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Article Contents
By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated on February 6, 2024

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By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated February 6, 2024

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8 minute read

Article Contents

How Can You Get Cheap Car Insurance in Corner Brook?

You can get cheap Corner Brook car insurance by finding the best deals. Here are several tips to help you do so:

Compare Policy Deals

One of the best ways to get low Corner Brook auto insurance rates is to compare insurers. Insurance companies compete for a customer’s business by offering great deals and other incentives, so shopping around will help you find the best rates.

Pay Premiums Annually

Insurers like it when people make annual or bulk payments because it guarantees their business for an entire year. By paying insurance premiums upfront for the next 12 months, you can save more money. Some insurance companies also offer six-month premium payments if paying for an entire year is too steep.

Be a Safe Driver

Traffic violations and accidents raise your Corner Brook insurance rates and can take years to go away. Having a clean driving record ensures you’ll get lower Corner Brook auto insurance rates compared to drivers with a history of accidents.

Get Usage-Based Insurance

Usage-based insurance (UBI) or pay-as-you-go insurance determines your rates by analyzing your driving habits through an onboard device. If you consistently exhibit safe driving behaviour, you can save up to 30% on car insurance premiums.

Skip Unnecessary Optional Coverage

Opting into all available insurance coverage protects you from many things, but your premiums will increase sharply. Consider lowering your Corner Brook auto insurance rates by skipping non-essential coverage.

Buy Reliable Cars

Canadian insurers use CLEAR (Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating) to measure a car’s safety and reliability score. Lower CLEAR scores usually mean higher insurance premiums because they’re more likely to get into an accident. Check a car model’s CLEAR before buying to save on insurance.

Take Home and Auto Bundles

Bundling home and auto insurance from one company could give you discounts because the insurer gets more business in one go. Generally, home and auto bundles are cheaper than getting individual policies from two companies.

Ask for a Higher Deductible

You pay deductibles with every insurance claim before the insurer covers the remaining expenses. With higher deductibles, you pay more if you get in an accident, but your premiums will be lower. Conversely, lower deductibles mean paying less in an accident, but your premiums will be higher.

Who Provides Car Insurance Quotes in Corner Brook?

Insurance brokers, agents, aggregators, and direct writers provide car insurance quotes in Corner Brook. Each insurance quote has its own benefits:

Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers work independently, comparing multiple insurance providers to show you the best deals. Brokers also know the ins and outs of the Corner Brook auto insurance market, so feel free to ask them questions about insurance.

Direct Writers

Direct writers are similar to insurance agents because they work for one carrier. You can’t book a face-to-face meeting with them, but they’re typically cheaper because they don’t operate physical offices.

Insurance Agents

Insurance agents work for a specific carrier, so their policy selection is limited to what the company offers. Fortunately, they offset this limited selection with extensive knowledge of the company’s offerings and can give discounts unavailable to brokers. Agents can also close sales independently, ensuring your policy transaction closes as quickly as possible.

Insurance Aggregators

Aggregator websites like MyChoice compile deals and offer from across the market to help you compare between insurers. Aggregators are completely free for customers, so you can find the best deals without spending a penny.

The Best Car Insurance Brokerages in Corner Brook

Car insurance brokers help you choose the right auto insurance policy by answering your questions and comparing policy offers.

Here are several brokers in Corner Brook that you can contact for extra assistance when seeking car insurance:

BrokerageAddressPhone Number
Wedgwood Insurance Limited55 Park St,
Corner Brook, NL A2H 2X1, Canada
BrokerLink4 Herald Ave Suite 604,
Corner Brook, NL A2H 4B4, Canada
Cal LeGrow Insurance & Financial Group3 Herald Avenue Lower Level,
Corner Brook, NL A2H 4B8, Canada
Steers Insurance Ltd2 Mt Bernard Ave Suite 201,
Corner Brook, NL A2H 4B5, Canada

How Does Car Insurance Work in Corner Brook?

Car insurance in Corner Brook works by providing you with financial benefits if you get in a car accident. Car insurance is mandatory in Corner Brook, meaning you must have an insurance policy to drive – otherwise, you may face fines and suspensions. You may also receive demerit points that signify you as a high-risk driver, raising your premiums. 

