Pembridge Car Insurance Review

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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated on March 12, 2024

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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated March 12, 2024

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Article Contents

Pembridge Insurance Review

Since its establishment in 1999, Pembridge Insurance Company has become renowned for its comprehensive suite of high-quality insurance products and exceptional customer service, facilitated through a network of independent brokers, including partners like ThinkInsure. Pembridge provides a comprehensive selection of both conventional and cutting-edge insurance options, including policies for automobiles, homes, condos, and renters, along with specialized coverages for recreational vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles, boats, and snowmobiles, addressing the varied insurance requirements of Canadians. As a subsidiary of the insurance giant Allstate, part of the Allstate Canada Group of Companies (ACG) whose roots go back to 1964, Pembridge benefits from the extensive experience and backing of one of North America’s largest insurers. This partnership positions Pembridge as both strategic and forward-thinking, frequently leading the way in launching new products and services in the market.

Pembridge is committed to providing personalized support to its policyholders, from addressing inquiries and offering quotes to assisting with claims. This dedication has earned the company accolades such as the Interface Partner Award and the “Best-In-Class, P&C Insurer” Award for its Connectivity Solution. Beyond its innovative insurance solutions, Pembridge is deeply rooted in community engagement, supporting various charities like Operation Red Nose, Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade, and the Easter Seals campaign.

When customers purchase a policy online with Pembridge, they can expect:

  • Comprehensive coverage for commercial vehicles and recreational vehicles, including ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and boats.
  • Diverse additional coverage options for lifestyle protection and valuable assets.
  • Round-the-clock claims service ready to assist in case of emergencies.

Serving policyholders in five provinces—Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec—Pembridge is a community-centred insurer focused on fostering long-term customer relationships.

Why Choose Pembridge Car Insurance

Pembridge Insurance provides auto insurance for customers across Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Their approach simplifies the buying process, allowing customers to easily select provincially mandated coverages and optional extras.

Pembridge offers diverse insurance products covering property, auto, and recreational needs. They deliver tailored and competitively priced insurance quotes, extra coverage choices, opportunities for savings, various payment plans, and round-the-clock claims support. Key features of Pembridge Insurance include:

Extensive Coverage Options

Pembridge stands out for its broad range of auto insurance options tailored to Ontario’s diverse needs, including specific coverage for various vehicle types and comprehensive policies for homes, condominiums, tenants, and recreational vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and boats. This variety ensures that policyholders can find the exact coverage they need.

Commitment to Community Engagement

Demonstrating a strong commitment to community welfare, Pembridge actively supports various charitable organizations, including Operation Red Nose, Easter Seals, and the Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade (WICC). Their dedication to these causes since 1999 highlights Pembridge’s role in fostering safer and stronger communities across Canada.

Allstate Backing Enhances Stability

As a subsidiary of the Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, Pembridge gains from the financial stability and established reputation of one of North America’s insurance leaders. This backing significantly enhances Pembridge’s ability to offer extensive services and reach more policyholders.

Unmatched Customer Service

Known for its exceptional customer service, Pembridge prides itself on providing policyholders with high-quality insurance products, unique coverage solutions, and a customer service experience that stands out in the industry for its excellence and personal touch.

Robust Independent Broker Network

Working closely with an extensive network of independent brokers allows Pembridge to offer its comprehensive coverage to policyholders throughout Canada, ensuring wide accessibility and personalized service.

Innovative Savings with My_BRIDGE App

Pembridge introduces a unique approach to savings through the My_BRIDGE app, which encourages and rewards safe driving behaviours with potential savings of up to 30% on premiums. This initiative promotes safer driving habits and uses secure technology to gather and apply data beneficially to policyholders’ premiums.

Pros and Cons of Buying Pembridge Car Insurance

Exploring the details of Pembridge Car Insurance reveals a mix of innovative offerings and effective solutions tailored for today’s motorists. Here’s a summary of the advantages, drawbacks, and other factors to consider when selecting Pembridge for your car insurance needs. This analysis assesses how closely Pembridge matches your insurance expectations and priorities.

  1. Diverse Coverage Options: Pembridge offers a wide array of auto insurance choices in Ontario, catering to different vehicles and coverage needs, alongside comprehensive policies for home, condominium, tenant, and recreational vehicles like ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and boats.
  2. Innovative Savings: Through the My_BRIDGE app, Pembridge rewards safe driving with up to 30% savings on premiums, promoting responsible driving habits with secure data storage.
  3. Community Engagement: Actively contributing to safer Canadian communities, Pembridge supports charities such as Operation Red Nose, Easter Seals, and Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade (WICC), reflecting its commitment to giving back since 1999.
  4. Broad Provincial Coverage: Offering personal insurance in Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, Pembridge caters to a wide Canadian demographic.
  5. High-Quality Products: Partnering with various insurance brokers, Pembridge provides top-tier auto insurance solutions tailored to individual needs.
  6. Market Innovation: Known for releasing new products and discounts first, Pembridge stands out for its forward-thinking approach, exemplified by the My_BRIDGE app, which enhances road safety and community well-being.
  7. Comprehensive Insurance Packages: Ideal for bundling various policies, Pembridge’s extensive coverage options, including niche insurance for motorcycles, ATVs, and boats, make it a preferred choice for those seeking combined policies.
  8. Backed by Allstate: As a subsidiary of the Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, Pembridge benefits from a leading insurance giant’s financial stability and reputation, enhancing its service reach and reliability.
  9. Exceptional Customer Service: Pembridge is recognized for its outstanding customer support, offering high-quality products and unique coverage solutions focusing on excellent service.
  10. Extensive Broker Network: Collaborating with a vast network of independent brokers, Pembridge ensures comprehensive coverage availability across Canada.
  1. Market Adjustment Challenges: Pembridge faced scrutiny in New Brunswick in 2011 over concerns of higher-than-average insurance rates, though efforts have been made to align its pricing with industry standards.
  2. Claims Processing Delays: There are reports of prolonged claims processing times impacting customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Pembridge Auto Insurance Discounts

If you qualify, you might get the following discounts from Pembridge:

Educational Achievements

Discounts for college graduates.

