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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated on July 27, 2023

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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated July 27, 2023

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Porsche Auto Insurance

When shopping for car insurance for your Porsche, you might wonder what you should expect and what kind of coverage you need. You already know that your fast, expensive vehicle may tempt car thieves.

All these components make insurance for Porsches pricey, so it’s doubly important to weigh all the pros and cons when deciding on an insurance plan. Here, you will find information to help you choose the best Porsche car insurance.

A Brief History of Porsche

Porsche is one of the best-known car brands in the world, and its name evokes images of luxury and status.

Ferdinand Porsche founded his office in Stuttgart in 1931. Among the company’s first products was the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most popular car designs worldwide. During WWII, Ferdinand Porsche produced designs for military vehicles but saw little success with them. In 1945, he was accused of war crimes, arrested, and spent 20 months in prison.

During this time, Porsche’s son, Ferry Porsche, decided to try his hand at car manufacturing as well. Ferry and Louise Porsche founded their own company, Porsche Konstruktionen, and launched the first Porsche model, the 356, in 1948. In 1964, the company released the iconic Porsche 911, one of its most successful models.

To this day, the Porsche brand continues to evolve, occupying a solid niche among sports car aficionados.

Are Porsche Vehicles Expensive to Insure in Canada?

Porsche auto insurance rates in Canada differ by location, ranging from around $843 in Ottawa to $1822 in Montreal. These are approximate numbers, but it should give you an idea of what to expect as you shop around for policies.

You probably won’t find cheap Porsche insurance, but several factors can make your insurance plan more affordable, such as your specific car model. For example, insurance rates for the Porsche Macan will be generally lower than those for the Porsche Cayenne.

Other factors that will influence your car’s insurance rate involve more individual factors, like your age, driving history, and other variables.

Some of The More Popular Porsche Vehicles

Porsche has produced several well-known models over the years, with some of the most notable released in the past decade even, including those below.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S-E Hybrid Coupe

This fuel-efficient model is one of Porsche’s latest and most impressive options. It is also one of the priciest Porsche SUVs.

Porsche 911 Carrera S (992)

The 911 Carrera A is the latest revamped model of the popular Porsche 911.

Porsche Panamera Turbo

This five-door vehicle can fit a family, but its exceptional speed continues the Porsche tradition.

Porsche Turbo S (991)

The Turbo S has nearly 550-horsepower and will accelerate from 0 to 96.5 km/hour in 2.9 seconds or less. Its quick acceleration makes it a dream vehicle for lovers of speed.

2016 Porsche 911R

The 2016 Porsche 911R model more closely follows the look and feel of classic Porsches, for those old-style car fans who still like the three-pedal setup. This lightweight car comes with a manual transmission, and it’s every curve practically shouts ‘Porsche.’

Insuring a Sports Car Like a Porsche Can Be Expensive

In general, luxury vehicles cost more to insure due to a broad range of factors.

First, high-performance sports car parts are usually more expensive and often in limited production. If you end up in an accident, auto body shops may find it more difficult to obtain repair parts, meaning a higher bill for you.

High-power cars often also present additional risks when it comes to driving them. A vehicle of 400 or more horsepower will be more accident-prone than a 150-horsepower vehicle as they move faster and with more force behind them.

On top of that, sports cars, especially older models, lack advanced safety features, which can fail to protect you in a collision.

Finally, sports cars are more likely to attract thieves than regular vehicles.

Porsche vehicles also have some unique issues. Some models, such as Boxster, Cayman, and 911 Carrera, have problems with front passenger airbags. 2012 and 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera models call for an exhaust system upgrade. The 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 models have an issue with the rear wheel hub.

Models such as the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid, the Panamera S Hybrid, and 2015 and 2016 Porsche Macan are more prone to fuel leaks, which increases the risk of fire.

The price of sports car insurance may be even higher for young drivers, who generally pay a lot more for their auto insurance than more experienced drivers. Statistically, young drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents, especially more severe accidents. Therefore, a young person driving a sports car can expect to pay higher insurance premiums.

How Can You Reduce The Cost Of Insurance For Your Sportscar?

Car modifications can improve security, like adding immobilizers that prevent the car from running unless you have the right key.

Take advantage of reduced mileage if your sports car is your second car, and you use a different, less flashy vehicle for your day-to-day errands. However, if your insurance plan limits your mileage, make sure you keep track and stick to that limit, or your provider may invalidate your insurance policy.

Join a brand- or model-specific car club as many offer discounted insurance.

Compare Different Insurance Quotes for Your Porsche With Us Today!

When choosing an insurance plan for your vehicle, make sure you compare Porsche quotes. At MyChoice, we prioritize your needs and go above and beyond to ensure you won’t have to pay more than necessary for insurance.

Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable, competitive, and affordable insurance choices. We use our expertise in the field to help you find the best possible insurance rates.

You might feel lost in the sea of information when you look for car insurance online, but MyChoice has you covered, compare multiple quotes from leading Canadian providers and get an insurance plan that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

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