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Volvo Auto Insurance

When choosing a car, one of the first factors in your mind should be how much you can expect to pay for insurance. The Volvo brand is known for its safety, a quality that corresponds with lower car insurance premiums.

Leading independent safety agencies tend to give Volvo models exceptionally high safety ratings, which may reassure you. However, these high ratings don’t necessarily mean that insurance for Volvos comes cheap. 

As with any other vehicle, how much you ultimately pay for insurance will depend on several factors. Some have to do with your driving record, while others depend on your car’s features.

A Brief History of Volvo

The Sweden-based Volvo company finished the production of its first car on April 14th, 1927. The founders, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larsson, made quality and safety their trademarks from the beginning, a principle that still sets Volvo apart today. 

By May 1932, Volvo had already produced 10,000 cars, and there was a high demand for a more affordable “people’s vehicle.” Thus the smaller, less expensive PV 51 model was born in 1936. 

Volvo’s production boomed after World War II with the PV444 and PV544 stylish and compact models, which helped Volvo break into the US market over the following decade. 

In 1959, Volvo pioneered a vital step in car safety when the Amazon and PV544 models began to feature three-point safety belts. Safety continued to be the leading principle of Volvo in the following years, with innovations that became universal such as rear-facing child seats, crumple zones, collapsible steering columns, and side collision protection.

As of June 30th, 2020, Volvo has produced 21,678,430 cars.

Average Insurance Rates for Volvo Vehicles in Canada

How much you pay for car insurance will be determined by multiple factors, such as the model you choose, your age, your driving history, and your location. For instance, even with clear driving history, a female driver can expect slightly lower insurance premiums than a male driver of the same age who lives in the same area and owns the same car.

Average Volvo auto insurance rates in Canada show a disparity between locations. In Quebec City, you may expect to pay roughly $705 to insure your Volvo, while in Toronto, insurance for the same model will cost you $1,336, and in Vaughan, a whopping $1868.

Some of The Most Popular Volvo Vehicles

Over the years, the Volvo brand has evolved, keeping up with contemporary trends in the car industry, such as electric and hybrid cars. Check out some of the most popular modern Volvo models below.

Volvo V60
This spacious, comfortable family car has a luxurious interior and a roomy boot. It provides a smooth driving experience and comes equipped with active safety systems. The combination of style and safety makes this model an excellent choice for a family vehicle.

Volvo XC40
The XC40 is a handsome, spacious, smart-looking small SUV that is comfortable to drive and has plenty of room for passengers. It combines sleek, minimalistic Scandinavian design with the comfort, space, and safety typical for a Volvo. It is considered one of the safest car models in recent years and is available with an advanced cruise control system for enhanced safety features.

Volvo XC60
A stylish family SUV, the Volvo XC60 has a fresh, minimalistic interior and advanced safety tech, such as emergency auto braking and seat bases designed to take a vertical impact. The back seat is wide enough for three adults to sit comfortably. The boot, too, is roomy enough for family luggage or a bike with the seat flipped down.

Volvo XC90
A spacious, practical seven-seat SUV, the Volvo XC90 features a smart design and plenty of safety features. The driver gets a relaxing experience with plenty of legroom and a convenient minimalist dashboard. The two rearmost seats can flip down, making the already sizeable boot even larger. This model got a five-star safety score in the Euro NCAP’s 2015 tests.

Volvo S90
This model comes with a powerful engine and a handsome interior. It offers an uncommon degree of comfort for a long journey, with ergonomic seat design, smooth driving, and excellent noise suppression. Fitting with the Volvo trademark of safety, this model comes with a Pilot Assist feature and a revolutionary automatic braking system that can detect large animals on the road.

Volvos are Known for an Exceptional Safety Rating

All Volvo models prioritize safety, which makes them ideal family vehicles. These features spell good news when it comes to insurance premiums, as most Volvo models’ collision repair costs are average or lower than average compared to similar vehicles. 

Many Volvo models have excellent collision claims performance, which means their repair after an incident covered by collision or comprehensive insurance costs less than average. These models include the XC90, S40, S60, and XC60.  

Nevertheless, you can’t automatically count on cheap Volvo insurance. In some of the S40 models, the personal injury performance and collision claims are higher than average. That also applies to the Volvo S60, XC70, XC90, and others.

For instance, in models from 2016, Volvo S60, V60, S80, and XC70 may have starter motor fuse issues. Volvo S60 models from 2011 and 2012 may have an oil pressure warning system problem. The 2014 models XC60, XC70, S60, and S80 may have a software issue that could affect headlights and turn signals. 

Practically, this means that if you consider buying a Volvo, you will need to research insurance costs for the specific year of that particular model.

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