Bundling Policies

Savings for combining home and auto insurance.

Vehicle Safety Measures

Discounts for using winter tires and other safety enhancements.

My_Bridge App

Savings for installing and using the My_Bridge app to track safe driving habits, with initial discounts of five to ten percent for signing up and potential for higher savings based on driving behaviour.

Lump Sum Payment

Discounts for paying insurance premiums in a full lump sum instead of monthly installments.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Savings for insuring multiple vehicles with Pembridge.

Mature Driver Savings

Lower rates for retirees and mature drivers.

Driver’s Education

Savings for completing an approved driver’s education program.

Loyalty Discount

Reduced rates for long-term policyholders.

Winter Tire Discount

Reduced premiums for using winter tires.

Usage-Based Insurance Discount

Savings for participating in usage-based insurance programs, rewarding safe and responsible driving.

Pembridge Insurance App

Enjoy significant discounts on your car insurance by driving safely with the My_BRIDGE app, a complimentary telematics application that offers up to a 30% discount for safe driving practices.

Over a six-month evaluation period, the app tracks your driving behaviours, providing insights into:

  • The timing and length of your journeys
  • Instances of harsh or sudden braking
  • Speeding occurrences

After the initial 30 days of trip tracking, you’ll receive an estimate of your potential discount. Following the completion of the monitoring phase, your actual discount will be calculated and applied to your next renewal with Pembridge.

Effortless Claim Initiation

  • Save Big: Up to 30% discount on auto insurance.
  • Initial Discount: Receive 2.5-10% off just for signing up, plus an additional 5% discount for trying the My_BRIDGE trial in the app (available in AB, NS, NB) for free.
  • Cost-Free: My_BRIDGE is complimentary for all Pembridge customers with no signup or usage fees.
  • Risk-Free: Using My_BRIDGE will not lead to an increase in your premium.
  • User-Friendly: Enrollment is straightforward, following the provided instructions.
  • Privacy Protected: Your data is confidential and used solely for My_BRIDGE, unless required by law, adhering to the terms of your agreement.
  • Driving Improvement: Access to your driving history helps refine driving behaviours.

How My_BRIDGE Works

  • Step 1: Enrollment: Discuss with your broker to determine if My_BRIDGE suits you and learn how to join.
  •  Step 2: Installation: Upon agreeing to My_BRIDGE terms, you’ll get instructions for easy program participation setup.
  • Step 3: Earn Rewards by Safe Driving: For six months, My_BRIDGE tracks your driving, rewarding you for:
    • Maintaining safe speeds.
    •  Driving during safer hours.
    •  Reducing hard stops.

Additional Insurance Services Provided by Pembridge

Beyond car insurance, Pembridge also offers home insurance services, which encompass lots of possible coverages:

Pembridge offers various home insurance options for various property types, including primary and secondary homes, condos, rentals, and seasonal properties. Pricing is based on individual and property-specific factors, with the option to enhance policies with additional coverages such as home warranty, identity theft, and legal expenses.

 Coverage Enhancements:

  •  Sewer backup and personal items coverage.
  •  Boat insurance for watercraft and equipment.
  •  Options for seasonal and rental properties.
  •  Policies for home-based businesses and secondary homeowners.

 Discount Opportunities:

  •  Rewards for being claims-free.
  •  Discounts for home security systems and mortgage-free homes.
  •  Special rates for new homes and installing water prevention devices.

 Insurance Products:

  •  Comprehensive coverage for homeowners, condo owners, tenants, and landlords.
  •  Add-ons for valuable items, home-based businesses, and broad water damage.
  •  Specialized coverage for boats and identity theft protection.

 Pembridge tailors insurance solutions to meet diverse needs, ensuring comprehensive protection and peace of mind for policyholders.

How To Submit A Claim With Pembridge Insurance

Pembridge customers can submit a claim over the phone.

It’s also possible to submit a claim through their website by entering information such as how the damage occurred and if anyone was injured. Pembridge will then contact you to complete the claims process.


You can contact them at anytime 24/7

Contact by phone

File a claim by visiting the Pembridge website


File a claim by visiting the Pembridge website

Commonly Asked Questions About Pembridge Insurance

Will I be penalized for cancelling my Pembridge insurance policy early?

Cancelling your Pembridge insurance policy early may result in a cancellation fee from both Pembridge and the broker.

Does Pembridge offer accident forgiveness?

Pembridge offers accident forgiveness for eligible drivers, which can prevent rate increases after an at-fault accident.

Who owns Pembridge Insurance?

Pembridge Insurance is a subsidiary of Allstate.

In which locations is Pembridge Insurance available?

Pembridge offers home insurance services in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime provinces in Canada.

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