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The largest city by land size in Ontario, Sudbury resides within the Northern part of the province and was originally founded thanks to the discovery of nickel ore in the late 19th century. As a result, the city has now grown to just over 160,000 residents and boasts an urban core with sprawling communities where most residents reside.

For car insurance in Sudbury it’s no different to many other cities, which all have their fair share of variable drivers and risk on the road. Rush hour traffic can be notoriously bad and also driving in winter too, thanks to the usually frigid temperatures. With all these elements to compete with, it’s more important than ever to have your car insurance sorted out sooner rather than later, here at My Choice we can help you to start comparing different rates and buy your insurance today!

Average Auto Insurance Rates in Sudbury

Before shopping for your car insurance when living in Sudbury, it would be beneficial to gain an understanding of the average car insurance rates in the area. Over 40 different factors go into determining a person’s average premium rate, such as claim history, age but the most influential is usually where the driver lives.

As a resident of Sudbury or the nearby area you can expect to be paying somewhere around the city average of $1,228 for your auto insurance rate. A premium similar to this would see you pay a similar amount when compared to most other Sudbury residents and a whole lot less than the Ontario average which is around $1,458. Start comparing all your different quotes here, at My Choice.

Source: Kanetix Study

*Actual Quoting Data. Based On A Clean Driving Record.


Here at My Choice, we’ve put our brains together to provide some driving tips for Sudbury which should help make your next drive in the city a lot easier:

  1. There are 4 main thorough ways in Sudbury, ON. All of these roads lead out of the city via major highways or lead to outlying communities of the amalgamated city. These are: Paris Street, Notre Dame, The Kingsway and Regent Street.
  2. Avoid the “Four Corners” intersection where Paris St and Regent St meet, this can become quite busy as.
  3. A heavy traffic street in its own right, is The Kingsway can be treacherous to navigate, this is due to the street being part of Sudbury’s main commercial district ‘New Sudbury’. If you stay East on The Kingsway it will eventually become part of Highway 17.
  4. The whole of downtown is a parking disaster, try to locate and use municipal parking lots that are located off of Brady St or along Elgin St.

Collision Statistics in Sudbury

Naturally, it’s not uncommon to see an accident here or there when you are driving and this is no different in Sudbury. There will always be collisions with some areas more prone than others, whether it be a distracted driver or just bad weather, simply put, they just happen. Dealing with them in the aftermath can either be relatively stress free or stressful, this all comes down to choosing the correct insurance company when comparing your rates.

The most recent annual study by the Greater Sudbury Police, looked at 2016 with the following statistics being recorded:

  • Total number of collisions in 2020 – 3,654
  • Total number of fatal collisions in 2020 – 8
  • Total number of alcohol or drug related collisions in 2020 – 59

Source: Greater Sudbury Collision Report, 2020

Impaired Driving Arrests on The Rise in Sudbury

If you are charged with an impaired driving offence it could relate to either cannabis or alcohol and is a very serious offence.

As you can see from the chart below there are a number of arrests for impaired driving in Subbiry, in fact in 2019 Sudbury had its largest year on record with 198 offences.

Source: Greater Sudbury Police Report, 2020

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