TD Home Insurance Review

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Picture of By <span>Matthew Roberts</span>
By Matthew Roberts

Updated on July 21, 2023

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Picture of By <span>Matthew Roberts</span>
By Matthew Roberts

Updated July 21, 2023

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Article Contents

Choosing TD As Your Home Insurance Provider

TD Insurance is a major staple of the Canadian home insurance market and a force in the international financial sector. The company has established a reputation of offering a wide range of insurance types with them working hard to tailor their insurance to their customers.

TD Insurance: A Brief History

TD Insurance (Toronto-Dominion) was founded in 1955 with the merger of the Bank of Toronto and The Dominion Bank. These banks have a long history with them originating in1855 and 1869, since then TD has grown to become the 26th largest bank in the world.

The company services over twenty-two million customers and employs eighty-five thousand people with eleven million customers in Canada alone. The company offers everything from financial services to multi-national conglomerates, personal insurance, and banking services.

What Are The Different Levels of TD Home Insurance Coverage

TD offers three levels of coverage with each policy designed to fit into their customers’ budget and still offering excellent coverage. Each one of the three levels of coverage protects you from different risks and you should look over your policy to make sure that it offers you the protection you want.


TD’s gold plan is their basic level of comprehensive coverage.

This insurance policy is designed to protect you from fire, theft, and accidental damage. It offers coverage for your dwelling and belongings with the option to choose your coverage limits. TD’s Gold plan will cover some costs of specialty items such as bicycles and jewelry.


TD’s platinum coverage also offers you coverage for risks such as fire, theft, and accidental damage. The difference between platinum and gold is coverage that is up to a higher dollar value on the property itself and luxury items.

Platinum Plus

TD’s Platinum Plus offers the highest level of coverage for your property, possessions and specialty possessions such as jewelry and bicycles. This policy does not require customers to use their policy to rebuild their house or replace belongings following a claim.

What TD Covers In Their Home Insurance

TD insures a number of things in all of their home insurance policies. These insurance policies are designed to offer excellent protection while making sure that homeowners can get back on their feet quickly if a disaster occurs.

Their home insurance policies cover:

  • The Dwelling
  • Detached Structures (Such As A Shed Or Garage)
  • Your Personal Property
  • Liability (if someone is injured in your home)
  • Upgrades Made To Your property
  • Living Expenses (If Your Home Is Unlivable)

Optional Home Insurance Offered By TD

TD offers a number of add-on insurance features that can cover your home from a variety of risks.
Their basic insurance policies will protect you from some minor risks with customers still having the option to purchase additional coverage. TD makes it simple to compare its basic coverage from certain risks with its enhanced coverage.

Basic Coverage For Water Damage

TD offers basic water damage protection from damage from appliances. They cover water damage from heating, AC, plumbing, and sprinkler system rupture.

Their policy will also protect you from flooding out of an aquarium, appliance, waterbed, and from a public water main.

Enhanced Coverage For Water Damage

Their enhanced coverage protects you from above-ground water damage. Above-ground water coverage will specifically protect you from water falling off your roof, and from water that backs up on your roof. Above-ground water damage protection is very desirable in Canada as ice and snow can cause damage to roofs.

Their enhanced policy will protect you from damage as the result of a sewer line backing-up or a sump pump failing. It will also cover your septic tank.

Basic Oil Damage Coverage

TD’s basic policies do not protect you from a leaking oil tank. It will not cover the cost of cleaning up damage.

Enhanced Oil Damage Coverage

TD’s enhanced policy will cover damage as a result of the sudden release of oil or gas from a tank and pipes associated with the tank. The policy will cover the cost of cleaning up the oil. It will also offer you up to 25K to replace trees and other landscape features.

Other Products Offered by TD Insurance

TD provides a near-comprehensive selection of other insurance products. Their insurance department offers personal insurance policies including:

  • Auto
  • Renters
  • Condo
  • Life
  • Travel
  • Motorcycle
  • RV
  • Credit Protection

TD makes it simple to shop for these insurance products with them offering discounts for bundling certain insurance policies.

FAQ’s About TD Home Insurance

How Do I File A Claim With TD?

TD allows you to file your claim through their twenty-four-hour hotline (1-866-454-8910). You can use your customer account to manage the status of your claim.

How Do Know What TD Home Insurance Policy Is Right For Me?

It can be difficult to determine both what type of policy and level of policy you need as a result TD offers tools to help you determine what policy is right for you – similar to our calculator tool.

Save By Comparing TD Home With Other Brands

We make it easy for you to compare TD home insurance with all other major insurance providers. Here at MyChoice, we are an excellent resource when both shopping for insurance and comparing your existing policy with other providers.

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