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Timmins Auto Insurance

Surrounded by picturesque landscapes along the Mattagami River, Timmins is a beautiful place to live and work. Thanks to the booming resource market in the area, work is easy to find, too. However, Timmins is also home to Algonquin Boulevard West, which has consistently ranked among the worst roads in Ontario—for over 16 years. It even took the top spot a few times.

Algonquin Boulevard West may not be representative of every road in Timmins, but it is one more reason to have excellent car insurance in Timmins. We can help with that. At My Choice, we make finding the best car insurance at the best possible rate easy. Just enter your postal code above to compare rates from all the best Canadian insurance providers.

What’s the Average Price of Car Insurance in Timmins?

The cost of Timmins auto insurance varies pretty widely from provider to provider. Expect anywhere from $1,346 to $1,852 per year for full coverage. The average price for car insurance in Timmins, overall, is $1,556.90.

Unlike most cities in Ontario, Timmins sees little car insurance rate variance between neighbourhoods. The only area of the city with slightly higher rates is Melrose. Everywhere else is pretty uniform, but that doesn’t mean that your provider is the only factor that determines your car insurance rate. Your driving record, age, gender, the type of car you drive, and more will play a role.

Why You Need to Compare to Save

We highly recommend comparing car insurance rates before you purchase a vehicle, as the make and model of your vehicle, in particular, play a significant role in your premium. The more expensive the car, the higher the premium typically is, but even luxury vehicles can have cheap insurance if they have low accident rates.

Driving in Timmins, What You Need to Know

The main highway in Timmins is 11. It connects Cochrane and North Bay to Highway 69, which makes its way down to Sudbury. There are several bridges in town that are maintained by the Public Works Department.

The laneways are maintained routinely, at least twice a year. Any branches blocking the view of motorists are removed. The Public Works Department also repairs damage to the road surfaces like potholes. If you have concerns about a specific area, please complete a form on the city website.

Periodically, the city streets are cleaned. A schedule of this work can be found on the city website. In the winter, the streets are sanded so that law enforcement can access all parts of the city. Snow is removed based on priority and specific areas of accumulation.

Throughout the winter months, road conditions are monitored to ensure safe traffic and bus routes.

Despite all these maintenance efforts, Timmins is the fourth largest city in Ontario with a population upwards of 41,000. Traffic can get crazy. Make sure to stay extra cautious in these high-traffic areas: Riverside Drive, Theriault Boulevard, Thunder Bay, Algonquin Boulevard West, Theriault Boulevard, Water Street and Timmins, and Yonge Street and Algonquin Boulevard East. 

How to Get the Best Car Insurance Rate in Timmins

While Timmins car insurance premiums are lower than in many areas of Ontario, you still want to take the time to find the best car insurance rate possible.

You can lower your car insurance rate by bundling your home or renters insurance with your auto insurance and including all your vehicles on the same policy. Paying your premium in one lump sum rather than monthly also often comes with a discount.

That’s not the only discount you can take advantage of either. Many insurance companies offer a long list of discounts for everything from taking a driver’s education course to keeping a clean criminal record or driving a vehicle with anti-theft features. Make sure to factor these savings opportunities into your rates when comparing Timmins insurance quotes.

Speaking of comparing quotes, that brings us to the best way to find cheap car insurance in Timmins—shop around. Many of our users score over $1,000 in savings just by taking the time to compare rates. The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSRA) approves rate changes for car insurance every three months.

Even so, we don’t think price checking that often is necessary—nor would it be practical to switch insurance providers that often. We recommend comparing rates once a year or when you add or drop a vehicle from your policy.

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