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Oshawa: A City On The Move

Oshawa began its journey towards being the car capital of Canada when McLaughlin Carriage Company signed a deal to buy Buick engines. In 1918, McLaughlin merged with Chevrolet to create General Motors of Canada. General Motors of Canada is the largest car manufacture in Oshawa with the city having the reputation of everyone driving GM vehicles. However, drivers in Oshawa drive a variety of vehicles.

Oshawa continues to have car manufacturing as a central part of its economy. The city has grown to diversify its culture and economy as it has become a modern metropolis. The city has three colleges and a vibrant downtown entertainment scene. The economy is now centered on the health care and technology industries.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance In Oshawa

Oshawa is the "Motor City of Canada" with it long being the auto manufacturing hub of the country. Oshawa is home to a fantastic car culture, an extensive road network with two major highways, and unique one way roads. Oshawa is home to commuters, car enthusiasts, and car manufactures. It is also home to some of Canada's higher car insurance rates. This means that when shopping for car insurance it is important to know some things to help you get a better rate.

Oshawa is a city with a unique insurance market with different insurance providers offering wildly different rates for similar drivers. This is because of a variety of factors with the city’s young population having a major impact on auto insurance rates.

This is because young people rapidly hit different mile stones that have a big impact on auto insurance rates. Some of these milestones include such things as:

-Turning 25
-Graduating College
-Getting Married
-Buying A Home
-Purchasing A Newer Car

Another major impact on auto insurance rates is the transient nature of the population of Oshawa. Twelve percent of the population has moved in the past year. This means that many of these people change their car insurance and living situation on a yearly basis. Insurance companies need to have their rates reflect the temporary living situation of their customers.

*Actual Quoting Data. Based On A Clean Driving Record.

Average Auto Insurance Rates In Oshawa

One of the first steps towards saving money on auto insurance is to understand average insurance rates. Average auto insurance rates can vary widely with rates by make and model of vehicle being a good place to start. This will give you a better understanding of the cost of insuring different types of vehicle, and how much you can save by shopping around can be surprising. The range of premiums by type of vehicle include:

-2015 Chrysler 300S 4DR – $517 Range
-2018 Mazda Mazda A3 Sky 4DR – $217 Range
-2005 Mazda Mazda3 s 5DR – $220 Range
-2014 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4DR -$134 Range

These numbers demonstrate just how important it is to compare car insurance rates in Oshawa. These rates change on a regular basis so it is important to regularly check to see if you can get a better deal.

Driving Facts For Oshawa

Oshawa is a unique driving environment with it presenting challenges to drivers who are not use to the city. Understanding the city will both take the stress out of your commute, and it will help you avoid raising your insurance rates by getting a ticket or into an accident. 

Oshawa is home to a network of one-way streets. The city’s two main downtown streets are King and Bond Street with both of them being one way streets. In addition, there are a number of roads that turn from two-way streets into one-ways streets. It is important to make sure you are going the right direction while watching out for drivers going the wrong way. This will help you avoid an accident. It will also help you avoid getting a serious ticket for going the wrong way. 

Shopping For Cheap Oshawa Car Insurance Quotes

There are a number of methods to make shopping for car insurance easier. The best method is to use online tools that allow you to quickly compare quotes between major insurers. This will allow you to avoid having to go to each insurer, enter in the same information, and then compare quotes between multiple websites. An insurance comparison site can help you quickly compare the rates for your vehicle.

The other major advantage of an insurance comparison site is that they allow you to compare your quotes based upon a number of factors. This means you can see what your insurance will be depending on:

-The Type Of Make And Model Of Vehicle
-How Old The Vehicle Is
-How Much The Vehicle Is Driven Monthly
-The Miles On The Vehicle
-Where You Live
-Your Deductible
-Your Driving Record
-Your Claims History
-Your Age

These various factors all have an impact on insurance rates with it being advantageous for you to consider each factor when picking both a car and an insurance policy.

How To Save On Your Oshawa Car Insurance

An insurance comparison site like this one is the first step towards saving money on car insurance Oshawa. This is because it is a quick way to get accurate information on many different sites. A good way to use a the My Choice car insurance comparison tool is to check it at the right times. This is usually when something about you changes that will have an impact on your insurance rates. This includes such things as when you:

-Become A Year Older
-Graduate From College
-Buy A House
-Move To A New Area

All of these factors have an impact on car insurance rates, but they are things that most people do not connect with auto insurance. You will be able to save money on insurance by remembering to shop for car insurance right after these events happen.

Knowing when to shop for insurance also extends to your car and driving record. You can sometimes save money by insuring your car after it turns another year old. This is because the car will be less valuable with insurance being correspondingly cheaper. You can also save money on car insurance after an infraction is removed from your driver’s abstract. Infractions disappear after a three year period, and so you can get lower insurance by not having infractions on your driver’s abstract.

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