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Jevco: Servicing Ontario For Over Three Decades

Jevco has been providing insurance for over thirty years with the company being known for offering non-standard insurance policies to high-risk customers. The company is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario where they also offer commercial, surety and motorcycle insurance in addition to auto policies.

Jevco sells a number of their insurance policies under the brand called Intact.

What Does The Average Jevco Insurance Cost?

Jevco insurance rates are slightly higher than most other insurers due to them focusing on high-risk drivers.

That being said Jevco insurance rates vary from city to city and it can be difficult to determine what their average rates are due to them insuring high-risk drivers. In general, their insurance rates are lower in more rural areas with their rates being largely dependent on the number of citations, claims, and driving convictions their customers have.

What Defines A High Risk Driver?

A high risk-driver is a person who has demonstrated that they are likely to be a danger on the road. They would of generally received multiple driving citations, been involved in accidents, or have been convicted of something such as driving under the influence.

Insurance companies use different metrics to determine if someone is a high-risk driver. In general, a person who has been found to be at fault in two or more accidents in the past ten years is considered a dangerous driver. Being convicted of driving under the influence will almost always result in insurers labeling a driver as a high-risk customer.

Other Factors That May Make Someone A High-Risk Driver
There are a number of factors that may make a person a high-risk driver other than driving citations, convictions, and crashes. Demographic factors such as age, gender, and occupation can also play a role. Young male drivers who long hours are often considered more dangerous driver with it possible for them to be considered a high-risk driver with only a few minor driving citations.

Jevco Policy Limits
Jevco offers limits on their insurance policies with them being limited to six months or a year but drivers have the option to renew their insurance policies for longer periods of time. The relatively short length of their insurance policies are good for high-risk drivers who want to continually check to see if they can get cheaper rates as their driving record improves.

Jevco allows drivers to pay their insurance in a single lump sum or in the form of monthly payments. Drivers can save money by paying a single lump sum due to Jevco charging interest on monthly payments.

Features Found In A Standard Jevco Insurance Policy

A standard Jevco insurance policy offers the basic insurance that is required by law including personal harm, liability, and hit-and-run coverage. These three features are designed to protect oneself from harm, the need to pay the other driver in a crash and if the other driver flees the scene and cannot cover damage to your vehicle.

DC-PD Coverage

Direct compensation property damage (DC-PD) coverage is a form of coverage required on all insurance policies in Ontario. This feature will cover damages to your vehicle, and property inside of it, if you are found to be not-at-fault in a crash.

Add to Your Jevco Insurance With Optional Extras

Jevco allows their customers to purchase optional insurance options such as protection from fires, accidents, and theft. However, these optional features can be prohibitively expensive for high-risk customers.

How To File A Claim With Jevco

Drivers can submit a claim with Jevco through their twenty-four hour hotline at: 1-866-864-1112

They can also submit a claim through email at:

Jevco uses the Rely network to help their customers get their cars fixed quickly which is a system that matches drivers with preapproved mechanics.


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