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Dominion Car Insurance

Dominion Car Insurance is an insurance company that has been around for decades. While it’s ownership has changed over the years, the same comprehensive coverage is still being offered today. Along with exceptional policies and great customer service, Dominion has built a solid reputation that can be counted upon. Let’s take a closer look at Dominion the company and what it has to offer.

The History of Dominion Canada Insurance

With a rich Canadian history, Dominion of Canada has been around since 1887. It operated under this moniker until 2013 when it was bought out by The Travelers Companies, an insurance company from across the border in America.

Currently, you can purchase your insurance from Travelers and the product is underwritten by the Dominion Insurance company. Unfortunately, residents of Quebec cannot currently apply for personal insurance from Dominion. However, the presence across the rest of Canada is very prevalent.

The Two Car Insurance Coverage Options from Dominion to Consider

There are currently two main types of car insurance coverage that you can decide from that are provided by Dominion. This includes personal vehicle insurance and recreational vehicle insurance, following on from this there are a number of other insurance options that fall under these two main types. Some of the other options include:

  • Classic car insurance – This applies to a vehicle that is between 15 and 30 years of age and of course, the vehicle must be in good enough condition that it meets the respective insurance requirements.
  • Antique car insurance – This applies to display vehicles only that are over 25 years old, it’s different from classic insurance as the vehicles are not allowed to be driven on the road.
  • Private passenger automobile insurance – This applies to a personally-owned vehicle that is used for daily use or business purposes.
  • Recreational vehicle insurance – This includes vehicles like 4-wheel ATV’s, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, trailers, etc.

Aside from Car Insurance what Does Dominion Offer?

A number of years ago when Dominion was not owned by Travelers, Dominion offered its clients insurance options for automobile coverage, personal property, casualty insurance and commercial property coverage.

As mentioned above currently, these policies are still being underwritten by Dominion for Travelers. Even though customers cannot purchase all of the options that were previously offered there are still many other insurance products to choose from, such as: Homeowner’s insurance, boat coverage, commercial insurance and professional liability insurance.

How to Submit a Claim with Dominion Today via Travelers

By Phone

File a claim by dialing 1-800-661-5522


File a claim by emailing


File a claim by visiting Traveler’s Claim Centre

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