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About Nissan Car Insurance

Nissans are some of the most popular vehicles in Canada, so if you’re looking for car insurance for your new Nissan, you’re not alone! Nissans have become increasingly popular, especially as crossover vehicles and sport utility vehicles have become more well-loved. Here’s the good news-compared to some other cars, your Nissan car insurance won’t be too pricey, especially if you’re informed before you start shopping. Below, we will go over some of the basics that you need to know about owning a Nissan and how to go about purchasing the best insurance for your vehicle.

A Brief History of Nissan

Nissan Motor Company was founded in Japan, first using the name Nissan Motor in 1934. The first Datsun vehicle rolled off the assembly line in 1935, and shortly thereafter Nissan began making trucks and engines for the Japanese Imperial Army. Ironically, during the US-Korean War, Nissan was a major producer of vehicles for the United States Army. However, it was until the 1950’s that Nissan officially decided to expand to the international car manufacturing market. In the 1960’s independent dealers were selling Nissan’s Datsun models in Canada. Interestingly, Nissan was the first Japanese auto manufacturer to set up camp in Canada.

Nissan Canada was incorporated in 1965 in Vancouver, quickly expanding to Ontario a short time later. Since then, it has expanded significantly, becoming a major contributor to the Canadian economy.

Average Insurance Rates for Nissan Vehicles in Canada

There’s no question; you need car insurance to drive in Canada, and one of the most preferred cars to drive are Nissan’s. When it comes to the average insurance costs for Nissan’s these will vary depending on the make of your vehicle, how far you drive, how old the vehicle is, where you live and which insurance provider that you choose. The required minimum liability insurance for most of Canada is $200,000.

The mandatory coverage varies by providence or territory. Also, if you’re buying a new car, check with your insurance company-it might be at a higher risk for theft and that will land you with a higher premium. This information is also available through the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Here’s the estimated insurance rate for two of the most popular Nissan Models: Micra and Rogue.

  • Estimated Average Insurance Costs for 2016 Nissan Micra – $1,260.00.
  • Estimated Average Insurance Costs for 2018 Nissan Rogue – $1,400.00

Most Popular Nissan Vehicles

Especially given how popular SUVs and crossovers are these days, it should come as no surprise that the Nissan Rogue is one of the most popular vehicles in Canada. It has an upscale interior with lots of room inside, plus it gets great gas mileage! Even in its base model, it has lots of great features and the 2018 model includes an optional PROPilot driver assistance system

The Nissan Maxima is also incredibly popular with Canadians who are looking for a larger, more luxurious sedan. It is powerful and athletic looking, while also being fuel efficient. It’s got a very comfortable, trendy interior with a large cargo area. It’s also top-tier safety pick, coming with a very easy to use entertainment system.

The Nissan Micra is the perfect car for city living, which also makes it extremely popular. This car was recently completely redesigned, making it a real contender in the “Small car” world. It’s very trendy with a stylish interior and has so many safety features you’ll feel like you’re driving in a much larger car. Plus, its comfy and extremely fuel efficient, so if you’re looking for a small car, this one will definitely wow you.

Average Safety Ratings of Nissan’s

Especially in newer models, Nissan vehicles are known to be top-tier picks when it comes to safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ranked the Rogue as a 9.3/10 on its safety scale, scoring right along side other Nissan models like the Altima and Maxima. With the installation of rear cameras and driver assistance programs as optional extras in some cases, it is obvious that safety is a top priority. While some vehicles are more safe (like the Rogue) and others are less safe (like the very small bodied Micra) overall, Nissan has taken great effort to produce safe, high performance vehicles.

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It’s always great to make sure to ask for discounts when purchasing your insurance! Many companies have discounts if you are a safe driver with no record of accidents or traffic infractions. They also might give discounts depending on features your car has, like automatic locks or alarm systems. You’re not required to buy insurance for damage incurred to your own car but you really should, especially if you’re buying insurance for a newer car. We believe the best to thing to do is be safe rather than sorry by ensuring you get both collision and comprehensive coverage for your car.

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