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About RBC Car Insurance

RBC Insurance is the name of the insurance entities operated by the Royal Bank of Canada and is one of Canada’s largest bank-owned insurance organizations. The company has built a reputation for outstanding customer service and employs a dedicated team of about 2,500 employees who serve more than four million individual, business and group clients in Canada, the United States and around the world. RBC Insurance Agency Limited distributes and Aviva General Insurance Company underwrites the car insurance policies offered by RBC Insurance. Auto insurance policies from RBC are not currently available in Saskatchewan, Manitoba or British Columbia.

The History of RBC: A Canadian Corporation

The Royal Bank of Canada has gone from relatively humble origins to become Canada’s largest bank by market capitalization and the country’s second-largest corporation based on revenue.

It was founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1864 as the Merchant’s Bank of Halifax, and it originally offered commercial banking services to timber and fishing companies and organizations involved in the Caribbean import and export trade. The Merchants Bank of Halifax grew quickly and changed its name to the Royal Bank of Canada in 1901.

Today, the bank operates headquarters in both Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec, and offers its more than 10 million clients a wide array of financial and insurance products and services through a network of more than 200 branches.

Saving Money with RBC

Insuring your car, SUV, van or pickup truck with RBC can save you money in several ways. RBC’s Family Friendly Pricing Program offers substantial discounts to those who insure their homes as well as their vehicles with the company, and taking out an RBC life insurance policy could also reduce your auto insurance premiums. You could also choose to have a zero deductible to keep costs down should you be involved in an accident, or you could lower your monthly payments by opting for a slightly higher deductible. You could save even more money with RBC by:

  • Getting a car insurance quote online.
  • Insuring more than one vehicle with RBC.
  • Having a clean driving record with no history of accidents.
  • Installing a passive anti-theft device in your vehicle.
  • Being a senior citizen.
  • Fitting winter tires.
  • Being a Royal Bank of Canada employee.

RBC Car Insurance Options Available

In addition to cars, trucks and SUVs, RBC offers insurance policies for ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and motorhomes. Whether you choose basic liability coverage or a more comprehensive RBC auto policy, you will receive built-in benefits like a free valet service and anonymous claims advice.

Policies Providing Liability and Mandatory Coverage
The law requires you to cover yourself against certain financial risks no matter what kind of vehicle you drive, and ensuring that you are adequately protected can be tricky because the requirements vary from province to province. Liability coverage offered by RBC, which is called civil liability in Quebec, would protect you in situations where you find yourself legally responsible for injuries or property damage you caused while behind the wheel. Uninsured motorist coverage covers medical bills, property damage and other expenses if you or a member of your family is killed or injured in an accident caused by an uninsured driver. If this is a major concern for you, you may wish to learn about the added peace of mind RBC’s Family Protection Endorsement Supplement could provide.

Collision & Comprehensive Policies
While collision and comprehensive polices are more costly, they could save you significant amounts of money should you be involved in an accident or your vehicle is stolen or destroyed. Paying for auto repairs out of pocket can be prohibitively expensive, but collision coverage through RBC ensures that you would only have to pay your agreed-upon deductible should you hit an object, such as a barrier or guard rail, or another vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen, catches fire or is damaged in an event other than a motor vehicle accident, comprehensive coverage would cover the cost of replacing it. Many drivers choose RBC for this kind of coverage because the company pays up to the actual cash value of vehicles on collision or comprehensive claims.

Direct Compensation for Property Damage
This kind of insurance coverage pays the costs of replacing or repairing your vehicle after an accident in your home province that was caused either partly or completely by another party. The advantage of this type of coverage, which also covers your vehicle’s contents, is that claims can be submitted directly to your insurance provider rather than the party at fault. If you were partly responsible for causing the accident in question, the amount of money you receive will be reduced according to your degree of fault.

All Perils & Specified Perils Coverage
The collision and comprehensive insurance options offered by RBC will likely provide you with all of the coverage you need, but the company also offers additional options. All perils coverage is a combination of comprehensive and collision coverage that also insures your vehicle against damage or loss if it is stolen by an individual living in your household or a person that you have enlisted to service, repair or drive it. Specified perils coverage is an alternative to a comprehensive policy that protects against particular hazards such as fire, natural disasters, civil unrest and theft or attempted theft. Specified perils coverage can also be purchased in addition to comprehensive coverage for those who seek the highest level of protection.

Endorsement & Riders
RBC allows you to change how much coverage you have in certain situations with riders and endorsements. The Family Protection endorsement significantly increases the compensation you will receive if you or your family members are injured or killed in an accident caused by an underinsured or uninsured driver. This endorsement, which supplements your standard uninsured motorist coverage, also pays compensation in hit-and-run situations. Cars lose value rapidly during the first two years of ownership, but you can protect yourself from depreciation by purchasing a Waiver of Depreciation endorsement. If your new car, truck or SUV is damaged or destroyed and you have this waiver, you will be compensated based on its original rather than its depreciated value. This coverage lasts for 24 months and also ensures that your vehicle is repaired with genuine OEM parts. RBC’s Loss of Vehicle Use endorsement covers the costs of a rental vehicle or other transportation when your vehicle is being repaired or replaced, and the company’s Accident Protection endorsement protects your driving record should you be involved in an accident where you were at fault. RBC’s Satellite Program endorsement is especially popular because it provides peace of mind on long trips. Features of the program include trip planning and roadside assistance, towing, changing flat tires, boosting batteries, delivering fuel and gaining entry to locked vehicles.

Other RBC Insurance Products Available

RBC offers a wide variety of insurance products that can be bundled with the company’s range of auto insurance solutions to lower costs and make submitting claims easier. Types of insurance policies available from RBC include:

  • Homeowners insurance for primary, secondary and vacation properties.
  • Tenant or renter’s policies.
  • Condominium coverage.
  • Term, permanent and universal life insurance.
  • Personal accident polices.
  • Health, disability and critical illness coverage.
  • Hospital insurance.
  • Travel and trip cancellation policies.
  • Loan, credit card and mortgage protection.
  • Retirement planning.

What To Do if You're in An Accident?

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a traumatic experience. RBC keeps stress levels down by handling claims promptly, answering their customers’ questions courteously and working to get vehicles repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. There are several ways to contact RBC about an auto police claim.

How to Submit a Claim with RBC Insurance

By Phone

By calling 1-800-769-2526 toll-free in the United States or Canada.


File a claim by visiting RBC’s Claim Centre

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