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Known eloquently as the Flower City, Brampton is a suburban city on the outskirts of the GTA and is renowned for its local arts scene and vibrant culture. Boasting the famous Rose Theatre, 19th century architecture and numerous floral gardens its clear to see what makes the city so popular.

Brampton is one of the busier cities to drive in within Ontario, making the need for car insurance all the more important here. Being one of the more populous municipalities is no more evident when traffic is bumper to bumper on Queen St E or Highway 410.

Another thing which Brampton is renowned for, is the amount of traffic and accidents on the roads. Therefore, it may be no surprise that people have to be careful, to help ease your worries, compare car insurance rates in Brampton with us today!

Average Car Insurance Rates in Brampton

As previously mentioned, there can be a great number of drivers on the roads or highways of Brampton which is one of the reasons insurance premiums are so high in the city and surrounding areas. For those of you that don’t already know, the average auto insurance rate for Brampton isn’t pretty viewing and that’s why you’re probably here; to compare and save.

Being a part of the GTA, sure, you’d expect the average auto insurance premium for a Brampton driver to be in or around the average for Ontario, which is $1,458 but unfortunately this is not the case. For the average 35-year-old male drive the most recent recorded average insurance rate for Brampton was $2,392, a staggering 65 percent higher than provincial average.

Finally, one important thing to remember, whilst premiums are high that doesn’t mean everyone in Brampton is getting the best rate. These numbers are averages influenced by many factors, whilst average rates are high there’s ways to get the dial moving in the opposite direction; start by having a clean record!

Source: Kanetix Study

*Actual Quoting Data. Based On A Clean Driving Record.

Driving in Brampton & What You Need to Know

Driving in Brampton is no easy feat and shouldn’t be taken lightly, car insurance in Brampton isn’t the highest in Canada for no reason. Utilize these know how tips and make them your go to survival guide when you’re next driving in Brampton:

  1. The 410 Highway during rush hour is terrible. They are expanding the number of lanes and putting in a toll lane, but it has been tough for years, and Brampton keeps growing so keep this in mind.
  2. If you find yourself on the East side of Brampton, rather than use Highway 410 you can take the Highway 427 as an alternative.
  3. Having a car is almost a necessity in Brampton, its major hubs are fairly spread out and public transport doesn’t quite cut it.
  4. Two of the main streets that deal with the majority of rush hour traffic are Steeles Ave and Hurontario St, admittedly these are almost unavoidable so be prepared for some major wait times.

Collision Statistics in Brampton

Given Brampton’s average insurance rate being the highest in Canada it’s safe to assume that there will be some correlation to do with the number of collisions in the area too. The sheer number of drivers on the road in Brampton definitely plays a part too, some notable statistics were recorded in a study conducted from 2012 – 2015:

  • Brampton had an of average of 6.45 collision claims for every 100 cars in 2012 – the highest amount surveyed.
  • Total number of collision fatalities in 2016 – 19

Source: Peel Region Collision Report, 2016

Number of Traffic Fatalities in Brampton, 2012 – 2016

Brampton sits within the Peel region of Ontario, apart of the GTA Brampton is known as one of the most high risk area’s to drive within the area. Auto insurance rates in Brampton have been historically high for a number of years now and this is evident as we take a look at the number of collision fatalities in the city.

As we look at the statistics from 2013 onward, fatalities have increased each year by roughly 25%. In 2016 alone there were 19 fatalities as a result of a traffic collision, this worrying statistic doesn’t help the average auto insurance premiums for Brampton.

Source: Peel Region Collision Report, 2016

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