Certas Direct Car Insurance Review

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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated on April 29, 2024

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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated April 29, 2024

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Certas Direct Bring Technology to Their Large Customer Base

Certas Direct is the third largest Canadian property and casualty insurance company with them covering over two million customers. The company is a subsidiary of Desjardins Company with it having a history of providing financial services back to 1900. Desjardins General Insurance has been providing personal insurance for over sixty years. whereas Certas Direct Car Insurance was founded in 1993.

What Are The Average Auto Insurance Rates at Certas Direct?

Certas Direct offers auto insurance rates comparable to other insurance providers. The company offers a number of discounts that make it easy to save on insurance. On average for Certas, a driver in Toronto can expect rates of close to $188 per month while a driver in Ottawa can expect rates of $130 per month.

Understanding average insurance rates is the first step towards saving on insurance.

What Does Certas Direct Insurance Typically Cover?

Certas Direct offers standard insurance that covers everything that is required by law. A standard policy has standard features including liability protection, accident benefits, and uninsured driver coverage.

Liability Protection

Liability protection covers damages done to other people. It will cover the cost of replacing damaged property, repairing their car, and covering their medical bills. Liability protection shields you from legal bills if you are sued.

Accident Benefits

Accident benefits cover your medical bills if you are injured in an accident. It will also pay money to your family if you are severely injured or killed in an accident. This aspect of a standard insurance policy is an important part of making sure that you can recover from an accident without falling into major debt.

Uninsured Driver Coverage

A standard insurance policy assumed that both parties involved in an accident will cover each other’s damage through the liability protection aspect of their policy. The uninsured driver coverage feature will protect you if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver or a hit-and-run driver. This feature will allow you to avoid losses such as:

  • Repairing or Replacing Your Vehicle
  • Damaged Property
  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Income

Optional Coverage Extras from Certas Direct

Certas Direct offers a wide variety of optional forms of coverage. Optional coverage can protect you from risks not covered by standard insurance, protect your vehicle during gaps in your coverage and protect your future premiums.

You may be required to purchase collision or comprehensive coverage if you lease or finance your vehicle.

Collision & Upset Coverage

Collision and Upset Coverage covers the cost of repairs following a crash or if you roll your vehicle.


Comprehensive protects your vehicle, and the items inside of it, from risks other than a collision. This can include such things as theft, fire, and vandalism.

Endorsement 44R

An endorsement 44R will cover your standard policy does not cover the full liability of a claim. This is useful for cases where a person is injured or dies as the result of an accident. An Endorsement 44R can help you avoid major bills during a difficult time.

Accident Protection

Accident protection allows you to avoid having your rates increase following an accident. The cost of a rates hike following an accident can be huge, and in most cases, the cost of an accident protection feature is negligible when compared to the potential of having to pay higher premiums for years.

Save On Auto Insurance Rates with Discounts From Certas Direct

Certas offers a huge number of discounts with it possible to save significantly on your auto insurance. Many drivers are already qualified for a number of these discounts, and drivers can easily do certain things to receive other discounts such as installing an anti-theft device.

Adjusto App

Certas Direct offers an app called “Adjusto” that monitors driving habits. The app is simple to download, and drivers can receive a discount of up to twenty-five percent by downloading Adjusto. Drivers with poor driving habits may still receive a discount for using this app.

Consider Bundling Home & Auto Policies

Certas Direct is known for offering both home and auto insurance, and drivers can save up to fifteen percent on their auto insurance by bundling policies. Customers can also receive a discount on their home insurance by bundling policies, giving customers the ability to save on both.

Consider Bundling Auto Policies

Certas offers discounts by insuring multiple vehicles and they will also give a discount by having multiple drivers insured on a single vehicle.

Hybrid Vehicle Discount

As hybrid vehicles are considered safe and environmentally friendly, Certas will give you a discount for driving one of these vehicles.

Anti-Theft Device

Certas gives discounts for installing an approved anti-theft device. An anti-theft device can include everything from a wheel lock, ignition blocking system, vehicle tracking device, or an alarm.

Student Discount

Certas offers discounts up to ten percent for being a college student under the age of twenty-five and they also give discounts for being a recent graduate. Student discounts are an excellent way to save for people who generally have to pay higher premiums such as young drivers.

Loyalty Discount

Certas Direct will give you a discount for being a customer for over three years. This is a simple way to save without having to do anything.

How To Submit A Claim With Certas Direct Insurance Today

Certas Direct allows their customers to file their claims through their hotline or through their website with their online claims system allowing customers to keep track of their progress from start to finish.

Submit a form

Submit an official claim form through Desjardin

Contact by phone

Feel free to contact the team by phone


File a claim by visiting the Desjardin’s website

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