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CAA Car Insurance Review

CAA (Canadian Auto Association) was founded in 1913 with the company being a federation of eight existing auto clubs. The company is now the largest auto association in Canada with it servicing 6.2 million customers.

CAA engages in consumer advocacy with it pushing for infrastructure development, consumer rights protection, and road safety. Their main offices are located in Toronto with them having over a hundred branches spread across Canada. CAA has expanded to offer travel insurance and travel services.

Average Auto Insurance by City in Ontario

The first step towards saving on your auto insurance is to understand insurance rates with rates varying on a city by city basis. The highest insurance rates can be found in major cities with a corresponding high cost-of-living.

Toronto has average insurance rates of $4,440 annually. Other places such as Hamilton have rates of $3,530 annually and London having $2,620.

CAA Auto Insurance Features That Come Standard

A standard CAA insurance policy gives you protection from liability, medical bills, and uninsured drivers.

These three features are required by laws and it will help you avoid major bills if you are in an accident. Liability coverage protects the other driver while allowing you to avoid legal fees following a crash, medical coverage will pay for your medical bills and lost income. Finally, uninsured driver coverage will cover you if the other driver does not have insurance and cannot provide you with compensation as would be done in a typical situation.

Optional CAA Insurance Extras

CAA allows their customers to expand their standard car insurance policy. These features allow their customers to receive additional coverage benefits with the option to customize their insurance to fit their particular needs and situation.

Expanded Limits And Deductible
You can adjust your coverage limits and deductible with CAA. The ability to adjust these features means you can change your rates and level of coverage. For example, you can save by choosing to have a higher deductible. Conversely, you can pay more on your premiums and receive a higher dollar amount of coverage.

Collision And Upset Coverage
This feature protects your vehicle if you are involved in a crash or roll your vehicle. A collision and upset feature can allow you to avoid having to pay for the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle from damage caused in a crash along with other forms of damage caused by such things as fire, theft, and vandalism. Comprehensive coverage means you can have coverage from common risks that a standard insurance policy does not cover.

Forget & Forgive Plan
This feature allows you to maintain a clean driving record. It will ignore driving convictions and citation with it being a good way to avoid higher premiums.

Endorsement 20
An Endorsement 20 will cover you when you are not driving your personal car. It will provide you coverage while driving a rental vehicle or if you borrow a car.

Save On CAA Premiums With A Discount

CAA has a long history of working hard to provide their customers with affordable insurance. A simple way to save on insurance is with the use of a discount, which can allow you to maintain a high level of coverage while paying lower rates.

Being A CAA Member
CAA does not require you to be a member to secure auto insurance. However, CAA members can save up to thirty percent on their insurance, and CAA members can receive other benefits such as roadside assistance.

CAA Connect Member
CAA Connect is a program that rewards drivers for maintaining safe driving habits. The program uses a telemetric device such as a smartphone to track driving habits, and customers can receive a major discount after having their driving habits tracked for a year.
Customers can receive a discount by:

  • Reducing Their Annual Driving By 12,000 KM Per Year
  • Not Speeding
  • Not Driving Between Midnight And 4 AM

Drivers who are not CAA members can receive up to a fifteen percent discount, and CAA members can get up to thirty percent off their insurance.

Bundling Home & Auto Insurance
Bundling your home and auto insurance allows you to save up five percent on your auto insurance. This discount comes with complimentary tire coverage. This feature will help cover the cost of replacing your tires, and it will cover you if you happen to have a puncture.

Winter Tires
Customers can receive a five percent discount for using winter tires. Canadian winters pretty much require drivers to use winter tires, and so customers can get a discount for doing something they will do anyway.

Hybrid Discount
Driving a hybrid allows you to receive a five percent discount.

Multi-Vehicle Discount
You can receive a discount for insuring multiple vehicles with you receiving a higher discount for each vehicle you insure with CAA.

Safe Driver Discount
Drivers with a clean driving record and claims history are eligible for a discount.


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How To Submit A Claim With CAA Auto Insurance

CAA allows you to submit a claim through their customer helpline at – 1-800-387-2656.

A claims adjuster will help you through the process of submitting information relating to your crash, and they will inform you when a claims inspector will look at your vehicle. You can also submit through their website at:

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