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Average car insurance rates in Edmonton

In relation to some other big cities in Canada, where the average car insurance rate can get pretty high, pretty fast, it’s not so bad for drivers of Edmonton where your premiums are fairly on par. From a recent study, it was reported that the average car insurance rate is around $1,237 a year, not so bad compared to other major cities but that being said it’s still the most expensive car insurance in Alberta.

Determining what rate is offered to consumers comes down to a number of factors, one of the more important ones is your personal driving record and how many previous claims you’ve had. However, there’s also the factors based on where you live and by living in Edmonton, you are more likely to submit a claim than anywhere else in Alberta.

Breaking this down a little further and looking at the most expensive auto insurance by neighborhood in Edmonton, the following was recorded.

Neighborhood Average Rate
St Albert $1,139
Sturgeon County $1,118
Sherwood Park $1,055

Source: Kanetix Study

About Car Insurance in Edmonton

The capital city of Alberta, Edmonton, was founded in 1892 on the North Saskatchewan River and is often referred to as the Gateway to the North thanks to abundance of oil and other natural resources in the area. Edmonton offers a sprawling downtown area, containing a vast amount of different neighborhoods, each with a different feel and all of these help to make the city the province’s second most populous municipality.

When driving in Edmonton, not only do you have to contend with the number of vehicles on the road but you must also be mindful of the weather and more specifically the snow. Edmonton has one of the coldest climates in Canada, where you can expect a decent amount of snowfall each year. These are just some of the factors that are considered when determining car insurance rates for the area, so if you’re looking to compare different rates you’ve come to the right place.
Toronto has one of the highest car insurance rates in Canada, thanks to traffic and its accidents, however, if you are hunting for cheap car insurance, you’ve come to the right place. Compare different rates with us now, at My Choice.

*Actual Quoting Data. Based On A Clean Driving Record.

Driving in Edmonton What You Need to Know

We have put together some of our top tips for driving in and around Edmonton, hopefully this will be of some value to you and help ease your car insurance concerns!

  1. Edmonton is split North to South by the North Saskatchewan River and if you find yourself on the Northside, be mindful of the Yellowhead Highway during rush hour especially, as this will regularly back up.
  2. Encircling the city as a feeder road to all four corners of Edmonton is the Anthony Henday freeway, acting like a big wheel for the city it can easily get congested as you try to move from one corner to another.
  3. Snow tires; Come Winter make sure you are prepared for the inevitable arrival of the snow. Interestingly there are less accidents on Edmonton’s roads during Winter compared to Summer.

The Most Dangerous Intersections in Edmonton

Following on from the collision insights above, it would be wise to point out where these are most likely to occur. One of the regular hotspots for a car accident can be found at busy intersections and in Edmonton, collisions at intersections were responsible for 57.8% of all collisions in 2016 – a notable statistic.

Of the top 10 areas, 7 of the intersections reside north of the river and these all contain the top 3 most dangerous, they were:

  1. 107 Ave. & 142 St. NW – 134
  2. Yellowhead Tr. & 127 St. NW – 83
  3. Yellowhead Tr. & 149 St. NW – 76

Source: Transport Safety Report

Reportable Injury & Fatal Collisions by Day of Week, 2016

As with traffic accidents in any city, they can usually be grouped into 4 main categories by type and this is no different for Toronto. They are as follows: Motorcycles, Cyclists, Motor-Vehicle Only, and Pedestrians.

You may be interested to see that of these 4 groups, the highest percentage of collisions from 2011 – 2015 were actually pedestrians. This alone is quite the surprise, given the number of vehicles on the roads in comparison to foot traffic it highlights the gap even more.

Source: Edmonton Collision Report 2016

Collision Statistics in Edmonton

When you’ve been driving around Edmonton, it’s almost impossible that you wouldn’t of seen the remanence of an accident or some police sirens for the good measure. Unfortunately, for a big city and all the hustle and bustle, there will always be collisions and this in different for Edmonton.

It’s usually standard practice for a collision report to be published each year, either by the city police or the city itself, this report details some collision statistics and trends. Here at My Choice, we like to do all we can for our customers by making sure you have all available information to driving in Edmonton that little bit safer.

  • Total number of collisions, 2016 – 23,139
  • Total number of people injured, 2016 – 3,305
  • Total number of fatal collisions, 2016 – 22

Even with just over twenty-three thousand collisions in 2016, this was still an improvement of 9.3% on the previous year, 2015. All the better for average car insurance prices in Edmonton.

Source: Edmonton Collision Report 2016

Reportable Fatal & Injury Collisions in Edmonton, 2007 – 2016

Source: Edmonton Collision Report 2016

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