Aviva Car Insurance Review

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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated on March 7, 2024

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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated March 7, 2024

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Article Contents

Aviva Insurance Review

Aviva Canada Inc. has been a key player in the Canadian insurance sector for over a century, specializing in property and casualty insurance. It offers comprehensive coverage for homes, automobiles, and businesses and superior claims service nationwide.

Aviva is headquartered in Markham, Ontario, but its roots extend to the United Kingdom, where its global headquarters are located. Its companies in Canada include Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, Aviva Pilot, Aviva Elite, Aviva Traders, Aviva Scottish & York, and S&Y Insurance Company.

Aviva provides essential car insurance coverage that ensures peace of mind and protection during auto accidents, covering liabilities such as death, injury, or property damage to others and covering your own healthcare costs and loss of income. Moreover, Aviva Canada offers an array of optional car insurance coverages, such as accident rating waiver, collision protection, comprehensive coverage, conviction protector, disappearing deductible, ridesharing coverage, and transportation replacement.

When customers purchase a policy online with Aviva, they can expect:

  • Comprehensive customer service features an easy-to-navigate claims procedure, round-the-clock operator assistance, and a detailed knowledge base to educate customers on insurance fundamentals.
  • An extensive selection of products and promotions catering to every insurance requirement, including coverage for automobiles, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, collector cars, motorcycles, and RVs, along with various specialized programs.
  • The ability to keep your premiums unchanged even after filing your first claim.

Aviva is also dedicated to sustainability, building on three decades of climate action. As a pivotal market within Aviva’s global operations, Aviva Canada plays a significant role in achieving the company’s worldwide carbon reduction targets. The company is dedicated to achieving net-zero status by 2040, aiming for a 25% reduction in the carbon intensity of its assets by 2025, a 60% reduction by 2030, and reaching net-zero operations and supply chain by 2030.

A Brief Company History

Aviva is a UK-based insurance provider with a history dating back to 1696 with the Hand in Hand Fire & Life Insurance Society. The modern form of Aviva is much different from its humble roots, with it being officially created due to a merger between Commercial Union and General Accident in 2000. The name Aviva was added to the company in 2002.

Established in Canada in 1835, Aviva has been a premier and seasoned provider of property and casualty insurance for Canadians for over a century. The company has four thousand employees and insures more than 3 million Canadian properties, vehicles, and businesses, supported by 1,500 broker partners and 27 locations nationwide. Aviva has a long history of operating as a major insurer, having acquired dozens of other major insurers over the decades.

Since 2009, through the Aviva Community Fund, Aviva Canada has donated millions of dollars to many charities and community organizations throughout Canada.

With a global network to support its operations in Canada, Aviva Canada leverages international resources to meet the needs of its Canadian clientele. Specializing in four main lines of insurance (auto, business, home and lifestyle) allows the company to streamline the process for brokers and underwriters, enabling them to deliver targeted solutions that meet the specific requirements of their clients.

Why Choose Aviva Car Insurance

Selecting the appropriate insurance provider can influence your rates, coverage, and the quality of service you receive, among other aspects. Aviva provides comprehensive car insurance that ensures peace of mind and protection during a vehicle accident. This includes coverage for fatalities, injuries, or property damage inflicted on others, in addition to covering your medical expenses and loss of income. Below are several reasons why Aviva Canada should be your insurance choice:

Ease of Product Selection

Aviva simplifies the insurance selection process with its broad array of options.

Claims Service Guarantee

Aviva stands behind its customer support, offering to match your current premiums with a cheque if you’re dissatisfied with their service.

Round-the-Clock Claims Support

Aviva’s Customer Care Advisors are available 24/7, providing constant support whenever needed.

Commitment to Community

Demonstrating a strong community spirit, Aviva has donated $5.5 million since 2009 to various Canadian projects, supporting at-risk youth, educational initiatives, and environmental and cultural preservation.

