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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated on March 6, 2024

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Picture of By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated March 6, 2024

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7 minute read

Article Contents

What Is A Car Insurance Calculator

Our car insurance calculator allows you to compare insurance rates from dozens of insurance companies by providing just a few personal details, helping you to find the best car insurance rates in Ontario. You can easily compare coverage, deductibles, discounts, and rates from multiple providers with no obligations to give you a rough estimate of potential savings.

For the most accurate premiums, you can provide the following information – remember the more accurate you the better quote we can provide:

  • Location
  • Driver’s license for your driving history and personal information
  • Past insurance claims history
  • Vehicle information
  • Coverage and deductible
  • Optional coverage
  • Discounts for which you qualify

Using car insurance calculator is a free and easy way to reduce your insurance costs and even explore different factors that affect the rate you pay.

Our Car Insurance Calculator: The Easy Way to Save Money

Our car insurance calculator is a free, easy-to-use tool that helps you find the best auto insurers and estimate auto insurance prices for your specific needs. Available online, the tool compares rates of companies in the area, delivering the results your way. It’s never been so easy to compare auto insurance rates!

Most drivers use the car insurance calculator before purchasing a policy, and if getting the best of the best is important to you, taking the same step is important. Drivers who use an auto insurance estimator enjoy a plethora of benefits, save money on their auto insurance coverage, and sleep better at night with an added peace of mind that other drivers lack.*Actual Quoting Data. Based On A Clean Driving Record.

Auto Insurance Calculator Benefits

You aren’t wasting time when using the car insurance calculator. Many drivers use the calculator because they know it helps them discover the best pricing for the auto insurance they need. It is beneficial for you to take the 5-minutes to use the calculator when shopping for auto insurance. The benefits of using the auto insurance calculator include:

  1. Use the calculator any time, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  2. Our car insurance calculator is free and easy-to-use
  3. Save time, as the estimator takes care of the hard work
  4. Learn more about the various auto insurers in Ontario
  5. Save hassle, since the information needed is provided on one page
  6. Get the best prices for the auto insurance you need
  7. Gain confidence and peace of mind

How To Use Our Car Insurance Calculator

Step 1 – Car Information

Let us know about your car’s model, make, year and a few other details about your car. You can also add any additional cars you would like to insure here in order to help us find you the best rate for your current set up.

Step 2 – Driver Information

Give us some context about who you are as a driver including your license type, at-fault accidents, tickets, insurance cancellations. etc. Getting this information as close to as accurate as you can is very important as it will help us give you the most accurate rate for your situation.

Step 3 – Discounts

Next step is ensuring that we can get you all the discounts that you are eligible for. Let us know if you would like to bundle your home/tenant and auto insurance to save anywhere from 15-20 percent on your car insurance. You also can get an additional discount if you are open to have your driving habits tracked via an app.

That’s It! Time to view your rates

Take a look at your lowest rate and explore your options! We’ll connect you to an insurance broker that can further assist you to lock it in!

Ontario Car Insurance Calculator: Save Money & Get More

Operating a fully-insured automobile offers a peace of mind those lacking coverage are without. Not only does Canadian laws require drivers across Ontario carry standard auto insurance coverage, knowing that you’re covered is an unbeatable feeling. Although the Ontario Ministry of Transportation reports that Ontario roads are some of the safest in North America, there are still more than 243,000 accidents on the roadways each year.

This leaves you, those that you love, and other drivers on the road, susceptible to an accident and the consequences of such. When you’re insured, it won’t turn back the hands of time, but it can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and distress an already frustrating experience.

Now that a car insurance estimator in Ontario is available, getting a policy is even easier than before.

What To Remember Before Using Our Ontario Car Insurance Calculator

These tips are simple to implement into the auto insurance buying process and further ease using the auto insurance calculator. Be sure to use these tips to your advantage when searching for the best auto insurance in town.

  • Gather Information – Location, driving history information and current auto insurance information are among the items necessary to use an car insurance calculator. Having these items on-hand reduces stress and helps complete the process quickly.
  • Price is Only One Factor – Price is important when selecting auto insurance. We all have budgets to maintain. However, opting for a cut-rate policy can be determinate should the unthinkable happen. Never purchase an auto insurance policy based on price alone. Instead, look for a company with experience, a good reputation, exceptional customer service, and other meaningful qualities.
  • Know Your Needs – There are many insurance policy types and coverage amounts available. Set a budget and understand your needs before attempting to purchase a policy. Knowing your needs simplifies using the auto insurance calculator and ensures that you get accurate rates for your policy request.

