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Perth Offers Quality Car Insurance To High-Risk Drivers

Perth Insurance was founded in 1863 as a mutual insurance provider before the company transitioned into a stock company in 1968 with Perth Insurance being purchased by Economical Insurance shortly after. Perth Insurance is currently known for offering quality auto insurance to the niche market of high-risk drivers.

Perth takes pride in its parent company Economical Insurance with them offering insurance at:

High-Risk Insurance Coverage

Perth specializes in offering some of the best car insurance for high-risk drivers who have difficulty finding coverage with other insurance providers. High-risk customers are people who have been involved in multiple accidents or have several driving convictions such as DUIs. These customers frequently have their existing insurance provider cancel their policy while having difficulty finding a new insurance provider.

Perth covers these drivers while helping them restore their driving history so they can receive a traditional insurance policy.

At the momemnt Petrth currently offers their insurance services in the following provinces: Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

What’s A Standard Perth Insurance Policy Like?

Liability coverage will protect the other party when involved in an accident. This feature allows you to avoid excessive bills and potential legal ramifications.

Personal Harm
Personal harm covers your medical bills following an accident. It will also pay for such things as lost income, long term medical bills, and provides death benefits to family members.

Uninsured Drivers
Uninsured driver coverage protects you from a driver who does not have insurance or flees the scene of an accident. It will cover the cost of repairing your vehicle, medical expenses, and damaged property that would usually be covered by the other party’s insurance policy.

Optional Perth Insurance Extras

Perth offers several optional forms of coverage with them distinguishing themselves by offering their high-risk customers features that they typically could not get. These features will protect you from collision damage, other forms of damage, and expenses such as a rental vehicle.

Collision Damage
Collision damage covers the cost of repairing your vehicle along with medical bills and lost income.

Theft & Vandalism Coverage
Theft and vandalism coverage protects you if your car is broken into or if it is vandalized. This coverage will protect your vehicle when it is parked off your property where your home or renters insurance will not cover your vehicle.

Repalcement & Roadcar Assitance
This feature will pay for a rental car while your vehicle is repaired. It will also cover the cost of towing your vehicle, and the cost of roadside assistance if your car breaks down.

Cracked Window Coverage
A cracked or damaged window can be dangerous and an expensive nuisance, Perth offers window coverage that will cover everything from small cracks to replacing an entire window.

Use Perth Insurance To Move into A Lower Risk Category

Perth Insurance is designed to help customers move over into low-risk coverage. Individuals with a poor driving record can use Perth for a couple of years after their initial driving convictions were on their record. Drivers should then be able to move onto a cheaper insurance policy, having used Perth to show that they were able to drive safely and make their regular payments.

Flexible Payment Options
Perth understands that many of its drivers may have difficulty making insurance payments. Therefore, Perth helps its customers by offering a flexible payment policy that will allow drivers to maintain coverage if payments cannot be made on time.

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How To Submit A Claim With Perth Insurance

Perth Insurance customers can file a claim through their insurance hotline or via the Economical website, Perth’s parent company.

Perth Insurance FAQ’s

How Do I Know if I am a High Risk Driver?

There are a number of factors that will make you a high-risk driver, but ultimately the status of being a high-risk customer is something determined by individual insurance agencies.

A driver can fall into the category of being a high-risk driver if they have multiple driving convictions such as impaired driving charges. Having their license suspended, previous insurance provider cancelling their policy, and being involved in multiple car crashes are all signs of being a high-risk driver.

How Long Until I Become a Low Risk Driver?

Your driving record is publically available for three years. In addition, an insurance provider may ask you about your claims history for periods of five or seven years depending on the company.

Generally, your risk status will start to go down as soon as you stop receiving tickets or filing claims. You should check if your insurance provider on an annual basis to see if you can get lower rates.

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