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What is a Utility Bill?

A utility bill is any bill that arrives at your house on a monthly basis for utilities. Of course, the real question is this: what are utilities? Utilities are, generally speaking, those services that are essential for running a household. These include electricity, gas, water, garbage disposal, sewerage, and internet services.

Utility bills are often used as a way to verify someone’s identity and address. Why? Because utilities deliver a service to a given address, and any bill delivered to a person will be delivered to that particular address. This means that utility bills connect a person’s identity to their residential address.

Is Car Insurance Considered a Utility Bill in Canada?

No. Car insurance isn’t a service that helps keep your home running normally, so it isn’t considered a utility. Often, car insurance is put in a separate category under “vehicle expenses,” along with car repairs, fuel, and routine maintenance.

Car insurance bills are also different from utility bills in how they are paid. Utility bills are usually fixed monthly payment plans. Car insurance bills can vary in their terms: some policies are paid monthly, others are paid annually. Utility bills will also fluctuate monthly depending on your usage, while car insurance bills typically remain the same for the policy term.

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