Sonnet Car Insurance Review

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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated on March 12, 2024

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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated March 12, 2024

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6 minute read

Article Contents

Sonnet Insurance Review

Launched in 2016 as a subsidiary of Economical Insurance, Sonnet stands as Canada’s pioneering fully online insurance provider, offering a straightforward, transparent, personalized insurance buying experience. Sonnet’s innovative approach eliminates the need for physical branch visits, allowing for significant operational savings passed on to customers through lower premiums. The company’s offerings encompass a broad range of coverage options, including auto, home, condo, tenant, landlord, and pet insurance, catering to the diverse needs of Canadians. Sonnet simplifies the insurance process by minimizing technical jargon and providing three distinct insurance packages: The Essential, The Preferred, and The Ultimate. These packages are designed to comprehensively cover drivers, their vehicles, and third parties, incorporating liability, accident benefits, collision, comprehensive coverage, and accident forgiveness. The Preferred Plan adds a rental extension bundle. At the same time, the Ultimate Plan includes extended rental, “Vroom Services” for extended warranty benefits, and ticket forgiveness, enhancing the value and convenience of Sonnet’s insurance solutions.

When customers purchase a policy online with Sonnet, they can expect:

  • An intuitive online platform for effortless account management.
  • Reduced insurance premiums due to the cost savings of operating digitally.
  • Capability to provide highly personalized services through sophisticated online tools.
  • Clear and uncomplicated method for explaining insurance policies and processing claims.

As part of the Definity Financial Corporation family, Sonnet leverages its online model to offer competitive rates, making it an attractive choice for Canadians seeking efficient and affordable insurance coverage.

A Brief Company History

Sonnet Insurance was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. This location is fitting for this technology-based insurance company as Waterloo is one of Canada’s biggest technology hubs.

The company was founded to offer fast and easy insurance to insuring millennial drivers whom traditional insurance companies are not properly servicing. This includes offering insurance in an entirely online format with easy-to-understand terms.

Economical Insurance owns Sonnet. Economical Insurance is one of the world’s largest insurance providers, founded in 1871. This allows Sonnet to have the funding and experience of an established insurance giant while offering elegant and modern products.

Why Choose Sonnet Car Insurance

Sonnet provides a comprehensive range of car insurance products. Their customer support includes a dedicated call center team and broker assistance for additional guidance and information. Leveraging an innovative online business model, Sonnet can deliver enhanced coverage options at more competitive prices to its clientele. The company prides itself on swift and efficient service for claims processing and account management, capitalizing on the benefits of its digital-first strategy. We can highlight the following advantages of Sonnet:

Personalized Service Experience

Sonnet distinguishes itself by providing personalized service to its customers. By analyzing individual driving habits and offering tailored advice, Sonnet helps customers potentially lower their insurance premiums and encourages safer driving practices, contributing to overall road safety.

Accurate Premium Calculations

Sonnet Insurance leverages comprehensive data analysis, including detailed neighbourhood crime rates, claims history, and other relevant factors, to offer precise and fair premium calculations. This approach ensures that customers receive insurance rates accurately reflecting their risk level and local conditions.

Comprehensive Mobile Application

Sonnet’s mobile app is designed to offer customers full access to their insurance accounts from anywhere, at any time. The app includes interactive features that make managing insurance coverage convenient, allowing for easy claim filing, policy adjustments, and access to insurance documents.

Generous Discounts and Forgiveness Programs

Sonnet offers a variety of discounts for different customer profiles, including those with a claims-free history, customers insuring multiple vehicles, and those bundling different types of insurance. Additionally, Sonnet’s ticket and accident forgiveness programs provide peace of mind by protecting customers from premium increases following their first at-fault accident or traffic violation.

Customizable Coverage Options

During the quote process, Sonnet allows customers to easily add or modify coverages, including accident forgiveness, rental extension bundles, and Vroom service bundles. These options are explained in straightforward terms, and the impact of each addition on the overall quote is immediately visible, enabling customers to tailor their coverage to their specific needs.

Pros and Cons of Buying Sonnet Car Insurance

Exploring the offerings of Sonnet Insurance, we uncover a range of forward-thinking features and tailored solutions designed to address the unique requirements of today’s drivers. This analysis comprehensively examines the advantages, limitations, and key factors to consider when selecting Sonnet for your auto insurance needs. This evaluation aims to determine how effectively Sonnet meets the diverse demands of Canadian drivers.

  1. Accurate Premiums: Sonnet utilizes detailed data analysis, including neighbourhood crime rates and claims history, to offer precise premium calculations.
  2. Personalized Services: Offers tailored advice based on individual driving habits, potentially lowering premiums and promoting safer driving practices.
  3. Comprehensive Mobile App: Provides full account access and interactive features for convenient insurance management on the go.
  4. Discounts and Forgiveness Programs: Features discounts for various criteria, including claims-free records, multiple vehicle insurance, and ticket and accident forgiveness.
  5. Digital Convenience: Simplifies insurance management with a user-friendly website and practical tips for safer driving.
  6. Customizable Coverage: Allows for easy addition of extra coverages like rental extension and Vroom service bundle during the quote process.
  1. Mixed Customer Reviews: Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with their experiences, as seen in online reviews.
  2. Limited Availability: Sonnet’s services are only offered in select provinces, excluding some Canadian regions.
  3. Lack of Physical Presence: Sonnet operates exclusively online and lacks options for in-person service, which might deter those who prefer face-to-face interactions.

