Western Assurance Car Insurance Review

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Article Contents
By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated July 13, 2023

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By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated July 13, 2023

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Article Contents

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Western Assurance Auto Insurance

Western Assurance is a regional insurance provider servicing customers in Ontario, Canada. As a subsidiary of RSA Group – one of the largest insurance providers in the world – Western Assurance provides industry-leading insurance products, while maintaining an appealing personalized service from a local insurance broker.

Western Assurance specializes in auto insurance. Still, it also provides a full spectrum of other products, including home and condo insurance, insurance for tenants and rental properties, and mobile-home and boat insurance.

Fully Customizable Insurance

Western Assurance operates exclusively through its network of local independent insurance brokers. The company has more than 100 local independent brokers in Ontario alone.

All auto-insurance packages from Western Assurance start with mandatory coverage but are fully customizable, so additional coverage is available to meet the particular needs of every customer. Other coverages, such as repair or replacement coverage, accident coverage for rental vehicles, and family coverage, are perfect additions to the minimum mandatory coverage policy.

The Western Assurance Advantage

The Western Assurance Advantage is what separates this company from other providers in Ontario. The Western Assurance Advantage includes:

  • Auto-insurance policies customized to meet the needs of individual customers.
  • Market-leading policy features that come at affordable prices.
  • Discounts and enhanced product offerings for customers who combine auto insurance with another insurance product that Western Assurance provides.
  • Western Assurance operates under the RSA Group banner, providing superior reliability and industry-leading products.
  • Western Assurance partners with the Air Miles Rewards program to provide additional value to its loyal customers.

The real value of an insurer like Western Assurance shows in its business model. This company has leveraged its parent company, RSA Group, to provide fully featured insurance products and industry-leading coverage. It also maintains a local network of independent brokers as its sales force to build quality relationships with customers in Ontario.

This business model enables Western Assurance to provide personal service that customers value, in addition to providing high-quality insurance services with a variety of features that only large-scale multinational insurers can provide.

Western Assurance: A Brief History

Western Assurance has a long history of providing customers with insurance, with its roots dating back to 1710. The company has operated in Canada 123 years longer than its parent company, RSA. Western Assurance is an insurer with a regional focus, serving only the Ontario province in Canada.

Although Western Assurance is a subsidiary of RSA, one of the largest insurance conglomerates in the world, it uses an entirely different model for selling insurance. That model involves exclusively using independent brokers to reach Ontario customers. The company’s website offers a Find-a-Broker feature to help you find a Western Assurance broker close to your location.

Western Assurance currently works with more than 100 independent brokers in Ontario alone. The company’s focus is to provide high-quality, personalized insurance services to customers who value individual relationships with their local brokers, who, in turn, take the time to understand their specific needs.

What Else Does Western Assurance Cover?

Western Assurance is an auto-insurance specialist but also provides a full spectrum of insurance services to support its main product. In addition to auto insurance, Western Assurance offers:

  • Homeowners insurance that is market-priced with excellent coverage and features.
  • Condominium insurance that protects your condo unit or property investment.
  • Tenant insurance and services aimed at protecting people who rent their homes.
  • Cottage, seasonal, vacation, and other rental property insurance packages that are unique and customizable to fit the particular needs of your rental property and its use.
  • Mobile-homeowners insurance that keeps your RV or mobile home – along with its driver and passengers – safe and covered at all times.
  • Boat insurance that is highly customizable to keep your watercraft covered in the case of any damages.
  • Combined insurance packages that provide savings on your premiums by combining several types of insurance into a single policy.

Western Assurance is a reliable insurance provider, backed by one of the largest insurance conglomerates in the world. This backing ensures that its insurance products follow industry advancements and trends and adhere to the same values as its parent company, simultaneously maintaining local and appeal and personalized service.

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