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Intact Offers Unique And Efficient Auto Insurance Policies

Intact is an insurance provider with a long history of serving the Canadian community. The company was originally founded in 1809 as the Halifax Fire Insurance Association. The company has since grown into a subsidiary of a multinational insurance firm with it being a major Canadian insurer. Intact bills itself as a modern insurer with a focus on offering the best products to its customers. Intact also provides a large number of insurance products in addition to Intact car insurance.

About Intact Insurance

Intact is the largest Canadian insurance provider in the fields of auto, home, and business insurance. The company provides coverage to over five million people and businesses. 

Intact is established in the financial sector with it operating under the name of a number of subsidiaries. This allows Intact to provide a wide range of insurance and financial products. The company employees over twelve thousand people with a focus on benefiting its customers, community, and employees. The Intact Foundation has provided over twenty-six million dollars it charitable donations. This has assisted thirteen hundred different charities across Canada. 

Intact Car Insurance

Intact is rated as an excellent insurance provider with J.D. Power and Associates noting the efficiency and effectiveness that they provide. The process of getting an insurance quote is simple, and you should be able to get an accurate preliminary quote inside of a few minutes.

One way to get a quote is to call their hot line at:


You can also get a quote through Intact’s website.

Intact focuses on providing excellent customer service, and they differentiate themselves from other insurance providers by offering actual programs that are geared towards customer satisfaction. This means that Intact will offer you features that makes the process of getting a quote easy, filing a claim simple, and they can provide insurance coverage that will give you the most for your money.

The Intact Lifestyle Advantage

Intact offers a “Lifestyle Advantage” with their auto insurance policies. In addition, you can get a general Lifestyle Advantage policy that will cover most aspects of your life. This type of policy covers you if you happen to lose everything. This means that their “Lifestyle Advantage” auto insurance program will cover such things as lost wages, opportunities, and abilities as the result of an auto accident. 

My Driving Discount Program

Intact offers a unique way to get a discount with their “My Driving Discount” program. This program uses an app to track your driving habits. The app will keep track of such things as:

  • What Time Of The Day Or Night You Drive
  • How Much You Drive
  • Basic Driving Habits Such As Speeding

The program will give you a discount for just signing up for the program. It is possible to get up to a twenty-five percent discount for having good driving habits such as not driving at night when you are tired.

The program will let you get a discount even if you happen to have poor driving habits. A customer with poor driving habits should be able to get at least a five percent discount.

Other Intact Car Insurance Discounts

Intact offers a couple of other discounts that will save you a lot on your Intact insurance and are easy to get. They offer a bundling program that will save you money on both your auto and home insurance policies. You can save ten percent on your home insurance by bundling it with your auto insurance. You can save fifteen percent on your auto insurance through bundling. 

Another simple way to save money is by taking a driver training course. A training course will generally cost a few hundred dollars, but taking a course can save you a significant amount on your auto insurance. Most courses only take a few weeks, and it is possible to do most of these courses online. A training course is especially useful for young drivers who face high insurance rates. In addition, a course is very useful for people who have been involved in a number of accidents. 

What Else does Intact Offer?

Intact provides a range insurance options with them providing both personal insurance and business insurance options. It is possible to get general insurance policies that will cover something such as a piece of property. You can also get specific insurance policies with will give such things as additional liability coverage in the event of a crash.

Intact offers insurance for cars and other vehicles including:

  • Recreational Vehicles
  • All Terrain Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Snowmobiles

Intact’s personal property insurance is geared towards both owners and renters. They even offer lifestyle advantage insurance. This policy will cover you if you lose all of your possessions. Their personal property insurance policies include:

  • Home And Condo Insurance
  • Cottage And Cabin Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Rental Property Insurance

Intact’s Other Personal Insurance Policies Include:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Home-Based Business Insurance
  • Liability Insurance

Intact offers a number of business and commercial insurance policies. This means that you can get insurance for both your personal life and your business. These insurance policies include:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Fleet Insurance
  • Property & Liability
  • Surety Bonds

Intact offers specialty business insurance policies. This allows you to get an insurance policy that is tailored to your business.

Intact allows you to submit a claim over the phone by calling their insurance hot line. In some cases, they can handle the entire claims process over the phone, or they can have a claims agent follow up with you. Their claims hot line is:


Intact offers a claim guarantee. This means that they will start processing your claim within thirty minutes of you submitting your claim. This means that you can move past the difficult process of getting over an accident as quickly as possible.


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