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Condo’s Still On The Rise in Toronto

Toronto has experienced an influx of residents over recent years, which has corresponded into an increased cost of living, especially downtown where most of the apartments are located. This means that condo insurance rates in the city are generally some of the most within Canada. So, naturally, people look to save money on their insurance by taking the guesswork out and comparing quotes with My Choice.

With a population of over 2.7 million, Toronto is the vibrant heart of Canada with it commonly ranks as one of the most livable cities in the world.

Why Should You Have Condo Insurance in Toronto?

It is important to have condo insurance as it will protect you from being liable for damages and also protects your personal belongings.

Many condo owners assume that the condo association’s master policy will protect your individual belongings and the interior of your dwelling but this may not be the case.

By having a policy you will have the extra security to hopefully avoid major bills and allowing you to easily recover from damages to the condo and your property.

*Actual Quoting Data. Based On A Clean Driving Record.

What Are The Benefits Of Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance offers you the chance to protect your condo, belongings, and yourself from financial hardship.

Property Protection
Property protection will cover your Condo and the property inside of it. The coverage for your condo will cover such things as the interior of the condo and appliances. Property coverage will cover your personal belongings such as your furniture, clothing, electronics, and other items.

Liability Coverage
Liability coverage will protect you from potentially harmless legal problems by providing coverage if someone is injured in your apartment. Liability coverage will protect you if, for example you cause damage to another condo because you left your tap running resulting in a flood.

Living Cost Coverage
Living cost coverage will protect you if something results in you not being able to live in your apartment and it will cover the cost of finding another apartment or hotel. It will also cover such things as the cost of commuting or putting your belongings in a storage unit.

Living cost coverage may cover lost rent as the result of your tenants having to move out.

Uncovered Damage To The Building
Your condo insurance will cover bills that the building owner may pass onto you if their insurance cannot cover it. An example would be if the elevators were damaged and the condo building owner did not have insurance to cover repairs. Your condo insurance would protect you from having to pay for the uncovered cost of repairing the elevator.

What Are Some Specific Risks to Condos in Toronto?

You should consider some of the risks specific to Toronto when trying to get value out of your condo insurance. Some risks are typically covered by condo insurance while other risks are usually not covered by a standard insurance policy. When they are not covered, condo owners have the opportunity to select optional extras to ensure there is peace of mind.


Indoor flooding is a major risk to condos, but insurance companies cover different kinds of flooding. Most insurance companies will cover flooding as the result of burst interior pipe or a tap being left on.

However, they will not cover groundwater flooding which is when water slowly seeps into a building through cracks. It also won’t cover flooding from a body of water overflowing, a normally dry area becoming a body of water that overflows, and from sewer lines.

Theft And Vandalism
Theft and vandalism is the most common reason for filing a condo insurance claim.

Toronto is a major city so as you’d expect there is also crime just like all major cities, therefore condo owners will want to check the theft and vandalism coverage when shopping for their insurance.

Luckily, almost every insurance policy will cover theft and vandalism. However, your deductible may not be low enough to cover minor thefts and vandalism. Therefore you should compare your deductible and premiums in order to find cheap condo insurance that will still protect you from most property crimes.

Fire is of an increased risk in all urban areas, but don’t worry as your condo insurance will cover you from fire damage. Some insurance providers will offer you a discount for installing an approved fire detection system.

What Factors Affect Your Toronto Condo Insurance Premiums

The first step towards saving on your condo insurance is to know how condo insurance premiums are calculated. Your premiums will consider a number of factors including:

  • Value Of The Dwelling And Property
  • Location
  • Type Of Building Construction (Steel, Brick, Concrete)
  • Age And Condition Of Roof
  • Age Of Building
  • Past Claim History
  • Limits of Coverage

You should consider your future condo insurance premiums when looking for a condo. For example, you may want to consider moving into a building in a safer neighborhood. You can also consider getting cheaper insurance by selecting a policy with lower coverage limits and a higher deductible.

Ways To Save On Your Toronto Condo Insurance

There are a number of ways you can save money on your condo insurance in Toronto. A simple way is to bundle your condo insurance with other insurance policies such as your auto insurance.

  • Increasing Your Deductible
  • Installing An Approved Security System
  • Installing An Approved Flood And Fire Detection System
  • Having A Claims Free History

Can I Get A Discount If My Condo Is Above The Ground Floor?

Units above the ground floor are at a lower risk of flood and theft. However, only a few insurance providers will give you a discount for having an above ground unit. An above ground unit does allow you to lower your risk of flood and theft, and you may be able to have lower premiums by avoiding having to file a claim.

Will My Condo Insurance Cover Me If I Rent Out the Unit?

In general, your condo insurance will cover you for renting out the unit or part of it. However, you should check with your insurance provider to make sure they will cover it. Your condo insurance may compensate you for loss of rent if your condo is unlivable.

Will My Condo Insurance Cover Upgrades To My Condo?

Most condo insurance providers will cover upgrades you have made to your condo. However, you should check with your insurer to see if they will. Upgrades to your condo may mean it is a good idea for you to select a higher level of coverage.

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My Choice is simple to use with it being a good first step towards saving money on your condo insurance.

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