Why it is Important to use a Car Insurance Ontario Calculator

Whether you’re driving the busy roads on Toronto, basking in the beauty of Wine Country, or enjoying nature at its best in Niagara Falls, getting the best rates for auto insurance coverage is important. No one has a money tree growing in their backyard, and as such, must maintain budgets, even for their auto insurance coverage. The auto insurance calculator ensures that you aren’t without the coverage that you need while helping you discover the best companies and rates in town.

Car insurance calculators make finding the coverage you need simple and affordable. The calculators are available on your computer or mobile device, ready to use any time of the day or the night. It has never been easier to get the best policy from the best company at the best price, and delaying use of the Ontario car insurance calculator is never a good idea.

What Different Factors Affect Car Insurance Premiums?

There are many factors that influence your car insurance premiums. Some of these factors are in your control, such as your policy limits and deductibles. Other factors may be outside of your control, such as your age and where you may live! Play around with our car insurance calculator to see what factors affect you the most.

  1. Deductibles: The deductible is the amount you pay out-of-pocket when you make a claim for damage to your vehicle. In general, the higher the deductible, the lower your premiums.
  2. Driving Record: Your driving history is an important factor that car insurance companies use to assess the risk that you will be involved in another accident.
  3. Demographics: Drivers who are under 24 generally pay higher insurance rates than someone with a longer and strong driving record. Female drivers are usually safer drivers than men with lower rates. Married people also tend to pay less than single people for insurance.
  4. Vehicle Type: Your car’s make, model, and year will be used to calculate your premium for many reasons, including theft risk, safety rating, and value.
  5. Geographic Area: Your insurance estimates will be based, in part, on where you live and the rate of theft, burglary, and other forms of crime in your area.
  6. Driving Purpose and Habits: Your car insurance company will want to know whether you drive mostly for business, commuting to work, or for pleasure, which helps determine your risk for an accident. Your annual mileage and other driving habits can also affect your premiums.
  7. Credit History: Studies have found that, on average, people with poor credit tend to make insurance claims more frequently than people with very good credit.

Ways to Save on Car Insurance While Using our Calculator

While using this calculator, keep in mind the many other ways you can save even more on your annual quote. For the most part there are many variables that are within your control, so here are some of the more prominent different ways you can save.

Pay for the Coverage You Need

Car insurance is mandatory with a minimum of $200,000 in liability coverage in Ontario. Still, getting a policy with just the minimum amount of coverage is unlikely to give you the protection you need. It’s usually a good financial decision to choose higher coverage limits than necessary and consider optional coverage.

Just make sure you aren’t buying coverage you don’t really need. It’s wise to get full coverage (collision and comprehensive) for a newer vehicle, but comprehensive coverage may not make sense for an older car.

Increase Your Deductible

The deductible, or how much you pay for repairs if your car is damaged, is a major factor influencing your insurance rates. Increasing your deductible means you’re willing to pay a greater share of the costs if you need to make a claim and this can result in a much lower estimate. Just make sure you can afford to pay your deductible if you’re in an accident. If you aren’t sure if this is the right move, compare insurance rates with different deductibles to see how much you could save each year and how long it would take for the savings to make up the difference between two deductibles, such as $200 and $500.

Ask About Discounts

Every car insurance company should have its own discounts. It’s always a good idea to find out what discounts are available and how you can qualify. Some of the most common discounts may include:

  • Good student
  • New car
  • Winter tires
  • Retiree
  • Green vehicle
  • Military or occupational if you work in a specific field
  • Home ownership
  • Multi-policy

Get Usage Based Coverage

Many car insurance companies in Ontario offer a discount if you install a telemetrics device in your vehicle that monitors speed, hard braking, and the time of day you’re driving. This type of coverage is called usage-based insurance. If you have good driving habits, you can get a discount of 10% or more, but bad driving habits cannot result in a rate increase according to regulations.

Pay in Full

If you can afford to pay your car insurance premium in full rather than monthly, you can save more than $60 per year. Even if you can’t pay the 12-month premium upfront, you may still qualify for a discount if you pay a 6-month premium in full.

Improve Your Credit

You may not realize it, but your credit can be affecting your car insurance premiums. While there’s nothing you can do immediately to address this, you can work to improve your credit score over time to qualify for better rates. Focus on paying down debt, establishing a positive payment history without late payments, and never using more than 30% of your available credit limits.

If you are not familiar with it, you may also be interested in this information about no-fault auto insurance in Ontario.

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