Out of Province Speeding Tickets

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What happens when you get a speeding ticket from another province?

Exactly as they sound, an out of province speeding ticket refers to when a driver receives a ticket for speeding when driving in a province where they do not reside. It goes without saying that wherever you drive you are always going to be subject to local road rules and subsequent consequences.

Being given a speeding ticket is never enjoyable, especially if you are travelling out of your home province as this can often lead to even more questions. Based on the severity of the speeding offence you will either be issued with a fine to pay or in some cases you may even be required to appear in court. If you are faced with the latter option, you may well need to stay in the province where the offence took place until the court date. Unfortunately, these sorts of offences do not take into account where you often reside which can be troublesome.


Do you have to pay a speeding ticket that was issued outside your home province?

If you are a resident of Ontario and receive an out of province speeding ticket then you are still held responsible to pay the designated fine for your speeding ticket.

This not only applies if you committed the speeding offence in another Canadian province but even in the United States and in some cases demerit points can also follow you home.

All this is really dependent on the severity of the speeding offence, so to keep it simple try not to overdo it and stay within the lanes when it comes to speeding.


Does an out of province speeding ticket affect my car insurance premium?  

As with any driving offence that is subject to demerit points you run the risk of it coming back to affect your auto insurance rate. This is no different when incurred out of your home province.

Any driving offence, recorded overseas or out of province will be on your driving record. Your insurer will deem you as a potentially greater risk than someone with an identical driving record but without the speeding ticket, hence you will have to pay more for your insurance.

It is worth noting though that if it’s only a minor speeding ticket and you have been on your full license for a while with minimal similar infractions, the affected cost shouldn’t be too bad. If you have any questions or concerns the best person to ask is your car insurance company