Like in most parts of Canada, both mandatory and optional insurance coverage are available in Corner Brook. You only need the former to drive legally, but optional coverage protects you from more hazards.

All drivers in Newfoundland and Labrador must have third-party liability coverage worth at least $200,000 as well as uninsured automobile coverage. Here’s a look at the two essential mandatory insurance coverage for Corner Brook drivers:

Third-Party Liability (TPL)

Third-party liability coverage pays out if you cause an accident that resulted in vehicular damage or somebody getting hurt or killed. Newfoundland requires a minimum of $200,000 TPL coverage for all drivers.

Uninsured Automobile Coverage

This kind of coverage pays out if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver. Drivers without auto insurance usually don’t have money to pay for your damages, so your insurer will step in to cover these costs.

In addition to the mandatory coverage, the Newfoundland Government also recommends that drivers get the following insurance protection:

Additional TPL Coverage

The bare minimum $200,000 TPL coverage sometimes isn’t enough. Some people buy up to $2,000,000 in TPL coverage to protect themselves when an accident happens.

Accident Benefits

Accident benefits cover medical bills, income replacement, and possible funeral expenses if you, your passenger, or a pedestrian are hurt or killed in an auto accident.

If you need extra protection, you also have other insurance coverage options. Here are some examples:

Collision Insurance

Contrary to popular belief, your mandatory insurance coverage doesn’t cover car repairs when you’re at fault. Taking collision insurance is a good idea because you won’t know when you might be at fault for an accident. 

Comprehensive Insurance

There are 700 moose accidents in Newfoundland yearly, meaning it’s more likely to happen than you think. Comprehensive insurance protects you from animal collisions and other hazards like bad weather, vandalism, and fire – pretty much anything that’s not accident-related.

Limited Depreciation Waiver

Insurers can write your car off when it is totalled or stolen because it’s too expensive to recover. A limited depreciation waiver refunds your car’s purchase price in the case of a total loss, meaning you can buy a new vehicle sooner.

Ridesharing Coverage

Regular auto insurance doesn’t cover rideshare drivers because they are riskier to insure. Ridesharing drivers travel long distances and often enter dangerous areas, increasing their accident and theft risk.

Ridesharing insurance is add-on coverage that pays out when your car is damaged or stolen during your rideshare trips.

How Your Car Insurance Quotes Are Calculated in Corner Brook

Your Corner Brook auto insurance rates are calculated based on your risk profile. If the insurer thinks you’re more likely to get into an accident, your rates will be higher. Unlike most Canadian provinces, your age or gender doesn’t affect your insurance rates, thanks to a bill passed in 2005.

Here are the main considerations when insurers calculate your insurance quotes:


People living in big cities usually get higher car insurance rates because big cities usually have more cars, increasing your accident risk. Big cities also see more crime, increasing your theft or vandalism risk.

Driving Record

Drivers with no accidents or violations to their name usually get low rates because insurance companies don’t take many risks with them. Conversely, drivers with a long history of accidents get hit with higher premiums because insurers are worried they may be repeat offenders. 

Vehicle Type

Insurers use the CLEAR scoring system to measure a car model’s accident and theft risk. Naturally, they’ll charge higher rates on vehicles that are notorious for getting stolen or severely damaged in accidents.

Coverage Options Chosen

Extra insurance coverage protects your car and yourself from more dangers but increases your premiums. Consider skipping non-essential coverage to save money on car insurance.

Most Expensive Postal Codes in Corner Brook

At $1,118/year, the average car insurance rate in Corner Brook is around $260 cheaper than Ontario’s provincial average of $1,385/year. However, the K8N area of Corner Brook has higher rates than the city’s average.

Here’s a price breakdown for the most expensive area for auto insurance in Corner Brook:

Postal CodeAverage Annual Car Insurance Premium

Least Expensive Postal Codes in Corner Brook

As with most cities, Corner Brook also has some areas with cheaper insurance rates than the city average – in this case the K8R area. Here’s a price break down for the cheapest area for car insurance in Corner Brook:

Postal CodeAverage annual car insurance premium

Other Factors That Affect Car Insurance Prices in Corner Brook

In addition to the factors we’ve covered above, more things influence your Corner Brook car insurance rates. Here are some of them:

Vehicle Model Age

Old cars usually get higher premiums because they generally have outdated safety features, and spare parts may be harder to find. That’s why vintage car insurance rates are often higher than most policies.

