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What You Need To Know About Car Insurance In Nova Scotia

Being the second smallest province in Canada by area, means that Nova Scotia can be a busy place to live, work and drive. The province makes up one part of the Canadian Atlantic Coast and is renowned for having rugged coast lines, picturesque lighthouses and pleasurable views to say the least. Even though Nova Scotia isn’t actually an island, there is still that island feel and to top it off they have one of the cheapest average car insurance rates in Canada, making it even better.

When it comes to commuting in Nova Scotia, there are approximately one million residents and the majority use a car as their primary mode of transport on a day to day basis. With all these people driving it can become rather busy during peak hours, especially in the capital city of Halifax and in fact Nova Scotia is the second most densely populated province in all of Canada.

*Actual Quoting Data. Based On A Clean Driving Record.

Average Auto Insurance Rates in Nova Scotia

Buying car insurance is just one of those purchases that you need to do when you own a car in Nova Scotia and doing your research before is key. As mentioned above, the average car insurance in Nova Scotia is on the cheaper end of the spectrum in relation to other provinces in Canada, you may be surprised to know it is one of the places where the average insurance rate has actually been going down the past few years.

So, why is car insurance becoming more affordable in Nova Scotia? That is largely thanks to the government reforms that have been in place for a number of years now, thus allowing Nova Scotia drivers to spend their money on other things. That being said the average price of car insurance in 2018 for NS was $735, not bad at all considering other provinces have seen an increase in average rates across the same period.

How to Get Car Insurance in Nova Scotia

Getting auto insurance in Nova Scotia doesn’t need to be difficult, there are a few popular ways drivers can shop around to get the best deal. One of the best ways is to compare quotes from a wide range of providers to see what company is most suited to you and your needs. The rules and regulations for the province are enforced by Nova Scotia Insurance Review Board who will ensure that there is no foul play from providers or drivers alike throughout the region.

It’s worth mentioning that if you are considered a high-risk driver in Nova Scotia you may have to obtain your policy from a limited array of companies who will cover you. This could prove troublesome over time but luckily there is the option to buy car insurance through Facility Association, who will still cover high risk drivers. So, to get started and asses your options, give our calculator a shot which can provide you quotes from up to 30+ providers in as little as 3 minutes.

Nova Scotia Car Insurance Laws

As you would expect, it is the law to have car insurance in Nova Scotia, ensuring that at least everyone has some sort of coverage is important. Similarly, to most other provinces in Canada, drivers have two types of car insurance: mandatory car insurance vs. optional car insurance extras.

  • Liability Coverage: $500,000 for any one accident
  • Medical Payments: $50,000 coverage per person
  • Funeral Benefits: $2,500 worth of coverage
  • Accident benefits: For disability income and death benefits
  • Uninsured/unidentified driver insurance

Even though Nova Scotia has a low number of accidents per year having car insurance is mandatory so must be purchased. Another interesting thing to note is that as of 2014 Nova Scotia does not take into account your age or marital status to determine how risk prone a driver you may be, so whether you are married or 19 years old it is not taken into account.

Collision Statistics For Nova Scotia

As with the rest of Canada, Nova Scotia can be prone to quite some variable driving conditions throughout the course of the year, with winter bringing snow and then wildlife risks in the summer. These conditions along with the densely populated areas such as Halifax ensure that motor vehicle collisions are a common sight. In fact Halifax ranked as the “Canadian collision capital” in 2017, with 7.9 collisions per 100 cars, this was highlighted in a study by the insurance company Allstate.

Source: Allstate Safe Driving Study 2017

Reportable Collisions in Nova Scotia 2017

Source: Nova Scotia Collision Statistics 2017

Get a Great Quote on Nova Scotia Car Insurance

There are many ways that you can get a great deal nova scotia car insurance, as mentioned above Nova Scotia already has cheap average quotes and they don’t consider your marital status when applying for car insurance. Another great way to save is to consider usage based insurance, this came into effect in 2016 for the province, so if you not a regular driver you could save based on providing proof of that – these are just a few ways you can look to save on your premiums.

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