Aviva’s Climate Commitment

Aviva prioritizes climate action, investing £7.6 billion in green assets by 2021, including renewable energy, climate funds, and sustainable financial products.

Comprehensive Roadside Assistance

Aviva offers roadside assistance for a low fee. Their roadside assistance program will jump-start your car, give you gas, or tow your vehicle. Also, they will not raise your rates just because you need roadside assistance. Aviva’s roadside assistance program offers discounts on rental cars and hotel rooms if you are stranded somewhere. This roadside assistance program can save you money and stress if you have car problems while travelling.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Aviva guarantees their customer service, ensuring they satisfy their customer during the claims process. Aviva will give you a year’s worth of premiums back if you are not satisfied with them during the claims process.

Disappearing Deductible Program

Disappearing deductible program lowers your deductible for each year you go without filing a claim. Most drivers will have a zero deductible if they go five years without submitting a claim. In addition, Aviva considers your history with your previous insurance provider. This allows you to potentially have a deductible of zero right away.

Pros and Cons of Buying Aviva Car Insurance

Aviva Canada specializes in auto and property insurance, dedicating its efforts to mastering the intricacies of these areas. This concentrated approach allows the company to address the specific insurance needs of its clients with precision, leading to the development of robust services and impactful coverage solutions. Opting for Aviva as your insurance provider requires a balanced consideration of its benefits and potential limitations.

  1. Competitive Premiums: This insurer is known for offering affordable and competitive premiums within the market, making insurance accessible to a wider audience.
  2. Premium Stability Post-Claim: Unique among insurers, Aviva provides the option to keep your premiums unchanged even after filing your first claim, offering significant peace of mind to policyholders.
  3. Strong Financial Foundation: Aviva’s robust financial health ensures reliability and fuels the development of innovative products and coverage options, catering to a broad spectrum of customer needs.
  4. 24/7 Claims Support: Access Aviva’s team anytime for claims assistance.
  5. Dedicated to Combating Fraud: A proactive stance against insurance fraud is a cornerstone of the company’s strategy, allowing it to maintain lower customer rates by minimizing unnecessary costs.
  6. Special Programs: Aviva offers several special features that make them a desirable insurance provider, e.g., disappearing deductibles and roadside assistance.
  1. Limited Discount Opportunities: Compared to competitors, this insurer offers fewer discount options, which may limit savings opportunities for some customers.
  2. Challenges in Accessing Pricing Information: Potential clients might face difficulties obtaining detailed pricing information for basic policies without initiating direct contact through a phone call or online quote request.
  3. Mixed Customer Feedback: Independent insurance review platforms such as InsurEye and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) feature less than favourable customer reviews, indicating areas where the insurer’s service could be improved.

Aviva Auto Insurance Discounts

Policyholders can save on auto insurance premiums through discounts offered by Aviva:

Bundling Discounts

Save by combining your auto and home insurance policies.

Retiree Savings

Inquire about discounts specifically for retirees or if you’re over 50.

Multi-Vehicle Discounts

Qualify for savings by insuring multiple vehicles under one policy.

Clean Driving Record

Enjoy lower premiums for maintaining a clean driving record with no convictions and remaining claims-free.

Aviva Journey App

Aviva Journey is an innovative app that puts you in control of your car insurance costs by providing real-time feedback on your driving behaviour. Utilizing your smartphone’s sensors, the app evaluates your driving skills, rewarding you for maintaining safe speeds, staying attentive, and demonstrating smoothness and control behind the wheel. You’ll receive valuable safe driving tips and a personalized insurance premium that adjusts based on your driving habits—encouraging safer driving for potential savings on your insurance. Here are some perks of the app:

Immediate Discounts

Sign up and instantly receive a 10% discount on your insurance premium for the first year.

Simplicity in Enrollment and Use

Simply talk to your broker, download the app, and drive towards savings easily.

