most of your driving in the wilderness of Alberta the average costs should be lower thanks to a number of beneficiary factors, the obvious one being, a smaller amount of cars on the roads.

The above is highlighted from a 2015 study conducted by, Kanetix, where the most expensive places for car insurance in Alberta were discovered:

Area Average Rate
Edmonton $1,237
St Albert $1,139
Fort McMurray $1,136
Peace River $1,130
Sturgeon County $1,139
Calgary $1,117

Source: Kanetix Study

For the most part, the most expensive car insurance rates anywhere occur in densely populated areas and this coincides with the Edmonton to Calgary corridor being one of the most urbanized areas in Canada, not just Alberta.

If you are looking for more information about car insurance in Alberta’s cities, check out our detailed pages about Calgary and Edmonton.

Alberta Car Insurance and Minimum Requirements

In Alberta, auto insurance is split into 3 sections, they are:

  1. Concerns any injuries and damages to other people and their property.
  2. Concerned medical expenses for anyone that may arise from an incident, this also includes yourself
  3. Concerns any damage to your vehicle.

To drive legally in Alberta, you are required to have the following as two minimum requirements for car insurance coverage, they are accident benefits and third party liability. Accident benefits coverage is the sort that protects you or your family if somebody is injured and killed during a collision, and it doesn’t matter who is at fault for the incident. For third party liability, you are required to have at minimum coverage for $200,000 in Alberta, this type of coverage will ensure you are protected if you’re involved in an accident whereby someone’s property is damaged or if you kill, injure someone.

What Auto Insurance Extras Are Available in Alberta?

Along with the mandatory, minimum requirements for auto insurance in Alberta, stated above, there is also options for some additional extras which you may wish to consider. These comprise of collision and comprehensive cover, so while these are not mandatory for the province we encourage you to consider buying the most comprehensive insurance on offer. This will ensure you are and your family are covered for all types of incidents or mishaps that may occur.

Collision Statistics For Alberta

As with anywhere in Alberta, where there’s cars, there will also be collisions, especially the more congested areas and this is something we cannot stop. When it comes to driving, it’s important to have all available knowledge and tips at the ready, that’s why we’ve put together a list containing some of the hotspots for collisions at Alberta. Here at My Choice, we like to aid your auto insurance in any way possible and help preserver your no claims bonus

  • Total Collisions in Alberta, 2015: 140,705
  • Total Fatal Collisions, 2015: 288
  • Total People Killed, 2015: 330
  • Total Collisions, Day of Week 2015: Friday, 23,395

Source: Alberta Traffic Collision Statistics 2015

Reportable Collisions in Alberta, 2011 – 2015

Source: Alberta Traffic Collision Statistics 2015

How Many Licensed Drivers are there in Alberta?

If you live and regularly drive on Alberta’s roads you may notice the amount of traffic on the roads but have you ever wondered, exactly how many licensed drivers are there in the province? Knowing statistics such as this can often help car insurance companies determine, particular rates for the average car insurance quote.

The main magnitude of drivers in the province will reside throughout the Edmonton and Calgary region, this is evident in the 2017 report with 892,150 licensed drivers in the Edmonton area, Calgary has 940,996 licensed drivers and Alberta as a province 3,148,538, respectively. There is also a slight skew towards male drivers of about 52% while, 48% drivers are women.

Source: Alberta Government 2017

% Of Fatalities by Type, 2015

In Alberta, there was a total of 330 fatal collisions throughout the course of 2015 which was an improvement compared to the year prior’s figure of 369. The initiatives rolled out by the city to promote safer driving, look to of had an effect which is great to see.

Source: Alberta Traffic Collision Statistics 2015

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