Sonnet Auto Insurance Discounts

If you qualify, you might get the following discounts from Sonnet:

Online Purchase Discounts

Thanks to their digital platform, you can enjoy savings with Sonnet by managing your insurance needs online.

Claims-Free Discount

Receive a reduction in your car insurance rate if you’ve been claim-free for the past six years.

Clean Driving Record Discount

Maintain a convictions-free record and benefit from lower car insurance rates.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Receive a discount when you insure more than one vehicle under Sonnet.

Bundling Discount

Save on your premiums by combining your home and auto insurance with Sonnet.

Winter Tire Discount

In Ontario, using winter tires can reduce your premium due to decreased accident risk.

Sonnet Insurance App

Sonnet Shift’s usage-based insurance program allows motorists to positively impact their car insurance costs by promoting safe driving habits. This innovative program utilizes a free, user-friendly smartphone app to monitor driving habits for each journey, assigning scores from 0 to 100. Safe drivers can enjoy up to 35% savings every three months, with an additional Mileage Discount of up to 10% for driving fewer kilometres. Conversely, high-risk driving could increase premiums by up to 30%. Safe driving equates to financial savings.

Privacy and Security

Protecting user information is a top concern. Measures are in place to ensure data confidentiality and security, with user consent required for any collection, use, or sharing of personal information.

Account Management

Users can access projected scores and Mileage Discounts for all drivers on the policy, along with estimated premiums per vehicle.

Dashboard Features

Users can monitor their Driving Score, check for potential discounts or surcharges at the upcoming review, track driven kilometres for Mileage Discount eligibility, and view trip summaries and scores.

Policy and Claims Access

The application offers easy access to policy specifics and coverage, facilitating straightforward online claim filing with all necessary details easily accessible.

For accurate trip tracking, the app requires permissions for Physical Activity and Location Services to be enabled “All the time” and “Use precise location” settings activated. Background app activity must also be permitted continuously. It’s worth noting that the app consumes battery power comparable to other navigation apps during trips, while battery consumption is minimal when not actively tracking a journey.

Additional Insurance Services Provided by Sonnet

Sonnet offers several other insurance products, allowing customers to bundle their insurance policies. This allows Sonnet customers to get a better rate while making premiums easier to pay. You can bundle your Sonnet auto insurance policy with:

Sonnet’s home insurance provides comprehensive protection, including liability, full sewer backup, overland water, actual replacement costs, and hail damage. Unique benefits include:

  • Forgiveness for your first claim
  • Option for replacement cost settlements without the necessity of item replacement
  • Deductible waiver on claims over $10,000 (excluding earthquake-related claims)
  • Guaranteed 100% replacement costs
  • Additional funds for eco-friendly materials and construction in claim settlements

Sonnet’s condo insurance mirrors home insurance with added benefits tailored for condo living, such as:

  • Special coverage independent of unit contingent coverage for enhanced investment protection
  • No need for a separate policy when renting out your condo temporarily

Tenant insurance by Sonnet covers standard property insurance protections with added features for renters, including:

  • Accommodation expenses during rental unit repairs
  • Coverage for personal upgrades to the rental unit

For landlords, Sonnet Insurance offers robust coverage to safeguard against tenant-related risks, featuring:

  • Compensation for lost rent during property remodelling, repairs, or replacement
  • 100% replacement cost coverage for property damage

Using Petline Insurance Company, Sonnet underwrites pet insurance that offers competitive pricing, flexible payment options, a wide range of coverages for comprehensive pet protection, a straightforward claims process, and award-winning customer care.

Sonnet’s property insurance plans range from all you need to properly insure everything from a small apartment to an entire apartment complex. Their simple payment methods make their property insurance plans a good option for people who want to always have an active insurance policy on their property.

How To Submit A Claim With Sonnet Insurance

Sonnet makes the process of submitting a claim simple and easy. Sonnet boasts of having six hundred agents ready to take calls at all times, meaning that wait times should be minimal when submitting a claim.

Contact by email

You can contact them at anytime 24/7

Contact by phone

Feel free to contact the team by phone


File a claim by visiting the website

Commonly Asked Questions About Sonnet Insurance

Does Sonnet offer life insurance?

No, Sonnet does not provide life insurance coverage.

Who owns Sonnet Insurance?

The Definity Financial Corporation owns Sonnet Insurance.

Does Sonnet Insurance provide coverage for Uber and Lyft drivers?

No, Sonnet does not cover ride-sharing activities like Uber and Lyft. However, Economical, its parent company, offers insurance for Uber drivers.

Who underwrites Sonnet Insurance policies?

Sonnet Insurance underwrites all its policies directly.

Is Sonnet Car Insurance available throughout Canada?

Sonnet offers car insurance in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI, but not in all Canadian provinces.

How long has Sonnet been operating?

Sonnet was established in 2016 and is part of the Definity Insurance Company family, underwriting its policies.

Does Sonnet offer insurance coverage similar to that of other providers?

Yes, Sonnet offers competitive rates and auto insurance coverage options similar to other insurers, with the flexibility to customize packages.

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