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RSA Auto Insurance

RSA Insurance Group, formerly Royal Sun Alliance, is a British global provider of auto, home, commercial, and travel insurance. RSA is one of the largest insurance companies in Canada, with a broad network of employees and brokers.

RSA offers several robust and flexible insurance policies for auto insurance. RSA Canada has a full spectrum of insurance services that can fulfill the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

RSA: Personal Quotes for Auto

Royal Sun Alliance insurance delivers one of the most comprehensive insurance offerings on the market in Canada. RSA’s personal auto-insurance portfolio includes several insurance packages aimed at various types and levels of coverage. The company’s reputation as one of the oldest and most reliable insurance providers in Canada resonates with thousands of satisfied auto owners.

The RSA Benefit

If you are looking for a quote for auto insurance, we suggest that that you consider RSA. Its auto-insurance coverage includes:

  • Industry-leading protection for legal liability, personal damages, and bodily injuries involving privately owned, personal-use vehicles.
  • Hassle-Free Claims and flexible payment plans for potential auto-insurance customers.
  • Generous bundling discounts for those who want to cover multiple vehicles or a car and a home.

RSA also offers enhanced optional coverages, including:

  • A claims-protection plan aimed at protecting your perfect driving record.
  • Transportation replacement to cover the cost of a rental vehicle if your vehicle is damaged.
  • Rental vehicle damage controls with limits up to $100,000, enabling you to rent high-end vehicles without purchasing expensive additional insurance.
  • Permission to carry passengers for ride-sharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft.
  • Coverage for recreational vehicles, including ATVs, snowmobiles, and scooters.

RSA is a world-class insurer that offers unmatched flexibility when it comes to car insurance. It also provides additional discounts and benefits for customers who demonstrate a clean driving record and years of experience on the road.

About Royal Sun Alliance Insurance Group

Royal Sun Alliance Insurance Group is a British global insurance service provider with a tradition that spans more than three centuries. RSA has been delivering insurance services in Canada since 1833 and today covers nearly 1 million vehicles and 500,000 dwellings.

RSA Insurance Group offers auto, home, and condo insurance, as well as commercial and travel coverage. Another aspect of RSA insurance services is its personal touch, as they offer customized insurance plans that suit the particular lifestyle of their customers.

Though it is present in more than 140 countries and serves more than 17 million customers, RSA still focuses on providing high-quality, reliable insurance coverage and ensures prompt payments for claims. RSA renders the majority of its services through an extensive network of brokers, and RSA nurtures these relationships to provide excellent service to its customers.

Other Insurance Products From RSA

Besides auto insurance, RSA offers home, condo, commercial, and travel insurance. As one of the industry leaders on the global market, RSA focuses on providing its customers with quick and reliable insurance coverage that meets their needs.

Home-insurance services include:

  • Tenanshield insurance, which is ideal for people who rent their homes.
  • Comprehensive Homeshield for homeowners.
  • Platinum Plus, which is perfect for owners of homes with an above-average value

Condo-insurance services include:

  • Comprehensive Condominium insurance for units with average content limits of $30,000 or more.
  • Platinum Plus Condominium insurance for units with above-average content limits of $75,000 or more.

Commercial and travel insurance services are fully customizable, with policies tailored to the needs of each client. Upon the completion of an initial assessment, RSA will present a quote and policy plan to a client for approval.


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