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Article Contents
By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated July 13, 2023

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By <span>Aren Mirzaian</span>
By Aren Mirzaian

Updated July 13, 2023

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Article Contents

About TD Insurance

TD Insurance is part of TD Bank and offers many forms of insurance in addition to auto insurance. These include home/condo/renter insurance, travel insurance, motorcycle and RV insurance, life insurance; accident and sickness insurance and credit protection. TD is one of the largest insurers in Canada, offering coverage to 1.2 million home and auto customers. TD General Insurance provides auto insurance policies in Ontario. Primmum Insurance offers auto insurance in the other provinces.

The Toronto-Dominion Bank Group is a Toronto-based bank founded in 1955 when the Bank of Toronto (founded 1855) and The Dominion Bank (founded 1869) merged. TD Bank Group is the largest bank in Canada. TD introduced many innovations in banking to Toronto, including widespread locations, ease of access, and branches that remain open on the weekends to offer a full-range of banking products. In 2000, it merged with Canada Trust and shortly after, founded TD Insurance.

Does TD Insurance Have an App?

Yes, TD does have a car insurance app. The TD app allows you to access your policy at any time from a smartphone. This is a one-stop app that allows you to file claims, view your claim status, change your coverage, change your address and modify your payment plans. This is available 24 hours per day. .

TD Car Insurance Quotes

Premiums are calculated based on many factors, including the driving record and number of drivers on the policy; the make, model and year of the vehicle; annual mileage; and location of home and work. A recent study compared the cost of car insurance through TD in major Canadian cities for a 35-year old male residing in the downtown area of the city and driving a 2012 Honda Civic. The study found that Vaughan ($4,768 annually) and Hamilton ($3,947) had the highest quotes for car insurance; Montreal ($765) and Quebec ($613) had the lowest.

TD also offer many discounts, including if 2 or more vehicles are insured with TD; if there is a single driver listed on multi-car policies; if an occasional driver listed is a full-time student; if you bundle home and auto insurance; no accidents; an anti-theft device attached to the vehicle; if the vehicle is electric or hybrid; use of winter tires; if the driver is over 65.

What Other Insurance Products Does TD Offer?

TD also offers a number of special programs. These include accident forgiveness; an optional policy guaranteeing replacement value if the vehicle is totally lost due to theft or damage; “Grand Touring” which covers rental vehicles and towing; and “TD My advantage”, a special app that tracks your driving habits; a comprehensive policy that covers all non-collision damage; policies for specific perils such as fire, theft, or flood; and “all perils” which combines collision and comprehensive which gives the broadest level of protection.

How to Submit a Claim with TD Insurance Today

  • File a claim by dialing 1-866-454-8910
  • File a claim by emailing
  • File a claim by visiting TD Insurance

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