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Chieftain Auto Insurance

Chieftain Insurance is a subsidiary of Travelers Insurance and offers car and home insurance in Ontario, Canada. Chieftain Insurance’s primary focus is to provide standardized basic insurance services at affordable prices. The company also delivers continuous coverage and flexible payment models.

If you need a customized policy or more advanced auto-insurance coverage, Chieftain Insurance might not be the right company for you. But if you just want basic auto insurance that’s easy to obtain and comes at an affordable price, consider Chieftain.

Choosing Chieftain for Auto

Sometimes, all you need a basic insurance package that is going to meet the legal requirements of the land and get your car on the road. If you find most car-insurance products confusing and have a difficult time separating the substance from the sales pitch, Chieftain Insurance is an optimal insurance option for you.

Chieftain’s auto-insurance policies provide essential coverage under the law and suffice for many customers with everyday policy needs. By delivering standardized coverage packages, Chieftain Insurance can also offer affordable coverage.

By selecting Chieftain Insurance for your car insurance, you will receive the following coverage:

  • Standardized insurance package for private-passenger cars
  • Up to $2 million in liability coverage
  • Improved accident benefits with higher limits for medical and rehabilitation care that you can increase further for an additional cost
  • Direct compensation for property damage, without deductibles
  • Coverage for loss of use
  • Liability coverage for damage to non-insured vehicles, such as rental cars
  • Family protection coverage
  • Waiver of depreciation

About Chieftain

Chieftain Canada is a subsidiary of Travelers Insurance. The company originated in 1999, under the Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company, which Travelers acquired in 2013.

What sets Chieftain car insurance apart is its provision of continuous coverage. Your insurance policy will never expire and automatically renews at the end of a term. Of course, when you choose to terminate your policy, you can do it at no additional cost. Chieftain policies also are rated monthly, so your premiums are always up-to-date. For example, if your driving record improves, your monthly premium will decline the following month.

How To Get A Quote From Chieftain

To obtain a Chieftain quote for car insurance, it’s easiest to do so via their website or by contacting one of their advisors. My Choice does not offer quotes by Chieftain.

It is important to remember that Chieftain Insurance offers policies only on the territory of Ontario. For other territories in Canada, Travelers Insurance is a better choice.

What Else Does Chieftain Offer?

Besides car insurance, Chieftain Insurance also provides home and condo insurance. Here again, the focus of the company’s policies is standardized basic coverage at affordable prices. If you need insurance to take out a mortgage from your bank and want to avoid all the hassles of choosing between hundreds of home-insurance products, Chieftain might be the right choice for you.

Chieftain home and condo insurance policies include the following coverage:

  • Up to $2 million in liability protection
  • Protection for sewer backup, mass evacuation, and food in your freezers
  • Unlimited protection for computers and electronics, as well as fine art and silverware
  • “New for Old” replacement policy. Regardless of the age of the lost, stolen, or damaged item, Chieftain will replace it with a new similar item.

When it comes to home insurance, Chieftain offers “Guaranteed Replacement.” So, if you were to lose your home to an accident or weather event, Chieftain pays the full cost of rebuilding it, regardless of your coverage limit. You can insure your property for up to 300% of its estimated replacement cost.

For condos, Chieftain coverage includes up to three times the policy limit for your share of the assessment, in the case of a loss or damage to the common areas. Any improvement or additions to your condo unit also are covered up to your policy limit. Chieftain also provides contingent insurance to bridge the gap between the coverage of your condo and the condominium corporation.


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