Rewards for Safe Driving

Demonstrating safe driving practices could reduce your car insurance premium by as much as 20% in the following year. Conversely, riskier driving could lead to a premium increase of up to 5%.
In summary, the higher your driving score, the greater your savings on car insurance with Aviva.

In summary, the higher your driving score, the greater your savings on car insurance with Aviva.

Additional Insurance Services Provided by Aviva

Beyond car insurance, Aviva extends its services to a variety of property insurance options, catering to different needs:

Aviva’s home insurance policies deliver extensive coverage for homeowners and renters to protect their residences and possessions.

 Coverage is available for:

  • Houses
  • Condos
  • Cottages
  • High-value homes
  • Manufactured homes
  • Renters

 Coverage options include:

  • Water Protection: Safeguard your home against water damage and flooding due to melting snow, sewer backup, and rising waters.
  • Service Line Coverage: This covers repairing or replacing damaged underground service lines on your property.
  • ID Theft Protection: Offers restoration services and financial compensation for identity theft.
  • Claim Prevention: Assists with the expenses of installing loss prevention devices following a covered claim.
  • Home Protection Bundle: Provides various assistance programs to enhance the protection of your home.

Aviva’s collaboration with RBC Insurance grants you access to comprehensive travel insurance options, ensuring peace of mind during your journeys.

Collaborate with your broker to safeguard your members with Aviva’s extensive selection of insurance offerings, including coverage for homes, automobiles, recreational vehicles, cottages, collector cars, and more. Aviva streamlines group insurance, making it straightforward and efficient, allowing you to concentrate on your group with the assurance that you’ve chosen the ideal plan for your members.

Aviva’s business insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage to safeguard your business against the unforeseen. Their commercial insurance solutions are adaptable to fit businesses of any size. Consult a ThinkInsure advisor for detailed information on Aviva’s business insurance offerings.

 Available custom solutions include:

  • Aviva Enterprise Insurance
  • Global Corporate & Specialty Solutions
  • Essential Coverage: Including property, liability, commercial auto, and surety.

How To Submit A Claim With Aviva Insurance

Aviva streamlines the claim submission process and is known for its exceptional customer service. They offer a 24/7 phone line staffed by well-trained agents.

Additionally, Aviva provides an online platform for claim submission, where you can easily fill out a form at your convenience, and a claims agent will contact you. This online system outlines the necessary documents for your claim and allows you to proceed at your preferred pace. 

An Aviva claims agent will assist you in locating a rental car and mechanic and guide you in tracking your claim’s progress. File a claim by dialling the number below or going to the company’s website.

Contact by phone

Feel free to contact the team by phone


File a claim by visiting the Aviva website


File a claim by visiting the website

Commonly Asked Questions About Aviva Insurance

How to check Aviva policy status?

Manage your policies easily through MyAviva, the customer portal where you can view policies, update contact details, and access new products. If you’re unregistered, sign up online with your policy information ready.

What type of insurance company is Aviva?

Aviva, a leading property and casualty insurance provider, offers coverage for homes, automobiles, and recreational vehicles and provides group and business insurance plans.

Does Aviva cover rideshare services in Ontario?

Lyft drivers in Ontario can secure rideshare insurance with Aviva for coverage while using the Lyft app. This specialized coverage is necessary as standard Aviva plans don’t cover ridesharing. Contact an Aviva broker to add this to your policy.

Does Aviva offer home-sharing coverage?

Aviva Insurance offers unique home-sharing insurance plans. Contact their team for tailored coverage options.

Is Aviva owned by RBC insurance?

RBC Insurance, underwritten by Aviva, shares a connection with Aviva, providing technology support.

Can I pay for my Aviva insurance online?

Paying for your Aviva insurance is straightforward. Use their online payment site with your credit card and the 13-digit account number from your invoice. Options for monthly payments or full annual premium payments are available.

Who owns Aviva Canada?

Aviva Canada operates under the ownership of Aviva, plc, a UK-based company specializing in insurance and investment services, boasting a heritage that stretches back to the 17th century.

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