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About Grey Power Car Insurance

Established in 1993, Grey Power was the first in Canada to offer senior car insurance and home insurance for people aged 50 and over, primarily servicing Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Focusing on an older demographic their main value being, with age comes greater driving experience and an excellent driving record so you deserve a better rate. Across this tenure Grey Power earned several coveted awards from JD Power Consumer Satisfaction Surveys, highlighting the quality of their insurance offering.

Grey Power serviced drivers for just over two decades before a rebranding overhaul saw them brought under the Belairdirect umbrella in early 2015. Upon the merging of brands Belairdirect was able to expand, simplify, improve operations and customer service. Like Grey Power Insurance, Belair Direct also has several awards from JD Power Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Does Grey Power Insurance Still Exist?

As mentioned above, Belair Direct purchased the company in 2015 and continues to service drivers associated with Grey Power, offering the existing services that were with Grey Power customers prior to the expansion. Established in 1955, Belair Direct has been around for over six decades and became an Intact Financial Corporation company in 1989. In 1997, Belair Direct became the first car insurance company in North America to enable customers to shop for auto insurance online.

Car Insurance for Over 50’s

Grey Power Insurance focused heavily on senior car insurance for citizens over the age of 50 that had clean driving record. This niche was identified as generally speaking, older drivers are usually involved in less accidents compared to the general population.

If you have years of quality driving, you should be rewarded with great auto insurance rates. As your auto company in Canada, Grey Power has been ranked highest for customer satisfaction in 2010, 2012 and in 2013 by JD Power.

JD Power bases customer ratings upon customer interaction policy offerings, price, billing/payment and claims.

Grey Power Insurance Products

Grey Power offered many different types of insurance options, such as your typical insurance company. Some of these options were Accident Benefits, Uninsured Automobile Coverage and Direct Compensation for Property Damage. Several additional coverages were available as well such as accident forgiveness (previously known as “Responsible Driver Guarantee), Autocomfort, Collision Insurance Coverage and Comprehensive Insurance Coverage.

In addition to auto Insurance, Grey Power had additional insurance policies for homeowners, seasonal home insurance, condo and tenant’s insurance, recreational vehicle insurance to name a few.

How to Submit a Claim with Grey Power Today

By Phone

File a claim by dialing 1-888-280-8549


File a claim by emailing


File a claim by visiting Belairdirect’s Client Centre


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