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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated on May 16, 2024

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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated May 16, 2024

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4 minute read

Article Contents

Quick Facts About Auto Insurance in Burlington

  • Burlington car insurance is LESS expensive than the Ontario average.
  • The average annual car insurance cost in Burlington for a driver with comprehensive/collision coverage and a clean driving record is around $1,586.
  • Comparing Burlington auto insurance quotes with MyChoice can save you up to $1,126 annually.

The Best Car Insurance Brokerages in Burlington

Car insurance brokers help you find the best auto insurance deals with their expertise. They can compare deals from multiple insurers and answer your questions so you can make informed decisions.

Check the table below for a list of Burlington auto insurance brokerages to visit:

BrokerageAddressPhone Number
Westland Insurance35 Main St N Suite 21, Waterdown
ON L0R 2H0, Canada
New Street Insurance Broker830 Harrington Ct #1b, Burlington
ON L7N 3N4, Canada
All-Risks Insurance Brokers Limited3332 Mainway, Burlington
ON L7M 1A7, Canada
Youngs Insurance Brokers Burlington444 Plains Rd E, Burlington
ON L7T 2E1, Canada

Most Expensive Postal Codes in Burlington

Burlington’s annual average car insurance premium is $1,586, roughly $100 less than Ontario’s annual average of $1,673. Here’s a look at some of the most expensive postal codes in the city for insurance:

Postal CodeAverage Annual Car Insurance Premium

Least Expensive Postal Codes in Burlington

Meanwhile, the L7R region, which includes Southeast Burlington, has the lowest auto insurance premiums in the city. 

Postal CodeAverage Annual Car Insurance Premium

Car Insurance Cost in Burlington by Age

Car insurance rates in Canada, and by extension Burlington, fluctuate based on your age and driving experience. 

Teens generally pay more because they don’t have enough road experience, but their rates will lower with age. When you hit 65, car insurance premiums will rise again because senior citizens have a higher risk of getting hurt in car accidents. 

Here’s a look at how age influences car insurance costs in Burlington:

AgeAverage Annual RatesAverage Savings with MyChoice

Car Insurance Cost in Burlington by Driving History

Your driving history impacts auto insurance premiums in Burlington because insurers use it to determine your rates. Safe drivers get lower premiums, while high-risk drivers get higher rates. Traffic violations and demerit points in Ontario stay on your driving record for two years, but insurers can examine your driving record as far as 10 years back. 

Here’s a look at how different violations impact your car insurance rates:

Driving ViolationAverage Annual Car Insurance Premium
Clean driving record$1,432
Insurance cancellation due to non-payment$2,348
Licence suspension for alcohol-related offences$1,716
One accident$3,156
Speeding ticket$1,864

Driving in Burlington

Located along Lake Ontario, Burlington is popular with visitors and would-be residents alike for its natural beauty and great infrastructure. Moreover, its proximity to Toronto and the United States border ensures it has a growing economy.

Here are some key facts about Burlington you should know:

  • Major highways in Burlington: Queen Elizabeth Way, 403, 407
  • Public transit options: Burlington Transit (bus)
  • Ridesharing services: Uber, Lyft
  • Parking space providers: The City of Burlington, private lots
  • Top tourist attractions: The Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington Waterfront Trail, Spencer Smith Park, Mount Nemo Conservation Area, Mapleview Shopping Centre
  • Busy intersections: Dundas and Upper Middle, Harvester and Fairview, Fairview and North Service
  • Airports: Burlington Executive Airport

Main Mode of Commuting in Burlington

Most of Burlington’s 56,000 commuters travel by car, truck, or van to work. Out of the nearly 50,000 car commuters, 45,000 drive while just a little over 4,000 ride as passengers. Public transit users and pedestrian commuters are neck-to-neck for second place with 2,415 and 2,145 commuters, respectively. Check the table below to learn more about how people commute in Burlington.

