Car Insurance for Bad Drivers with a Bad Driving Record

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Article Contents
By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated on July 18, 2023

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By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated July 18, 2023

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Article Contents

Can Bad Drivers Still Get Cheap Car Insurance?

Car insurance can be a major problem for people who have a bad driving record with it being prohibitively expensive for many people. These drivers may have their current insurance provider cancel their policy, worry about having their license suspended, and struggle to make high repayments.

These factors mean that people with bad driving records have a strong interest in saving on their current auto insurance while working to improve their driving records.

What Makes A Person A Bad Driver

The term high-risk, or bad driver, are not legal terms with insurance companies using a variety of formulas to determine what makes a person a bad driver. In general, a person is considered a bad driver if they have been involved in two at-fault accidents in the past ten years, or if they have more than three driving citations.

People who have received a conviction for something such as impaired driving will generally be considered high-risk drivers. A person’s driving record isn’t the only factor that may label a person as a high-risk driver. People can be considered as a high-risk driver due to their age, gender, occupation, and level of education.

Usually, a combination of factors goes towards being considered a high-risk driver. For example, a young male who works long hours may be considered a bad driver if they have two driving citations while a retiree may not be considered a high-risk driver even if they have the same number of citations.

What Happens When One Is Considered A Bad Driver

There are a number of things that will happen when one is considered a bad driver. High-risk drivers will almost always have to pay more on their insurance. Bad drivers can expect to pay double or even triple of what an average driver would pay.

This means that it is important to get insurance from the cheapest company possible, and MyChoice is a great resource that allows visitors to get a complete list of quotes in minutes.

Insurance For Dangerous Drivers

Insurance is even more difficult for “dangerous drivers”. These are people with many citations or more than one driving conviction for something such as impaired driving. Dangerous drivers may have their existing insurance cancelled, and most insurance companies will not accept dangerous drivers.

Dangerous Drivers Bad Record Insurance

Dangerous drivers may have to use an insurance company that specializes in high-risk customers. Some drivers may have to use what is known as a Facility Association. This is an organization jointly owned by all insurers with it insuring the most dangerous drivers who are still legally allowed to drive.

How Bad Drivers Can Become Safer Drivers

Reforming one’s driving record is the best way to get long term savings.

Driving citations will disappear from one’s driving record after three years, but demerit points may still be on one’s record after this period of time. It may take up to ten years for an accident to be removed from one’s driving record.

Insurance companies generally want customers who can show that they are able to pay their premiums on time while not filing a claim. People with poor driving records may want to avoid driving frequently, at night, while tired and develop the habit of not speeding. If you are considered a bad driver you may want to familiarise yourself with the latest distracted driving laws.

Limit One’s Coverage To Avoid High Premiums

While improving one’s driving record is the only real way to save on insurance; drivers can reduce their high insurance rates by limiting their coverage.

Reducing Miles Driven

Insurance will charge more to drivers who drive more. A simple way to save money is to limit the amount you drive. You can save money by not using your car for daily commutes by using public transportation instead. You can then change your insurance status from daily use to personal use. This will allow you to receive significant savings.

Switching To Standard Coverage

An insurance policy that only offers the basic level of coverage as required by law is going to be the cheapest kind of insurance. Standard coverage is a good option for owners of an older car that does not have a loan on it.

These drivers may find that the premiums for comprehensive or total insurance coverage may cost a large portion of what their car is actually worth. It is important to remember that a standard policy will not cover damage to your car from a crash with it not protecting you from such things as fire and theft.

Do I Need To Inform My Insurance Company That My Driving Record Has Improved?

You will generally need to inform your insurance company that your driving record has improved. Many insurance companies will reduce your premiums as your driving record improves. However, you may be required to start a new policy in order to receive the lower premiums that come with having a cleaner driving record.

Can High-Risk Customers Still Receive Discounts?

High-risk drivers can still receive discounts just like all other insurance customers. Discounts are a very good way for high-risk drivers to reduce their high premiums. Some common ways to save with a discount include installing an anti-theft device, using snow tires, or using an app that tracks your driving habits.

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