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About Inova Car Insurance

Located in Ontario, Canada, Inova Car Insurance proudly offers vehicle insurance for Costco members. Having a long history as a trustworthy insurance broker, Inova can help you find the best deal for your car insurance when you need it most.

The History of Inova Car Insurance

Inova has been partnered with Costco since 1996 and have been providing customers with easy access to quality insurance ever since. You can request information about their products and services at your local Costco location or reach out to them directly over the phone or online. One of their customer service operators would be more than happy to assist you with any of your insurance needs. Having been with Costco for many years Inova have built an excellent rapport with the team over the years. As their affiliate, they strive to deliver the same level of customer insurance and low prices that you might expect at any Costco location.

When it comes to car insurance and all their other products, Inova is in fact an insurance broker so they work closely with all the large insurance company providers to give you your coverage. By working as brokers, Inova employees have your interests in mind and will help to provide opportunities to discover affordable insurance coverage for a variety of different aspects. By partnering with some of the largest names in insurance Inova quotes are some of the most cost friendly prices in the whole industry!

What Other Insurance Services Does Inova Offer?

If you are looking for something other than auto or car insurance, then Inova offers the following policies: coverage for home insurance, life insurance and identity theft! If you’re interested in receiving a discounted rate on any of your insurance needs with Inova, you should bundle a few policies together to ensure you get the best plan possible. Inova has a wide range of affordable insurance options to help cater for your every need.

Inova Insurance Coverage in Canada

Inova proudly offers insurance to a large part of Canada. At this time, they are unable to serve customers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or in BC. However, that doesn’t mean that it will be this way forever as Inova will most likely look to expand within these areas when the time is right. Nevertheless, even if you are in one of these areas, it might be worthwhile to contact a customer service representative to see if they now potentially offer coverage in your area.

Contact a member of the service team by heading over to your local Costco during regular business hours or visit their website at Inova is available 24/7 to help you with all of your insurance needs. Utilize their knowledge as brokers to help get the best car insurance quote from Inova, paving the way to major savings.

How to Submit a Claim with Inova

By Phone

File a claim by dialing 1-866-967-7707


File a claim by emailing


File a claim by visiting the Inova Website

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3 Minutes Could Save You Up To $1000!
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