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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated on July 19, 2023

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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated July 19, 2023

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Article Contents

What To Know About Insuring GMC Vehicles

GMC is Canada’s largest auto manufacturer with their vehicles being some of the most popular on the road. GMC produces a variety of larger vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, minivans and they also produce a variety of popular sedans.

GMC vehicles are known for their reliability, ease to repair, and safety. These features make GMC vehicles some of the cheapest to insure with insurance companies being very comfortable with insuring GMCs.

Cost Of Insuring A GMC

The price range of insuring your GMC vehicle is lower on average than other manufacturers, but average insurance rates still vary on a city by city basis. The Lowest insurance rates are found in Quebec City at $539 while the highest insurance rates can be found in Vaughan at $1656. You can check our calculator to get an accurate quote of insuring your vehicle in your specific area.

GMC Vehicles Are Reliable & Safe

A major factor behind the relatively low cost of insuring a GMC vehicle is the low cost of repairs following an accident. In addition, GMC has a proven track record of being able to get back on the road, and insurers reflect this in the rates they offer for GMC vehicles.

Models with a proven history of costing less to repair include the GMC Astro and Safari Wagon, the Blazer and Jimmy S-Series, the Colorado, S10/Sonoma, and Silverado.

GMC vehicles also tend to have a higher than average safety rating due to their larger size and advanced safety features including multiple airbags, automatic braking systems, and anti-roll features. At the time of writing, no GMC vehicles perform below average in terms of occupant safety and only a few of their models have an average safety rating.

Why Consider Purchasing A GMC Vehicle

One part of saving on insurance rates for a GMC vehicle is understanding the factors about the vehicle that will help to keep your insurance as cheap as possible.

Cost of Repairs

GMC vehicles are one of the cheapest cars to repair with their nearby manufacturing plants making replacement parts cheap. There are plenty of mechanics who are trained to repair GMCs so labor costs are low.

Safety of Occupants

GMC vehicles come with an advanced occupant protection system with them generally having a high safety rating. The lower risk of someone being severely hurt in an accident helps to keep premiums low.

Risk of Theft

GMC vehicles frequently come standard with such things as ignition disabler systems, car alarms, and other anti-theft devices. Most insurance companies will give you a discount for having an anti-theft device.

Long Term Durability

GMC vehicles are generally considered reliable with only a few older models having a reputation for recalls and low quality which means that they tend to not depreciate over time.

Consider Comprehensive Insurance for GMC

GMC vehicles are known for their reliability and cheapness to service. This means that insurance companies offer cheap comprehensive insurance when compared to vehicles that are imported where parts and labor cost more. The relatively low cost of comprehensive insurance means that drivers can find value in purchasing an insurance policy that goes beyond your basic coverage.

Compare Insurance for GMC Vehicles With MyChoice

MyChoice is excellent for comparing the cost of insuring your GMC vehicle as you can receive quotes from specific models and body types. To get started just enter some basic information about yourself and your vehicle, then we’ll take care of the rest!

FAQ’s About GMC Vehicles

Do I Need To Purchase Insurance From A GMC Insurer?

Drivers do not need to purchase insurance from a company that specifically specializes in GMCs, and there are no Canadian insurers who specially insure a single manufacturer. Instead, drivers can use one of a variety of insurance companies in order to insurer their GMC.

Do GMC Trucks Cost More To Insure Than GMC Cars?

Trucks almost always cost ten to twenty percent more to insure than a standard car. This is because trucks tend to have worse handling and braking than a car, and so drivers are less able to avoid an accident. However, trucks and SUVs generally tend to protect the driver better than a car, and many customers tend to prefer trucks and SUVs because of this feature.

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