Main mode of commutingCountsRates
Total – 25% Sample Size56,180100.0
Car, truck or van49,88588.8%
Car, truck or van – as a driver45,67581.3%
Car, truck or van – as a passenger4,2157.5%
Public transit2,4154.3%
Other method1,3302.4%

Commuting Duration in Burlington

One-third of Burlington’s commuters take less than 15 minutes to get to work, while another third spends 15 to 29 minutes on the road. The final third of Burlington’s commuters take over 30 minutes to complete their commute. Here’s a closer look at the commuting duration in Burlington:

Commuting durationCountsRates
Total – 25% Sample Size56,180100.0
Less than 15 minutes18,26532.5%
15 to 29 minutes19,21534.2%
30 to 44 minutes10,04017.9%
45 to 59 minutes4,4557.9%
60 minutes and over4,2057.5%

Driving Conditions in Burlington

Driving conditions like rain and snow may influence insurance premiums because they affect the overall accident risk. Here’s a look at Burlington’s driving conditions:

  • Average daily commute time: 56 minutes round trip
  • Average annual rainfall: 901 mm
  • Average annual snowfall: 39 mm
  • Rainy days per year: 44
  • Rainiest month in Burlington: April
  • Driest month in Burlington: September
  • Snow days per year: 58
  • Snowfall months in Burlington: January – May, November – December

Traffic in Burlington

With over 180,000 residents, Burlington is a small city compared to Toronto’s 2.7 million. Traffic in Burlington won’t be as heavy as in Toronto, but it’s still a good idea to learn about traffic in the city to regulate your accident risk.

Here’s a quick look at the key traffic statistics in Burlington:

  • Population: 183,314 people live within Burlington’s city limits.
  • City area: Burlington’s city area spans 185.66 km2.
  • Average commute distance: The average Burlington resident travels x km to their workplace or school. 
  • Time spent in traffic annually: Most Burlington residents spend 56 minutes in traffic daily, totalling roughly 340 hours per year.
  • Busiest highways: The Queen Elizabeth Way is one of the main transportation corridors for Burlington, moving an average of 200,000 vehicles per day.

The Most Common Questions About Car Insurance in Burlington

How much is car insurance in Burlington?

The average car insurance rate in Burlington is $1,586 annually.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance in Burlington?

The cheapest auto insurance provider generally depends on your protection needs, risk profile, and budget.

Is car insurance cheaper in Burlington than Hamilton?

At $1,586/year, Burlington’s average annual car insurance is roughly $70 cheaper than Hamilton’s $1,659/year.

What information do you need for an auto insurance quote in Burlington?

You need to provide basic information (including your personal details, car make, model, and production year), to get an auto insurance quote in Burlington. Your auto insurance quote may be more accurate if you provide additional details like your driving history.

How can you get cheaper auto insurance in Burlington?

Compare car insurance rates in Burlington with MyChoice, or visit our main car insurance page to learn other ways of getting cheap car insurance quotes.


Sample Size

We analyzed over 50,000 auto insurance quotes across Canada.


Average rates were calculated using a standard profile and incident profiles. All personal details pertaining to the quotes and policies have been kept confidential.

Standard Profile

Single driver, one car, currently insured, and a pristine driving record. Our base profile is a 35-year-old individual (both male and female) with a spotless driving record.

Incident Profiles

We examined how rates change by evaluating profiles with a clean record (standard), one at-fault accident, a single speeding ticket, license suspension for alcohol related offenses and insurance cancellation due to non-payment.

Vehicle Details

These individuals own a 2018 Honda Civic, commute five days a week, and cover a distance of 15,000 kilometres annually.

Vehicle Models

Costs were also analyzed for different vehicles: Mazda CX-5, Ford Escape, Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, Chevrolet Equinox, and the base 2018 Honda Civic.

Age and Homeownership

Profiles from age 18-65 (standard: 35 years) were considered. Depending on age, individuals might rent or own their homes. Age-related regulations may vary across provinces.


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