Crime Rates

Living in a high-crime region increases your exposure to theft and vandalism. Insurance companies usually charge more for people in high-crime areas because they’re more likely to have their cars stolen or vandalized.

Loyalty Bonuses

Insurers reward longtime customers for sticking around with discounts and other special offers. Ask your insurer about long-term policyholder rate reductions or discounts.

Other External Factors

Some other factors that may influence your Corner Brook auto insurance rates include:

  • Frequency of extreme weather events
  • Decline in car prices
  • Prevalence of distracted driving

Driving in Corner Brook

Planning to move to or visit Corner Brook? It helps to know more about driving in the area. Here are some key facts about driving in Corner Brook you should know:

  • Major highways in Corner Brook: Route 1
  • Public transit options: Corner Brook Transit
  • Ridesharing services: Not available
  • Parking space providers: The City of Corner Brook, private lots
  • Top tourist attractions: Corner Brook Stream Trail, Rotary Arts Centre, Captain James Cook Historic Site, Railway Society of Newfoundland Historic Train Site
  • Busy intersections: Lewin Parkway and Griffin Drive, Lewin Parkway and Mill Road
  • Airports: Deer Lake Regional Airport

Main Mode of Commuting in Corner Brook

Knowing more about the commuting statistics in a city or town helps you get to work on time. Here’s a detailed look at the commuter data in Corner Brook:

  • Average commute distance: The average Corner Brook resident travels x km to their workplace or school. 
  • Commute duration: Perhaps owing to its relatively small size, commutes in Corner Brook are typically very short. Out of the 25% sample data taken by the census, 74% of the city’s commuters spend under 15 minutes on the road, and 19.4% of them spend between 15 and 29 minutes commuting. 
  • Main mode of commuting: Personal vehicles are the most popular mode of commuting in the city, with 90.1% of commuters preferring them. Pedestrians take a distant second at 6.5%.

Driving Conditions in Corner Brook

Various weather and driving conditions like snow and rain can affect your auto insurance premiums. Here’s an overview of driving conditions in Corner Brook: 

  • Average annual rainfall: 123 mm
  • Average annual snowfall: 243 mm
  • Rainy days per year: 154
  • Rainiest month in Corner Brook: November
  • Driest months in Corner Brook: May
  • Snow days per year: 154
  • Snowfall months in Corner Brook: October-May

Traffic in Corner Brook

While it’s one of the largest cities in Newfoundland and Labrador, Corner Brook is still relatively small compared to other major cities. Therefore, traffic might be more manageable in Corner Brook than in many major cities.

Here’s a quick look at the key traffic statistics in Corner Brook:

  • Population: 19,333 people live within Corner Brook’s city limits.
  • City area: Corner Brook’s city area spans 148.26 km2.

Busiest highways: Route 1, the Trans-Canada Highway, runs through Corner Brook’s south side.

The Most Common Questions About Car Insurance in Corner Brook

How much does Corner Brook car insurance cost?

Corner Brook car insurance costs $950/year, $125 under Newfoundland’s provincial average.

Why should you compare car insurance rates in Corner Brook?

You should compare car insurance rates in Corner Brook because different insurers provide different coverage at different prices. Comparing rates help you choose which policy has the best value.


Sample Size

We analyzed over 50,000 auto insurance quotes across Canada.


Average rates were calculated using a standard profile and incident profiles. All personal details pertaining to the quotes and policies have been kept confidential.

Standard Profile

Single driver, one car, currently insured, and a pristine driving record. Our base profile is a 35-year-old individual (both male and female) with a spotless driving record.

Incident Profiles

We examined how rates change by evaluating profiles with a clean record (standard), one at-fault accident, a single speeding ticket, license suspension for alcohol related offenses and insurance cancellation due to non-payment.

Vehicle Details

These individuals own a 2018 Honda Civic, commute five days a week, and cover a distance of 15,000 kilometres annually.

Vehicle Models

Costs were also analyzed for different vehicles: Mazda CX-5, Ford Escape, Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, Chevrolet Equinox, and the base 2018 Honda Civic.

Age and Homeownership

Profiles from age 18-65 (standard: 35 years) were considered. Depending on age, individuals might rent or own their homes. Age-related regulations may vary across provinces.


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